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The Power of Nature’s Diversity

Diversity is the condition of being composed of different elements. This is exactly what nature is made up of. It has great diversity; from the jungle to the deep seas to life in space to the deserts and the forests, nature has a lot to offer. This rich diversity is an avenue that your spirit can pursue out of poverty, poor health, failing relationships, mistreatment, or unemployment. Nature supports both aquatic and land life. It protects all creation in their habitats and none lives at the expense of another. While nature is interdependent, it ensures that one class of animals that is food to another class is not completely wiped out. At the same time, the predator class continues to survive and does not go extinct. Both of these classes of animals have different significant contributions to nature. This is the power of Nature’s diversity. 

Following the example of nature, the Universe wants to teach your spirit about diversity. It will help you multitask to achieve several goals at once. Diversity helps you to express love to everyone, accommodate differences, tolerate criticism, manage crises, resolve conflicts of interest, and be a unifying factor in the lives of the people in your life. Without diversity, you achieve the complete opposite of everything listed. Nature already understands and practices diversity. This is how we manage to appreciate its daily beauty. When your spirit follows nature’s example, you will be the morning star in the sky.  

1. Diversity in the sky. 

The sky is one of the most beautiful creations of the Universe. It holds the sun, moon, stars, and clouds up there without them falling. The way we look up at the sky when we are disappointed hoping that a solution will drop down to us. Sometimes looking at the sky at night to behold the beauty of patterns of the stars and the beauty of the moon in different phases. How both the stars and moon coexist in the sky to shine their light on the Earth harmoniously is one of the many ways that the sky accommodates diversity. During the day, the sky accommodates the powerful light and heat of the sun. This is the beauty of diversity in the sky. 

Nature wants your spirit to accommodate diversity as the sky does. The moon, stars, and sun are sources of light to the Earth. Parents, elders, teachers, and priests are the light to your spirit. The universe wants you to accommodate all of them because each of their light is equally important. They will increase your knowledge and guide each of your steps.  

2. Diversity in the jungle. 

There are different species of animals in the wild – insects, birds, predators, and prey. Each of them has different adaptations to survival. Surprisingly, nature especially accommodates this rich diversity. Each of them has a roof over their heads and a safe home for their families. 

The power of nature’s diversity in the jungle is in the provision of needs to everyone living within it. The universe wants your spirit to adapt to this form of diversity. It will put you at the top of the top of the pyramid. Your spirit will not be overwhelmed by needs no matter how much they are. You will be nature’s hero. 

3. Diversity in water bodies

There are many water bodies in the Universe including rivers, lakes, and oceans; with either fresh or salty water. They contain aquatic life according to the adaption of different species to either fresh or salty water. Like in the jungle, the bigger fish eat the smaller ones. Again, even when they are fished, they are never depleted. How marvelous!  

The ability of the water bodies to have different species of aquatic life is impressive. What is more attractive is the different ways that water bodies clean their water (apart from human intervention). It could be through the tides or how the ground purifies dirty water through its natural mechanisms. When your spirit adapts to the beauty of diversity in nature’s water bodies, you will improve the quality of your relationships and work productivity. Just as water bodies with different shapes and sizes manage to maintain their purity, so will your life radiate beauty when you adopt nature’s diversity. 

4. Diversity in the soil. 

There are different soil types like clay, loam, sand, silt, and volcanic soils found in different places. These soils have different properties and different uses. Some are more suitable for farming, others for building, and others for modeling. Nevertheless, all types of soils are useful in one way or the other. This is nature’s gift to soil diversity. 

Nature’s diversity in your spirit has the same power as that of diversity in soils. Your power is in your uniqueness. You are useful despite having unique characteristics from that of your peers. The universe does not want you to try to fit in. Instead, embrace your unique abilities and you will find your power therein. The universe wants you to then use this power to serve nature.  

5. Diversity in natural principles. 

Events in nature occur on different principles. This is so because science is dynamic and constantly evolving. It is not a guarantee that a principle that worked last month will apply next week under different circumstances. Most importantly, the natural principle applied previously could have evolved into a newer one. This is the beauty of diversity in natural principles. 

The power of nature’s diversity to your spirit is most pronounced when you are in different circumstances. They are experiences that the Universe wants your spirit to pass through and learn important life lessons. Do not hold them (the experiences) in bad faith but rather be grateful for them. They are a stepping stone to a higher calling. 

The power of nature’s diversity is present all around us. The universe wants you to open your eyes to them and align your life with nature’s diversity. Therein lies your eternal freedom. Go get it!

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