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The Power of the Present

The past, present, and future are important stages in our lives. Each one of them informs how good your next stage will be. But one stage stands out – the present. A lot of things depend on it. What do you know about the present? It is the current time in your life when you need to be updated with what is happening with your life and the world at large.

Consider knowing about the present as important as updating software is. An update has important features and security improvement that upgrades what is already existing. Without it, your program will slow down and eventually collapse.

Similarly, without being up to speed with the present, even the rich past that you held on to could eventually fail you. Not to talk of the future. The present is very pivotal in solving challenges that may be blocking you from the available opportunities in your life. Grief, depression, loss, and bad luck are some of the things that can make your present undesirable. The Universe has put hidden power in the present for your use. This is the power of the present:

  1.  What do you see?

The Universe is highly visual. Sight is at the center of how nature works. Use your physical eyes to look around when assessing the prevailing challenges. Do not rely on hearsay and rumors.

This will discourage you further. Instead, be a first-hand witness. Watch, hear, touch, and feel things for yourself. This will give you a clearer picture of what you are facing. What was giving you sleepless nights could be solved within hours or minutes.

You only needed to be in the present. Do not equate your challenges with what happened in the past. That was at that time and things could have changed. The solution to your problems is in the present. What do you see around you?

  1. Detachment from the past.

The present focuses on the here and now. It is an injustice to yourself to overthink. Overthinking builds anxiety and stress until you can no longer handle it and it explodes on you. This is very unfortunate. It may cause you to create non-existent problems and then try to solve them. It denies you closure and keeps you busy with fruitless efforts.

The present gives you a break from your past, no matter how undesirable it may be. It is a second chance to be happy after you lost your first one in the past. The present makes you superhuman with the power to detach from the past and build on what you have at the moment, not imaginary thoughts. This is fundamental to mental freedom that opens your mind to what the Universe has for you.

  1.  Continuity of life.

The present is the only assurance that you have of the continuity of life. It gives you hope that there is a future. This explains why nature is always moving forward. There is no reverse for anything that happens in the Universe. Consider a simple example of germination. A seed germinates and we have a seedling. It continues to grow until its maturity. Even when the seedling is put in unfavorable conditions, it will find ways to adapt.

Growth is inevitable and is facilitated by the present. This is your time to grow, improve, and establish yourself. The Universe gives you the power of the present to plug yourself in the right state of mind (favorable conditions) for positive growth. There is hope in the present that you can grow into whatever you wish if you embrace the present.

Your present efforts guarantee you a place in the future. Every word and action in the present builds what you will have in the future. There is no future without the present. Even reading this article right now is gaining knowledge on the power of the present and how you can turn it into gold for the future. What else are you doing right now?

  1.  Right judgment.

The Universe has put the power of judgment in the present. You could have erred in the past but the Universe will judge you in the present. The decisions you make in the present greatly determine what your future will look like. You have the power to detach from toxic friends in the present to safeguard your future.

You can cut off bad habits that derail your personal development in the future. Do not postpone long overdue decisions. Your inaction can cost your future. The right decisions you make in the present move you away from your past and closer to your future.

Perfecting decision-making will eventually get you the perfect future you want for yourself. Although other things may change over time, the Universe shall be there in your future as it was in your past and present. This is the constant you have to move with through all the phases of time.

  1.  Time for healing.

The present is your time to heal from anything that could have hurt you before. Take time to heal from rejection trauma, low self-esteem, grief, or loss. Now that you have left the cause of your hurt in the past, the Universe wants you to heal your wounds in the present.

The future awaits a stronger version of you with only scars that no longer hurt but are proof of the healing in your present. Meditate in the present, accept the reality of what happened in the past, and turn over a new leaf. Not only is time a healer, but the present is also the cure.

What you do in your present can right all the wrongs. Look at nature. The sun rises daily in the east without fail. There is no day it does not show up because it did the previous day or the week before. It has to be there in the present. This is the power of the present. These are more ways you can be like the Universe by using the power of time. 

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