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The Multiplier Effect of Love

Love is selfless

Love is selfless, original, and a multiplier. Everything thrives where there is love and the universe uses it to reward its loyal workers. Love conquers everything; it comforts and heals. Love fights for you and strategizes for your team. It is a jackpot gift from the universe. Compete to win it and the whole world shall know your testimony. The multiplier effect of love can be felt throughout the universe. It is like a lamp whose light cannot be hidden. It is put on the stand to light the whole room. When it lights, darkness disappears and you can see clearly.

seed of love

Sowing the seed of love.

The mystery of planting is in the harvest. Even when you plant one seed, you harvest in abundance. This also applies in the universe. You will reap more than what you sowed in the planting season. Nature is the soil that conceives your seed and multiplies it before returning it to you in plenty in the harvesting season. The universe is leading you to plant the seed of love in nature. This is the planting season and you are guaranteed a bumper harvest. This is how to sow the seed of love:

1. Prepare your farm.

This is the first step when you want to sow the seed of love. The farm is your spirit and you are the farmer. Your personal life, the nature of your work, and how you relate with people influence the state of your spirit. They will lead you to develop different emotions – love, hate, care, compassion, jealousy, and an attitude (either good or bad). These feelings affect your ability to sow the seed of love and experience its multiplier effect. The universe wants you to guard your spirit by paying attention to the things that you expose your spirit to. Take charge of your personal life the way the universe takes charge of its creation. Your farm is ready when your spirit can attract and retain love. You will soon experience the multiplier effect of love.

2. Plant fertile seeds.

What follows the preparation of the farm is planting. The choice of the seeds to plant is yours as well as the responsibility to ensure that the seeds are fertile. The risk of planting infertile seeds is that they will not germinate and it may be too late to plant others. You will be left to count your losses. In addition, you should plant the right seeds because you will reap the same in plenty during harvest time. Nature advises that you plant the seed of love. It is done by coating your actions and thoughts with love. Anchor them firmly in love and you will have a guarantee of a plentiful harvest. Love is blind to wrongs and multiplies affection even when the body is unwilling to. Your spirit acts on love and covers all the weaknesses of the body and mind.

3. Irrigate your farm.

A responsible farmer goes beyond planting to make sure that his/her farm is well watered. Sometimes it is not enough to only wait for the rains. You need to go the extra mile to irrigate your farm so that the seed of love you planted does not dry up. Water moisturizes the soil and the seedling absorbs nutrients efficiently. Similarly, your spirit needs to be irrigated for the seeds of love that you planted to grow healthily. This is your responsibility as the farmer. You can irrigate your farm through spiritual nourishment. Embrace spiritual wisdom and it will help you not to give up on things that you would have otherwise abandoned out of frustration.

Continue nurturing relationships with people even when they are reluctant to do so for whatever reason they may have. Do not give up on them. This is the irrigation that your spirit needs. Be interested in knowing how they are coping with their lives and play a part, no matter how small, in making their lives better. You will forever remain in their hearts and minds as an angel sent by God. The seed of love that you have planted shall flourish.

4. Regular weeding.

Weeding is part of the duties of a farmer. Weeds are unwanted plants that compete for food and water with your crops. When weeds invade your farm, they threaten the health of your crops and subsequently the quality of the harvest you will receive. The seed of love you planted may not yield enough because weeds of bad company, reluctance, failing health, or poverty choked them to death. The universe wants you to constantly weed your spirit of these vices to give room for love to grow and multiply. Nature constantly undertakes natural weeding to remove unproductive elements in the ecosystem. This can be studied through food chains and webs. While everything in an ecosystem is important, some suppress the progress of others. For this reason, they are preyed upon by a higher class of animals. You will feel the multiplier effect of love in your life after you weed out unproductive habits and behavior.

5. Harvest at maturity.

The best harvest time is at maturity. The universe wants you to know the right time to harvest the produce of love on your farm. It is when you are prepared for its multiplier effect. You will receive uncontrolled love from everyone, even from people you have never thought of. Your health shall improve and so shall your spirit because you have maintained purity of body, mind, and soul by sowing the seeds of love correctly. You shall be at the peak of your career or business and you rightfully deserve it for planting the same when the universe guided you to. Manage this plenty wisely and consider planting the seed of love again. This is an infinite cycle.

The multiplier effect of love is that it returns to you in abundance which you sowed with caution. No good deed or thought towards others made with love dies. Your harvest time is coming soon.

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