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The Power of the Architect’s Pencil


An architect is a professional who designs new construction projects, their interior, alterations, and outlook. He/she is important in the construction space and his approval is regarded highly by the authorities. When you see buildings sitting majestically wherever they are, please remember that the input of the architect was fundamental to its construction.

The job description of an architect.

An architect conceives the vision of how the building should look and draws it on paper. How does he do it? He sits down with the owner or proprietor of the building and listens to how this client would want his house to be. He seeks clarification on areas that are still unclear to him or he sometimes suggests his professional opinion to the client. He then retreats to his working space and inks the dream home of the client on paper. What follows is a series of back and forth between him and the client to include minor adjustments or to settle on a more desirable design from the options provided by the architect.

An architect has the responsibility of interpreting the vision of his client and breathing life into it. There are no limits in architecture and your mind should have an infinite room for creation. As a client, you trust the architect as a professional who understands the scope of his work and you heavily rely on his judgment. This makes an architect a very powerful person in his field.

The search for the right architect.

Since it is clear that you need the best architect, the universe would want you to make the right choice. He has a delicate task to ensure that the conclusion is desirable, pleasant, and attractive. The only choice of the best architect you have is nature. Speak to him about how you would want him to design your house (life). What are your dreams about it? Do you have any secret wishes about how you would want your life to become? You can tell your architect all about it.

nature's architect

Transforming your dreams to reality.

Nature as your architect can transform your dreams to become a reality. Open up to him about the design of your house and the direction you would want your house to take. What would you want to pursue? Arts or science? A private or a social and public life? All these choices are within your reach. Your architect can fulfill everything on your bucket list.

The tools of an architect.

Some of the tools of an architect are tracing paper, a sketchbook, a compass, pencils, a magnifier, drafting dots, and an architectural and engineering scale. Similarly, nature has its working tools that have the same role as that of an ordinary architect. These tools are the pencil of routine, the eraser of correction, the ruler of morality, the compass of purpose, and the magnifier of victory. It is an honor when nature agrees to draw your dreams with the architect’s pencil – the most powerful tool in his kit.

  1. The pencil of routine.

Nature uses routine as a pencil to imprint permanent habits in your life. You need a new routine to replace your current one if you want to achieve a particular objective. You can appreciate nature by championing new trends to reduce pollution. You do not need a big portfolio to do this. Walk over short distances to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere or take public transport to minimize the same.

You can also turn to green energy for domestic use instead of using traditional forms of energy. These simple habits repeated constantly will put you in the spotlight of the universe as a progressive person. Your architect’s pencil can imprint any routine you choose to achieve your desired objective.

  1. The eraser of correction.

Nature has an eraser of correction to rectify any mistakes committed. Your life is presently far from perfect. According to your architect, there are a lot of adjustments to be done and you need to adjust several aspects of it to be able to realize your dream home. Nature wants to trim your excesses and regulate what you think is normal. Nature’s eraser of correction is Karma – bad Karma to be precise.

All the negative actions you do eventually catch up with you and you get a dose of your medicine. After rubbing off your bad habits, your architect again uses the pencil of routine to replace them. This takes you back to the most powerful tool in the architect’s kit – the pencil.

  1. The ruler of morality.

The primary importance of a ruler in the architect’s tool kit is to draw straight lines because he cannot afford to draw crooked curvy lines. Nature as your architect demands moral uprightness from you if you want to seek his services.

Your lifestyle should be morally straight like a ruler if you want to manifest a beautiful home. Straight lines make a drawing appear neat and well-planned. The ruler of morality is used together with the pencil of routine to draw straight lines. This takes you back to the most powerful tool in the architect’s kit – the pencil.

 compass of purpose.

  1. The compass of purpose.

An architect needs a compass to draw perfect circles on your home plan. Freehand drawing may be imperfect and you may need to rub it several times before you get the perfect drawing. Similarly, your architect – nature – wants you to appreciate the importance of a compass in its architectural work in your life.

You need to have a purpose in life from which you draw inspiration. A compass is not used alone. You need to put a pencil in the compass to use it effectively. You will get the perfect home (life) if you use the pencil of routine together with the compass of purpose. Once more, you will still need the most powerful tool in the architect’s kit – the pencil.

The power of the architect’s pencil is unlimited. Your architect – nature – is qualified and competent to draw your home as you wish. The greatest architect to grace your life is capable of doing anything. Child, what is your wish?

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