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The Powerful Weapon of Love

Most people think of love as many things but not as a weapon. Here is an eye-opener – love is a weapon. A deadly one to conquer and win. It is what your nemesis will not see coming their way. However, one thing is guaranteed – the weapon of love will make you victorious.

Here is an interesting strategy used by militaries worldwide when in war. They have a hard time when they invade a territory and their enemies have blended with the locals. They cannot launch blanket attacks because innocent civilians will be hurt. They use acts of love to smoke them out. The men and women in uniform bring humanitarian aid to these war-torn places. It should be something that the locals are having an extreme shortage of, for example, food, water, or medical aid. What love! But it is a weapon camouflaged in acts of love. Slowly by slowly, they win over the trust of the locals who silently trade in the location, identity, or both of the enemy that lives within them. The fear innocent civilians have of the soldiers is replaced by trust. They develop faith in them that they are going to keep them safe. Without these acts of love, soldiers cannot easily win the battle against the enemy. Love turns out to be a powerful weapon almost equivalent to as deadly as missiles.

The languages of love.

People speak love in different languages. The focus here is not how those in romantic relationships express love like physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, and acts of service. The focus is majorly on how the world trades in the market of love. You may hate to admit this but love is transactional. Although you may not be expecting anything when you show someone love, an inner part of you would scream for joy when your love is reciprocated. I mean, who would not want to be loved in return? Here are some languages that love is spoken in:

  1.     Sharing.

You would not consider it if you lacked love. Sharing is not out of the abundance of your possessions but from the depths of love. This is genuine love. We teach our children from a young age, we teach our children to be generous and consider the welfare of others. We want them not to hesitate to lend a pen when they have two or share their food with those who do not have one. We want them to grow up knowing about sharing as a language of love. It is not a show-off or a contest but genuine affection.

  1.     Devotion to a good cause.

Love is selfless. Another language of love is devotion to a good cause for the benefit of many people. The strongest pillar of love is that it does not seek self-benefit. It comes out clearly when championing social projects. You devote yourself to a cause you believe in even if it may not benefit you. The best leaders worldwide speak this language. It makes them loveable by their citizens.

  1.     Forgiveness.

It is difficult to forgive someone unconditionally. We always want assurance that they will not hurt us again or that they will compensate for their hurtful actions. The language of love through forgiveness is spoken by quite a handful of people. Most people are not ready for it. However, it serves society better. It is a sign of a stronger person. Those capable of forgiveness rise above the self-interest of seeking revenge. Their heart is big enough to embrace their enemies and start a new page with them. An abundance of forgiveness is a recipe for peace. forgiveness

  1.     Hand of help.

A strong person accepts that he needs help during his low moments. It does not make them any inferior. A stronger person is the one who gives help unconditionally whenever they can. It is a show of love beyond self-gain and not a superiority contest. Some people may not tell you directly that they love you. Instead, they will help you out where you are having difficulty even without you asking. This language of love is beautiful. Isn’t it?

You can effectively turn each of these languages of love into a weapon that will keep you safe. Here is how you can make this transformation:

  1.     War on selfishness.

Selfishness from the leaders to the citizens is a recipe for civil strife. The language of love through sharing seeks to elevate the needs of others above your own. Societies that have plunged into chaos did not speak this language. Consider the reaction of people who realize that they have been sidelined in the distribution of resources. They will not go down without a fight. The only way to cure this inequality is to speak the language of love through sharing.

  1.     Fighting bad manners.

The language of love through devotion to a good cause is a weapon to fight bad manners. With an insight of how the future looks like if everyone is left to do as they please, the best we can do is to stop it before it even starts. It works in the same way vaccination does. It is prevention against disease when and if done correctly. Take up this language of love as a weapon against known social ills.

  1.     It heals injustices.

The thirst for revenge can only be quenched by speaking the language of love. It is an antidote for revenge. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, an eye for an eye will leave the world with a lot of blind people. Love is the universal language everyone should embrace to heal injustice. Do not let hate win because it is very destructive. Countries that have had civil war as Rwanda have fully embraced it and it has worked for them.

  1.     It fights poverty.

The world would be a better place if everyone were their brother’s or sister’s keeper. This is the mantra we should adopt – poverty is the enemy. Always look out for those in need because the universe shall reward you handsomely for it. The language of love through giving aid to the needy is the weapon to wipe out poverty.

You can know the winning side in war by identifying those who speak the language of love. They have total control of all the variables in war and shall secure victory for themselves. 

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