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The Path to Identifying your Spiritual Gift


A spiritual gift is an extraordinary grace given to you by the universe for the good of others. Everybody has one and sometimes several of them. What sets us apart is our awareness of them and how we put them to use. A spiritual gift is just that – a gift. It cannot be bought and neither can it be transferred from one person to another. It is an innate ability that can neither be taught at in school but the beautiful part is that the universe teaches your spirit how to handle it.

Examples of spiritual gifts are mercy, leadership, giving, teaching, serving, and prophecy, just to mention a few. You earn a promotion when you use your spiritual gift to the satisfaction of the universe. This promotion could be one of many things including the privilege of getting another gift or being served by the spiritual gifts of others. This is a great honor.

1. Understanding the source of spiritual gifts.

The universe is the teacher of all spiritual gifts. He demonstrates all these gifts in your life over different situations depending on your relationship with him. This puts you in a position to experience all its gifts as you build your relationship with him. Your relationship with the universe is like that of two strangers who became friends and later took their relationship to another level. They have a history together and slowly reveal their true colors to each other. The universe knew you before you even knew he existed. He nurtured this relationship slowly until you became aware of him and started reciprocating the small favors that he pulled for you.

Whether by design or coincidence, you have learned a few things in your friendship with the universe. This imparted certain spiritual gifts to you because you were exposed to them by the source itself. Apart from the first innate spiritual gift, you earned this second one by association.

A lesson from Nature.

The relationship between the moon and the sun is a perfect example of how to attract a gift by merely being present at the right place and at the right time. The moon does not produce its light. It reflects from the sun and then reflects it to the earth. Millions of people in the world use the moonlight at night. Although it is less powerful than the sun, they are thankful for some light instead of staying in the night’s darkness.

There is more to gain when you have a good relationship with the source of spiritual gifts. There is light that you will reflect to others for only being poised in your orbit, which is the right place. This is the first path to identifying spiritual gifts.

2. Forming meaningful relationships.

The company you keep will lead you to discover things you never knew about yourself. If your peers can teach, serve, or practice their faith effortlessly well, you will feel out of place if you cannot do like them. You will work towards fitting in and being like them so that you do not feel isolated. The instinct to fit in is powerful enough to lead you to learn step by step how they practice their gifts. You will make some mistakes as you learn how to do it but become perfect over time. You won’t even know how you made it but you would have already made it anyway. On the contrary, bad relationships will lead you to unlearn newly acquired spiritual gifts. Meaningless relationships will slowly drain your spiritual gifts until they become dormant. The universe wants you to form meaningful ones and stick to them so that you can identify all your spiritual gifts.

A lesson from Nature.

Research teaches about learned behavior in dogs, for example. When you ring a bell and reward the dog with food each time you do so, it sticks in its brain. The next time you ring a bell, it will salivate and await the food you will give it. The dog’s brain has learned to associate the ringing of a bell with receiving food.

There are things that you can learn from your friends that will lead you to discover your spiritual gift the way a dog learns the relationship between the bell and food. The universe wants you to form meaningful relationships and discover new spiritual gifts.

3. Take calculated risks.

Calculated risks are sometimes necessary because they bring huge rewards. Risk-free moves do not have attractive returns. This is true in business and even in your relationship with the universe. Calculated risks involve putting out your reputation or hard work on the line with the hope of tapping into something of greater value. It is common to find yourself in a group of people who require leadership through a new experience. It is normal to feel inadequate or under-prepared for such a duty whether or not you have prior experience. You have the option of keeping quiet like the rest of the group or standing out to lead them through. If you eventually pull it through, you will have built a reputation strong like the walls of Rome. You would have earned the respect of the rest and also discovered the spiritual gift while at it.

A lesson from Nature.

Consider the example of how lions chase antelopes in the jungle. To begin with, whether the King of the jungle will succeed or not is a calculated risk. If he does not do the hunting, he will starve or have to depend on the other lions of the pride for food. This will hurt his ego. One successful hunt builds his confidence. On the upper side, he discovers his speed limit beyond which it will be exhausted before he protects his kill from scavengers.

The path to identifying your spiritual gifts is not always a straight line. You may not know many things but one thing is certain – there is a lot for you to discover down this path. What are your spiritual gifts?

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