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The Power of a Holy Alliance with The Universe

An alliance is a union between different groups that have come together to achieve a common goal. People form alliances for different reasons but the one that sticks out the most is because they believe that their partners in the alliance are equally as powerful as them or more but not lesser than them. An alliance makes some form of partnership between those involved. They put together their resources and become more powerful than they are individually.

Alliances are formed in businesses to merge empires and increase volumes of trade. During war, alliances are formed to increase military power and increase the chances of winning. In politics, alliances are formed solely to win elections. Throughout the history of the formation of alliances, there has been genuine unity in it. Nothing matters until it accomplishes its mission.

As you begin the New Year, one of the most important decisions that you will make is to understand whom you will need to form alliances with. The most reliable alliance that you will form is with the Universe. It has the resources, the knowledge, and the strategy to help you win all your battles. An alliance with the universe is founded on goodwill from both of you and you can be sure that the universe will not backstab you or sabotage any agreements that you make together. It is a Holy Alliance.

In addition, being in an alliance with the Universe is a free pass to many places. Consider it like entering a members-only community because you are with a native. Nobody will ask you any questions because they already know the native and believe that he/she will not bring in someone to harm the community. This is the type of endorsement that you receive when you ally with the Universe. You will earn Nature’s unconditional trust and her support in everything that you do.

This is the power of a Holy alliance with the Universe:

1. It gives insight into discoveries.

Your knowledge is limited but a Holy alliance with the Universe expands it. This is one of the primary reasons for forming alliances. The knowledge that partners of an alliance hold expand through information exchange when they come together to pursue a common objective.  You will learn a lot of spiritual mysteries when you form a Holy alliance with the universe. The understanding of spirituality will enlighten your thoughts and guide you on how to overcome spiritual weaknesses. Your spirit will be powerful not to fall into the evil temptations of the world because you already know the dos and don’ts. As your spiritual maturity and strength increase, nature is looking forward to benefit from you because your alliance with the Universe is a Holy one. Your duty extends to giving back to nature selflessly in good faith. Make haste to ally with the Universe to overcome your long-due spiritual problems.

2. It pools more resources.

Alliances bring resources together. This improves the problem-solving efficiency. The more powerful an alliance, the greater the resources it contributes. An alliance with the universe gives you an infinite pool of resources. You will not lack the raw materials for anything because everything was created through it. Your productivity, innovation, and creativity will increase multiple times because you have been empowered. A spirit accessing unlimited resources is like a child exposed to a lot of toys. He will play his favorite games and have fun, unlike his peers who lack such exposure. When you form a Holy alliance with the Universe, you give your spirit access to nature’s infinite wisdom. This will earn you the respect of new people in your life. It will be the reason you will have the mind to set up multiple income streams. If the Universe supports all life successfully, an alliance with it will give you the wisdom to equally sustain several income streams to improve your financial status.

3. It increases your productivity and value.

Everybody has different productivity levels. Your productivity will improve when you are in an alliance with someone more powerful than yourself. In this case, it is the Universe. He will challenge your best achievements and push you to outdo yourself. Your value will plummet because you will shed your vices and adopt a new lifestyle in this Holy alliance with the Universe. Consider the value of businesses that have merged with more powerful partners. Their balance sheet reflects good figures and their worth is not how people formerly perceived it to be. Similarly, a Holy alliance with the Universe will do a facelift on your life and those who looked down on you will no longer recognize you.

4. It reduces your risk exposure.

Alliances reduce the risk burden on the shoulders of one partner alone. It spreads this risk to other partners, stronger than them, who can manage it effectively. You will no longer need to worry about the risk but instead, focus on the objectives of the alliance. The major spiritual risk is worry. It can sink a big ship of dreams by creating unnecessary doubt. An alliance with the Universe removes the risk of constantly worrying about failure. The Universe has always achieved its objectives each time and you can trust its track record that you will also not fail when you ally with it. You will have a more vigilant partner who will supervise your life to make it foolproof. It is like being in the company of a big brother who will not let you burn your fingers in the kitchen in his presence. Again, he will not monopolize the kitchen experience. He will engage you as a partner and you can practice worry-free the desires of your heart. This is the ultimate power of a Holy alliance with the Universe.

An alliance with the Universe is largely undermined. However, you can benefit a lot from it when you start it off in the right way. The universe is reaching out to you with a handshake. Where do you stand?

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