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The Perfect System of the Universe

nature and universe

Every successful organization has a functional system that leads it to success. The system enables things to run smoothly without any hitches whatsoever. It almost looks as if all challenges were forecasted and well taken care of. This is how a functional system is – flawless. As a recipient of services from a functional system, you are amazed at its beauty and efficiency. Deep down, you wish you could have such efficient and remarkable systems. The good news is that the universe is about to answer your prayer. You are about to be introduced to the original system that the universe has been using for ages.

The manual system.

A manual system is one that you have to operate physically. It is not complicated with a lot of science. It can be operated by the layman because this is exactly how the engineers developed it. Most early innovations were manual – the first airplane and the first car had very simple engines. Despite their simplicity, very few people could operate them because it was new and they did not understand how it worked.

Your life could presently be using the manual system. You have to be physically present for your presence to be felt and sometimes nobody even acknowledges you. Your plans could be working but at a fairly slower pace than you would wish. Nature wants to improve your system to the next level.

The semi-automatic system.

This is a system that is not fully automatic. You still have to do some things manually despite the improvement but it cannot be compared to the last one you had. You will use less energy to operate a semi-automatic system than when you were using a manual system.

woman and nature

What is happening in your life is that you will still be working hard but not as before. You will get an occasional pat on your back to encourage you. You will be favored but it will come at a cost – you will earn it through your sweat. The universe will lighten the burden on your back and you can breathe a sigh of relief. You are now ready for the next system.

The automatic system.

Lo and behold! Nature is about to install the automatic system in your life. Your light is shining brighter and has attracted attention from different quarters. A fully automatic system is a very big improvement from the manual system you had at the beginning. Everything works at the touch of a button. The universe has put you in the seat of power through your spirituality.

A fully automated system is less tedious. Love, peace, and joy are not strange visitors in your home. You still have wishes to fulfill and goals to chase despite having a functional automated life. If this is your current stage in life, be comforted because all of your wishes will soon be within your reach. Stretch your hand a little bit further.

The Artificial Intelligence System.

Artificial intelligence is what the future looks like. While some people are yet to reach there yet, others have already arrived. AI is a superior system to the automatic one. It is capable of doing a lot of things beyond what your imagination. The AI has the mind of a human. It is as if you have a perfect personal assistant. What could go wrong?

This is the future system that nature wants to introduce into your life. It is the one the universe is using to perfectly balance everything in the ecosystem. AI has led to the invention of robots. They are used in space exploration and sea science. Further, AI has opened our minds to see possibilities where we initially saw none.

Behold the future!

With artificial intelligence, not only is everything fully automated but also perfectly executed. Perfection is what nature wants to introduce into your life. For the first time, you now have a shot at being perfect. It is possible to be flawless and on point. Recall when artificial intelligence was first introduced. There was a mad rush for it. We were awed and amazed at the possibility of having a more perfect system than ourselves.

Name it – chatbots, digital assistants, face and fingerprint detectors, Google Maps, search algorithms, and e-payments are some of the AI systems that we already know and use. If someone who lived in the 12th century was to be alive today, he/she would think it is a dream. The same is true if you enroll in the perfect system of the universe. You will be introduced to perfection never seen before in your life. It is high time you accept to be part of this system.

The perfect system will calm your anxiety and answer all questions you may have. This is your chance to put everything behind you and enroll in this flawless system.

Your place in the perfect system.

The perfect system of the universe was created for you. You are an important piece of the puzzle that gives the system meaning. It is better put this way – you are the key to starting the engine of this system. Your empathy, conscience, and humanity make you complementary to the universe’s artificial intelligence.

Consider the example of a key. It will open a compatible padlock because it was made specifically for this lock. This key will always be used to unlock a specific lock because it was proven to be its match. Similarly, you will succeed with one attempt when you know the locks that you can open. As you mature, you will successfully open more locks and more doors.

passenger on a bus

Another example is that of a passenger on a bus. Your journey is smooth if you have boarded the right bus taking the route to your destination. When you know the direction of your home, you can take a train or several connecting buses. Regardless of your choice, you will eventually reach home safely. The universe wants to enroll you into this perfect system where your life shall be on track. There is zero risk of getting lost or losing grip of your newly found purpose. Welcome to the perfect system of the universe.

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