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The Prophecy About Your Future

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Everybody would like to know what their future holds. Will they be rich or poor, healthy or sick, will their spouse continue loving them, what about their children, will they be happy or live in regrets? There are a million questions about the future and it is frustrating when nobody has the answers.

The universe has kept the revelation of the future away from us. It is a mystery that we are actively looking forward to solving. However, we are slowly learning about it and how we can shape the future to align with our desires.

The universe has given you the power to command your future in the direction you want it to take. Do you love arts or sciences, are you a morning or evening person, are you an introvert or extrovert? Every choice you make is like a carpenter’s nail when making furniture. It joins the pieces of wood into the object of his choice.

Nature’s law of consequences.

Sometimes we commit honest mistakes in making decisions that we are ignorant of their consequences. They are not spared from being part of our future. We reflect on our past commitments and choices when we face these consequences later on. Nature wants to save you from the trouble of dealing with the consequences of your poorly informed decisions. This is possible if you know what choices are in your best interest and you commit to them. The prophecy about your future stops becoming a mystery because you already have foresight of how it is.

 law of consequences.

Shaping your future.

The future is a continuous work in progress. There is no time that it will be complete. Neither is there a time it will stagnate. Its evolution does not have an end. You have to keep up with it until you finally accomplish your life’s purpose. These are some of the ways to shape your future:


1. Speak life.

Life is created by positive affirmations. You have the power to create or kill life. It is good if there are people in positions of authority to bless you. Otherwise, if there are none, at least not yet, fill the gap yourself. Confess that you will succeed, speak of how your victory is around the corner, and how you will one day buy all the good things you want. These positive affirmations are not in vain. It is a way of planting seeds of greatness. They will one day germinate, sooner than you think.

The universe wants you to be a priest and create the life you want for your present and future. Do not confess failure even in your dark days. Consider it as a delayed victory that you will soon celebrate. The universe is listening to the life that you will confess and will fulfill it according to your faith.


2. Fix your eyes on the prize.

The fate of your future lies in the point of your focus. Be very selective when putting up your priorities because this is where you will put all your energy and attention. If they align with the will of the universe, you will be blessed to realize all of them. This is the reason it is prudent to get your priorities right. Nature wants you to fix your eyes on the future lying ahead.

After speaking life on it, work twice as much to achieve it. The prophecy about your future is on your point of focus. This is what your spirit will eventually attract from the universe. Your focus should be on progressive goals like good health, successful businesses, building a beautiful family, and forming meaningful relationships. Your destiny will take you to the doorstep of the desires of your heart. This is how your future will be.


3. Think like a boss, act like one.

A boss is a master planner and chief strategist. He has dedicated his life to following the dream of his business. The mind of a boss is always thinking about the future of his empire and how he can expand his territory. He makes important business decisions and has a direct influence over the whole business. Learn from the boss and think like him. The universe has put you in charge of your life.

Think about how to fulfill the prophecy of your future. This is part of your job description as the boss. Think about the future of your health or business and act like the boss to get it done. The work of a boss does not end with thinking but extends to acting out the thoughts. You can fulfill the prophecy about your future by following up on your priority list. This is your blueprint just as a boss follows up on his business’s long-term strategic plan.

think like a boss


4. Living unapologetically.

Living unapologetically is living boldly without being influenced by the opinions of other people. Everyone has their preferred lifestyle and they want it to be part of their future. The universe does not want you to begin living your future today. Live boldly as a leap of faith into the future and what you want for yourself. Look at nature and its creation; the sun does not dim its brightness just because some people do not like it, and neither does time stop because another group is complaining that it flies.

Nature is unapologetic about its routine and the order of things. This is how you should also live your life – unapologetically. Buy a new dress or smartphone, register for your dream course, show love to your partner in public, and make plans to travel even without the air ticket. These actions of faith are an important part of the prophecy about your future. The universe is counting on you to walk in the spirit of this prophecy.

Who is the prophet of the future?

The universe has anointed you to be a prophet in your life. Do not despair about your present because you have the power to direct your future. This is the prophecy about your future.

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