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The Power of Burning Incense in your Life

The sense in incense.

For most religious people, burning incense is not something new. It is one of the many spiritual rites done by a priest to the congregation to achieve a specific spiritual significance. Many spiritual acts do not make sense to those who are not connected to the heart of the universe.

Incense was historically used in ancient Egypt for religious rites. It has a sweet attractive scent that fills the whole room whenever it is burned. It does not matter how uncomfortable the room was before burning incense. After burning incense, the whole atmosphere changes. The air around and everything in the room sparks to life. Everything finally begins to make sense.

Now that you are in the light, how urgently do you need to burn incense? For me, it cannot wait.

The divine mandate of burning incense.

  1.  It attracts divinity.

The master Universe has put a divine mandate on incense to light up your world. This mandate comes with great authority from the creator Himself.

Divinity meets humanity when you burn incense. Divinity gets to work in your life because you have welcomed it by burning incense. It can stamp its authority because you have welcomed it in your life. The courts of law function very much like the universe. There is a boundary that a court can exercise its powers. This is its jurisdiction. An event has to have occurred within these limits for the court to pronounce itself on any matter.

Similarly, burning incense in your life is like declaring your territory to be in the jurisdiction of the universe. When you call upon it for justice, it shall be delivered speedily because you have given him that authority.

  1. It stops plagues in your life.

The biblical story of how Aaron stopped the plague that killed at least 14,700 Israelites is one of the greatest teachings on the power of burning incense. It was the incense that the high priest (at that time) burned that eventually stopped the plague.

Incense appeases the universe’s divinity and can turn away even anger that was as hot as the Lord’s at the time. It could be that you are facing life’s difficulties that are weighing you down. Disease, poverty, misfortune, rejection, and joblessness are some of the things that weigh down most people. This is a plague in itself in your life that is causing spiritual death in your life.

It is time to stop this plague and act like the high priest and burn incense. The universe will be pleased with you and that marks the end of the plague. The Universe is very powerful. It was since the beginning and continues to reign in the present even entering into the future.

  1.  It launches transformation in your life.

Nature plans that you live in an ordained way. Ordinary is not your portion. Your place is at the seat of the extraordinary. The universe’s perfect plan is that every piece of the puzzle in your life falls into its rightful place.

This is the promise of the universe – there is no more struggling to get the bare minimum. Burning incense brings a new scent to your life. The embarrassment of the old is Gone with the Wind and there is now a new wind of transformation blowing on your face.

Consider the people who were almost dying when the plague hit the congregation and they were saved by the incense of the high priest. Their lives were transformed from that moment onwards by simply burning the incense. Both people close to you and those distant will notice the transformation in your life brought by burning incense. Never has the universe left someone in the same state they were in before.

  1.  You die that you may live again.

Ironically, you die to live again. However, this is exactly how the universe operates. Consider the seed that is planted in the ground. It dies first and then germinates as a new plant. Similarly, the incense stick has to burn to ashes for the new sweet scent to be felt in your life. The secret to success is death. Although death is scary and you cannot even wish it on your worst enemy, burning incense opens your eyes to life after death. 

The universe intends that you die (not physical death) in your sins and human weaknesses so that you may emerge stronger – just like the incense stick. Burning it produces a desirable scent and you will want to remain in that place a little while longer. Are you ready for victory through the death of the flesh that you may live again a victorious life?

  1.     Your respect increases.

All the places where incense is burned are respected. They are regarded highly because of the godly-like atmosphere of that place. It is the universe’s holy ground that deserves respect. Similarly, when you burn incense in your life, you get a new status. You become a special vessel for use by the universe for special occasions. Your peers may not even recognize you because of the new status that you receive. Despite all the glory that comes with burning incense, the real deal is whether you can be like a candle stick that burns to ashes to give the room a new beautiful scent. You decrease in stature so that the universe may achieve the original goal – giving the room a new scent.

Burning incense is not limited to burning the physical incense stick. It could as well mean committing to be nice to nature and the universe. The people you meet will have a new testimony of your goodness just as guests cannot stop talking about the beauty of the incense burned in the house they went to. The power of burning incense is one of the most underestimated ways of connecting with the universe but also the surest way of reaping big from nature. Burn incense today!

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