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The Path to Eternal Peace

The promise of eternity.

We often receive the promise of a forever from our loved ones. They promise to love us and stay by our side forever. We can take this to the bank because we trust that their word is true. However, there is one promise that is rarely made and when done, hardly fulfilled. It is the promise of eternal peace. You wouldn’t believe a promise of eternal peace, would you? I have news for you – the universe is promising all believers eternal peace.

Eternal peace is tranquility and calmness in all your days. It means that nothing major that you cannot recover from shall upset your calmness. We often see it fail than succeed because of daily media reports of conflicts around the globe, some of which blow out of proportion. Despite the several cases of lack of peace, the universe holds that you can have eternal peace ONLY if you follow its guidelines.

The path to eternal peace is full of the glory of the universe. As you walk on it, you are blessed with favor and grace to fulfill all your heart’s desires. It is not enough to desire eternal peace and the whole package that comes with it. You need to commit to staying on the right path and the universe shall bless you in every way.

Tips to achieve eternal peace.

  1.  A good dancer knows when to leave the stage.

The goal is to be perfect in all that we do. Our progress in life is like an ascending graph. You can see how you started lowly until you rose to the climax and became the guru that you are right now. Everybody has their time to shine and that is how the universe has rightfully decided. When you have become a good dancer and the audience loves you, be careful not to overstay your welcome.

Eternal peace is possible when you appreciate that there is life beyond your time on stage. They call it the “retirement phase” in public service. Here, you need to give space to upcoming gifted people to shine. Your eternal peace comes from the joy of other people inheriting your service to nature.

  1.   Practice Forgiveness.

Forgive. Do not hold back forgiveness even from those who do not ask for it. Your peace of mind is more important than your ego. This is not to dismiss your hurt. Forgiveness is like rails on a bridge. They prevent road users (motorists and pedestrians) from straying and falling into the water. When you practice forgiveness, you give your spirit peace to heal. Choose to stay on the path to eternal peace by practicing forgiveness daily.

  1.   Preserving nature’s ecosystem.

Nature’s ecosystem is seeking your protection. Fulfillment does not come from only what you do but also from supporting nature. Protect trees and animals from dangerous human practices that endanger their life. Look beyond your profitability but the bigger picture which is the universe. Your conscious will be free from the guilt of hurting innocent creatures. It may look as if it does not matter but your conscience is insurance to peace.  

  1.     Build your people skills.

People skills, otherwise known as soft skills, help build a good relationship with people around you. We are interdependent in one way or the other. No help is too little. It could not be materialistic but mental support. It holds your hand as you walk down the path of eternal peace. Relate well with people and they will grant you company in peace. Peace is not loneliness or solitude. Good company is a recipe for peace.

  1.   Intentional living.

Intentional living is discipline to stay on the path of eternal peace. It helps you build your life around the values and principles you believe in. Intentional living brings satisfaction to your spirit and you focus on only the things that matter to you, nothing more. It is the perfect solution for an undecided mind that seeks eternal peace, but first, you need to have ready-made principles and beliefs that will be your guiding star.

  1.     Develop a firm personality.

Your personality matters a lot in helping you secure your path to eternal peace. There is no promise that you will have it easy and this is where a firm personality comes in handy. Nothing should change your mind about pursuing it. The universe does not listen to an undecided spirit and should it find you guilty, then you should forget about eternal peace until you become decisive.

  1.  Be brave.

One of the avenues of getting eternal peace is being brave to do what other people would shy away from. You should be ready to make unpopular decisions that shall guard your peace and interests above other things. It is dangerous to go with a wave and make binding decisions without thinking things over carefully. Look at people you know who have been vocal about their positions on issues.

There is a certain peace that comes with being decided. Other people can then choose their sides, to be with or against you. Eternal peace goes to those who are ready to defend it. Are you ready to do anything to secure your peace?

  1.     Appreciate the universe.

As a general principle, you receive more when you appreciate. Appreciate the little calmness that the universe has brought your way. The world is largely chaotic and life that is unguided by the principles of nature suffers a lot of setbacks. Even as you seek eternal peace, appreciate the little ‘breathing space’ that you have.

  1.  Live under the universe’s shade.

Guidance saves you from making a lot of mistakes. You will get the gift of eternal peace from the universe if you allow it to guide you in everything that you do. Consider it a teacher-student relationship where the student gains more by being teachable. More so, a good relationship with the universe will help you to even know what to do in your life of eternal peace.

Many people want eternal peace but are not ready to follow through with what they should do to get it. With this knowledge, you are now closer than before to entering the world of eternal peace. You should give it a try.

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