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The Power of Energy Exchange

The 48 laws of power.

Let us draw reference from Robert Greene’s famous book The 48 laws of power. Law 10 states Avoid the Unhappy and the Unlucky. There is a proven pattern observed in people who associate with negative energy. They are most likely to be absorbed into the dark pit by associating with negativity. Consider the example of two people pulling each other. One is standing on a table and the other is standing on the ground. Who between the two will pull the other to the level he/she is in?

Of course, the one standing on a lower ground can pull the one standing on a table easily. This example speaks volumes regarding the power of energy exchange. We are in a state of constant giving and taking with the universe. We can either be on the winning or losing side depending on how we relate with the universe. There are a few ground rules to observe. Here is the ultimate guide from the universe into the power of energy exchange:



1. Your choice of a life partner.

Your life partner could be the spring to your success or the missile to destroy you. They are an important part of the connection between the universe and you. The energy exchange between you two cannot be ignored. For most people (at least as is supposed to be), their spouse is their best friend and closest confidant. Considering this as the ideal situation, what energy do you draw from them? If they have a negative vibe, they will transmit the same to you. Such energy exchange is very unhealthy and the more reason why you should make this choice cautiously. There is a reason they are called soulmates. You create an everlasting soul tie with them (unless broken by other means).

A soulmate is like a pipe connection. What happens when the pipe is dipped in dirty water and you suck the other end? You will drink dirty water. Ew! How disgusting! A bad connection like this is also replicated with the partner you get intimate with. Intimacy is sacred and that is why it is reserved for married people – those in a long-term life commitment. When you sleep around with anyone, you risk contaminating your spirit with a bad vibe. This will be replicated in the things you do.

2. Your beliefs and philosophy in life.

We all have our beliefs in life. It should not necessarily be religion. It can be a life principle or philosophy that you hold dear. A belief is a strong conviction in something. It informs very many things that you do. You should be able to determine one thing easily – what do you stand to gain or lose with the beliefs and/or philosophy that you hold? The answer to this question explains what kind of energy exchange happens between you two.

There are different theories about the universe and creation. Without going into details, they can either set you on a path of greatness or radicalize you to destruction. Consider these two kinds of people – one believes that God will help their business grow and another who puts actual effort towards business growth. Who between them shall succeed? Positive energy is inherited from the universe by the beliefs you hold. You should not believe in just anything. Ask yourself hard questions before subscribing to it. The issue of beliefs should not be taken lightly. Its misuse will make you end up disconnecting from the destiny that the universe had put on your path.

3. Your mind’s engagement.

The brain is very important in facilitating energy exchange. Your thoughts are the beginning of your glory or walk to shame.

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” – Lao Tzu.

As you can see, the mind is the genesis of the whole process of energy exchange with the universe. Should you not be careful, then your thoughts will manifest into your worst reality. Think carefully about what you feed your mind – the books you read, the things you watch online, and what you train your mind to learn. You should feed your mind positive energy to conceive and manifest the same. Your mind cannot exist in a vacuum, there must always be something constantly on it. It better be what you want to reap. 



4. Your environment.

Your environment is something you would want to watch out for if you want to conceive positive energy. A lot of things are determined by it. No wonder it is advisable to ensure kids grow up in a healthy environment. The mystery in an environment is deep. Look at the demography of the city you live in. Like most cities, it is probably naturally segmented into social classes. There is a place where the rich live – posh driving lanes, good cars, and houses. There is also a place for those at the bottom of the pyramid – narrow paths (a car can hardly pass. Anyway, who owns one?) and congested housing.

The rich live among the rich and the poor among themselves. A stranger in a foreign neighborhood is easily recognizable because they do not identify with the vibe of the place they are visiting. This is how powerful your environment is. When you live in a place of negativity, it will gradually become part of you. You want to change your energy, consider a change of environment.

5. Your speech.

The universe is a funny space. What you say jokingly can manifest in your life. This is why you have to think twice before speaking any idle words. When your speech has negative energy constantly, the same will be repeated to you. This energy exchange is true if your speech is positive. Moreover, do not entertain negative talk from other people because they are creating negativity in your space.

The talks you listen to can fill your mind and be the source of a bad vibe. Nothing is negligible. Learn to take words seriously or you will learn it the hard way when negativity infiltrates your world.

The power of energy exchange is a real issue. These five points are the major gates to it. You should guard them jealously to protect your space.

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