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The Politics of Numbers in the Universe

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Politics is intertwined with the universe and it is difficult to separate them. There is politics everywhere that control the direction of your life. Policies and government programs are influenced by the prevailing political wind. We cannot wish politics away because it impacts our lives in one way or the other. This is how life has finally become – one full of politics from every side.

Politics also have a role in the universe. There is a lot of lobbying and convincing to do as the universe plans to reward its loyalists. This explains why there are three possible answers from the universe to your prayers – yes, no, or wait. The concern is whether you have enough numbers to get an affirmative answer to your prayers. This is the politics of numbers that dominate your prayer life.

The school of numbers.

You can only understand numbers after attending a mathematics class. It is the backbone to understanding the relationship of numbers in the universe as well as how to manifest desirable answers in your life.

The early man understood this assignment and sought to understand mathematics and science. They were the first lessons during civilization. Geometry, algebra, and counting became some of the earliest mathematics activities.

Politics and numbers.

When politics and numbers are united, there is a major shakeup in our lives. It leads to binding decisions and thoughtful take-away lessons. Nature dominates both of them and this is what makes it all powerful. The numbers in the universe are mostly not the same as we were taught in class. It is the same numbers but viewed differently (whether carnally or spiritually). This is the spiritual insight into the politics of numbers in your life:

  1. The soulmate factor.

In the physical realm, 1+1 = 2 but the spiritual realm teaches that 1+1 = 1. Where does the truth lie? Both of these principles of counting are true; they only have different applications.


When you find your soulmate, you are joined together and become one body. Your lives are fused into one and each of you becomes a part of the other. Both of you rejoice or suffer jointly. This is why universal mathematics is 1+1 = 1.

In light of this revelation, nature is advising you to take careful thought on choosing your soulmate. The man/woman you settle on as your spouse is a very important factor. They are a political factor that influences your blessings. You need to be in the right political camp to sway nature’s blessings to your side.

Nature already has a preferred choice of your soulmate. They match your personality and would complement you in all spheres of life. You will know who your soulmate is if you pay close attention to nature’s signals. He/she has already been physically brought closer to you. It could be due to a work transfer to your city, sharing common interests, or having common friends. Make your move, child.

  1. The gestation period for your blessings.

Each animal has a different gestation period depending on their classification. A goat takes about 5 months, a human being is 9 months, a rabbit is about 30 days, and an elephant takes 22 months. This example from nature is a reflection of the difference in our gestation periods for blessings.

Some people may meet their blessings within a shorter time while others may take a little bit longer. Nature wants you to know that there is nothing wrong with you if you delay receiving your blessing long after your peers already have. Your time for delivery is yet to reach. Everyone shall know when it does. Your blessings will no longer be hidden at that appointed time.

You cannot compare the size of the chick that hatches after 21 days to the elephant calf that is born after 22 months. The elephant takes longer because the calf is bigger compared to the chick and its development is quite slow. This could be the same reason why your blessings are delayed – your gestation period is longer.

  1. The one-man army.

Sometimes the universe uses the weak to prove a point. One person can be the voice of reason over many people who are yet to see the light. It has happened severally when people try to impose something against the rules of nature. The universe comes out strongly through one person when the world has numbers but is not on the right side of nature’s politics.

Ensure that whatever is on your bucket list aligns with both the numbers and politics of the universe so that the wind of the one-man army does not sweep you away. This is how you learn the ropes of nature’s politics.

The universe can use you as a one-man army when you are at the right place at the right time and politically correct. As the universe’s army, you are empowered to fight and win battles that you cannot do alone. With nature on your side, you should not worry about the number of opponents you are facing. Victory is on your side.

universe and person

Maintaining the overflow of your cup.

Nature has not put a ceiling on your blessings. You can have tens, hundreds, or thousands of blessings because you are politically correct. Your cup shall overflow with the desires of your heart because you have learned the ropes of politics in the universe.

This is the principle of the universe – to him who much is given, much will be demanded. The universe is watching to see your next stop when your cup overflows with blessings. Nature wants you to be like a freshwater lake. The water is fresh because it has an inlet and outlet. Learn to give an equal or greater measure as you receive. This will help you maintain an overflow of your cup.

You can achieve your desire of achieving more by being on the politically correct side of nature. The politics of numbers is where wealth is created and maintained. Nature has put the challenge on your doorstep.   

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