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The Power of Guarding Your Space


Everybody has their space that no one can take it away from them. It is not transferrable from one person to another and it cannot be stolen, inherited, or given away. Your space is yours forever. It identifies with you alone and you have a monopoly over it. Your space is where your spirit feels safe to retreat to when you need to take a break from the busy world. This means it should be as comfortable as possible because it is safe. You can admit or expel anyone you want. You make the rules in your space and your word is law. You are the alpha in your space and there is nothing that anybody can do about it.

Demystifying your space.

Your space is as big or as small as you would wish. The universe has granted you the power to create or re-invent anything you want in the manner you would like. There are no questions asked. This power rests in your mind and willpower. Whoever is banished from your space can never return until you allow them back. In the same manner, whoever you bring into your space does not need any qualifications to come in. They come as they are.

The universe has its space that has been the focus of man for some time now. Astrology is the study of space. It involves the observation and interpretation of elements in space to forecast earthly events. The universe guards this space jealously from unauthorized access. For example, our planet is the only planet that supports human life. This is the universe’s way of indirectly telling us to stick to our lane and leave the rest to him. It is guarding its space. How about you?

Heaven on earth.

This should best describe the status of your space. From spiritual tales, heaven is a beautiful place. There is no robbery, despair, struggles, discouragement, accidents, or diseases. It is where we would all want to go in the afterlife.

Heaven on earth

While at it, you must protect your heaven from ruin. The universe has given you the power to guard your space from the enemy. Your mandate is to guard your heaven on earth so well that you can always have a place to hide from the world. Like soldiers on the battlefield, your space is a bunker where you can always fall back whenever there is imminent danger.

Do you know how to use the power to guard your space? A weapon is as powerful as your knowledge to use it. This is a guide to doing it right.

  1. Entertaining positive thoughts only.

Heaven is a place where you can afford to be carefree. Banish negative thoughts from your mind. Create new things in your mind. You can fly airplanes, swim in the deep oceans, and live the life of a superhero with real superpowers. See life in sickness and strength in weakness. A positive attitude is a command to your space that you entertain nothing short of good vibes.

There will always be someone who sees the glass as half empty. The only problem is allowing such negative thoughts to invade your space. Nature wants you to jealously guard your space so that you can earn the confidence of the universe. Cheers to positive thoughts!

  1. Filtering the company of your friends.

Word has it that you are the average of your friends. This is spot on. Your space is your heaven and there is a bare minimum requirement of morality that your circle should conform to. Thieves, perverts, corrupt, and all types of sinners cannot be admitted to heaven. They are locked out because they threaten the principles of heaven – safety, comfort, security, and peace.

Nature wants you to guard your space by being like heaven itself. Do not allow people with doubtful personalities into your life. They will ruin your space and you will have nowhere to go to when you want to escape from the world. Like nature, be very particular about the people you hang around with so that you can continue keeping your space safe.

  1. Constantly creating life.

The universe is a champion of life. It creates life, not destroy it. Your spirit should be aligned with the universe. A child is born into the world every minute, livestock, and both domestic and wild animals are also born into the world daily. There is a seedling somewhere germinating right now as you read this. The universe creates life throughout. Death is not the end of life but a transformation of life from one form to another (from the physical to spiritual form).

Learn from the universe the art of creating life. Speak life over your projects, work, business, family, friends, and everything that matters in your life. Confess that you will pass that exam you have been studying so hard for, that you will survive all the challenges you are facing, your family shall be healthy, and that all your ongoing projects shall be successful.

In return, your space shall be lively and successful. You guard your space from the pandemic of death by constantly creating life.

  1. Attach yourself permanently to the universe.

A branch is as successful as its head office. It will survive all economic challenges as long as the head office is still a going on concern. What happens when a branch wants autonomy? It is exposed to the risk of underperformance because it no longer enjoys the support of the parent office. The head office provides cover to all its branches.

yourself and universe

Attaching yourself permanently to the universe is how you can guard your space permanently. The rules of the universe will apply to your space and you can maintain its original state. What the universe does to guard its space will also apply to your personal space. Your responsibility is to remain attached to the universe by maintaining a healthy spiritual life.

There is a lot of power in guarding your space. You can easily realize maximum potential. Grab this power that the universe is offering.

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