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The Rise and Rise of your Star

In context.

Let us put things in perspective first.

Do you know your star already?

Let me show you what it is – it is a gift from the universe in your life that directs you to your destiny.

Just as you admire the heavenly stars every night on a cloudless night, your star is equally beautiful. It sparkles and shines brighter in its galaxy. The universe in its wisdom gave everybody a star. This is an equal start-up point in the journey towards your destiny. Nobody is ahead of the other. However, some people have been able to “make it in life” because they know how to use the universe to draw closer to their destiny.

Identifying your star.

It could be a simple task or very difficult depending on what you are looking for. Although everyone has a star, they are not the same. The variations make everyone unique.

What is the gift that the universe has put in you?

Like Albert Einstein once said, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” Identifying your star is the first step to making it shine brighter.

This is how to begin – what is your passion? There are things that you could be doing out of obligation while there are others that you do automatically without anyone pushing you to do it. This is your gift. The star that will shine light into your world as the universe wished in the first place.

The nature of your star.

Your star is unique and dynamic. It is beyond what you think you already know. Do not envy other people. Instead, look at your star and trust the path to your destiny that the universe has planned for you.

It is possible to use your gift as a life-changing opportunity both for yourself and others. If your star is singing, do not sing to yourself in the bathroom. Share with other people this light and let them enjoy what the universe has gifted you.

You know what to do with a lamp. It is put on a lampstand in the room to light it up. Nobody puts it under the bed, what use will it serve anyway?

How to use your star.

  1.  Service to others.

Nature plays a great role in the rise of your star. It is responsible for making it shine brighter. You already know of the good intentions of the universe towards you. It will put you on the map right where ‘things happen.’ Your light is only appreciated when there is darkness. Nature will put you somewhere where you will be needed the most.

This is a chance to use your gift to the advantage of other people. The next time they are in a similar fix, they know who to get – you.

  1.  Embrace adversity.

News about this star that shines a light on the lives of other people will spread fast. While some will want to be associated with you for all your goodness, others will want to dim your star thinking it will make theirs shine brighter. It does not, it only makes the room darker. Your star will rise above theirs when you do not engage in such fights.

Choose peace throughout, not revenge. When enemies of progress want to dim your star, join other stars and provide light to the universe. There is so much good in the world that is still unexplored.

  1.  Do not focus on the challenges.

It is difficult not to be concerned about things that give you sleepless nights. Sometimes we think that when we focus on solving our problems then they will go away. They do not. On the contrary, they seem to multiply and get more complicated.

Put all your focus on lighting up all the dark corners and your light will be appreciated more. It could be cloudy and your star is covered completely. This should not make you feel any lesser useful. The clouds will be blown by the wind elsewhere and you shall continue providing light.

  1.  Embrace your weaknesses and work on your strengths.

Everyone has their weaknesses. Even if you are physically disabled, know that you are abled differently. Your star is not disabled. It is as able as that of everybody else and you can make it shine brighter.

Do you know of the morning star? It got its name from how brightly it shines in the morning more than other stars. How adorable is it that people will praise it!

When the sun is up during the day, its brightness overpowers that of the stars. But this does not make them any inferior. Stars know when their light is needed most – at night and in the early morning. As small as they look, they produce their own light. This is their biggest strength.

You can equally use this example from the natural stars. Use your strengths to make your star shine brighter among your peers. It raises the stakes for you.

  1.  Read the times and seasons.

There is a time and season for everything. A time to be up and a time to be down. The universe knows this fact and awards those who do the right thing at the right time. Know when to compete fiercely and when to retreat to regain your strength.

Equally, know what to pursue and what to leave alone. You will preserve your energy for things that matter. The rise of your star is determined largely by how you align yourself with the seasons of the universe. You want to be on the right side of things and get rewarded for your effort.

In anticipation of greatness.

Many things will happen as your star rises. The first is how you will get more enemies. The second is that you may no longer know who your true friends are. In all this battle all along, remain true to your passion and commit to your cause wholeheartedly. We shall one day talk about the rise of your star to other people. 

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