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The Multiplier Effects of Money

The universal currency.

Money is the universal currency. Even the different currencies are still universal because they can be converted to the accepted currency and make a purchase. Everyone is in a mad rush to make money. People work for it, do business to earn it, and almost everything in their lives is motivated by money. I mean, won’t a few dollars help you pay your bills?

Money gives you infinite possibilities to do what you want. You can pay for your vacation, sort your bills, buy new assets, and have a good time only if you have money. We struggle so much to get more money while there is an easier way out of it. You only need to consult one entity and all your money issues are sorted. It is the universe.

How recently have you spoken your money prayers or wishes to the universe? Matter of fact, you do not think about the universe when you are under pressure because of money. The universe is reminding you today of its presence even in money matters.

Do you know of the multiplier effect of money?

This is a science known by only a few people and hidden from many others. The multiplier effect of money is not restricted by borders, currencies, or anything like that. It works 100% for everyone who puts their heart and effort into it. Here is how to understand the five pillars of money multiplier effects:

  1.     Multiplication is repeated addition.

It sounds pretty much like pre-school mathematics but this is how simple you can understand it – multiplication is repeated addition. The only way to attract more money is to use the money you have. You need to spend money to get more of it. Stake your money in arranging those business meetings and watch it work in your favor. Holding back from meaningful spending does limit your earning ceiling. Meaningful spending is staking your money in a pool of possible returns.

Savings are important. Your savings will see you through your financial drought season. However, you cannot save everything you earn and hope to earn more. It has never worked that way. The universe understands that currency is supposed to circulate. When you disrupt circulation, the universe shall be unkind to you. You become a foreigner working against the laws of nature.

  1.     Money increases your visibility.

Money earns you more visibility. You become more visible unlike when you had no dollar to your name. People see a problem solver in you when you have money. This is because you are not only a consumer but also a producer. Your contribution and voice in issues of public interest become weightier. The universe grants you influence.

Money and influence are twins. They cohabit together. If you are looking for ways you can be influential, then start by attracting money. Concentrate on the various sources of income you may have and your influence on policies and issues that directly affects others shall be felt. Money makes it possible to kill two birds with one stone.

  1.     Money is a blessing of power.

Having money or lack of it is always a blessing. Your blessings multiply the more you earn money. You can twice afford your needs and things that used to bother you are no longer an issue. This is positive growth. One area you can measure your growth is how you can afford your lifestyle. Of course, we cannot have an equal lifestyle but you should at least have a decent one.

On this pillar of the money multiplier effect, this is how it works. Do not go for things that you cannot afford then twice. For example, you should have $800 if you want to buy an iPhone worth $400. Otherwise, settle on a more comfortable budget. It is called the purchasing power rule.

  1.     More money = more needs.

The multiplier effect of money affects your needs. No amount of money can comfortably solve all your needs. Even if you make $1000 in 3 hours, you will still need more. This is a law of the universe to limit us from being over-ambitious with money. You will lose touch with humanity when you become over ambitious with getting more money.

The silent pandemic is that more people are getting depressed even after having more money. They thought that it would end all their needs but it did not turn out how they expected. There is a life saver jacket to help you from drowning in a sea of needs. It is FAITH. Have faith in the saving power of the universe. You can practice this faith and also counter this pillar of the multiplier effect of money by living within your means. Practice the purchasing power rule.

  1.     The money magic.

Money wields some magic. It is something that cannot be explained until you get the ‘money status.’ This pillar is slightly contrary to the others. There is a magical calmness and peace that you get when you have money. It is as if nothing bothers you anymore. You can now enjoy your life in peace without having to worry about what gives others sleepless nights. You have other priorities to worry about but not so much as it were before getting the money status.

Even at this satisfaction level, the universe gives you its blessings because you are there in the first place because of it. If you are yet to have tranquility and peace in your life, work for your money first. It will work magic to add peace to your basket. The peace of the universe is divine. You multiply your successes because of the money magic.

Planning for the money.

Money is a beautiful thing to have, and to have it in plenty. Some of the gaps in your life are because you do not have money. You can be sure it shall serve you when you get it under the blessings of the universe. Are you wondering how to do it? This program shall guide you to the doorstep of money and its multiplier effects. 

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