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The Rules of Trade in the Universe

Trade and commerce

Trade and commerce run giant world economies. Before this, industrialization was the real deal. Industrialized countries were the envy of most if not all developing countries. It was very beneficial to these countries because they had a ready market for the finished goods from their industries. Fast forward to the present day, trade and commerce run the show. Anybody in any part of the world can trade with the rest of the world without as many barriers as was the case many years ago.

The ease of trade is attributable to many policy factors but there is a magic hand behind it – the hand of God (nature’s direct influence). Trade is nature’s gift to humanity and we should receive it with both hands. The world revolves around trade and commerce and this gift from the universe to you will unlock all the financial doors in your life.

The purpose of trade.

  1.    To meet your needs.

The list of needs keeps growing by the day because of limited resources. What does a loving parent do when their child is drowning in a pool of needs? This is exactly the course that the universe is taking in your life. Trade is where you exchange your surplus products for the ones you need. It creates a win-win for both parties trading. Just like a loving parent, nature will smile at your satisfaction because your need was an answer to someone else’s and vice-versa. The joy of a parent lies in the joy of his/her children. Trade is the means to meet these recurrent needs.Purpose of trading

  1.    To make you a complete human being.

The universe has news for you – your creation is still ongoing. Nature constantly molds us to become better people. It does so by facilitating your interaction with other people. In this regard, trade is the means to the end. Trade enables you to meet people from different backgrounds and diverse cultures, each of them with their different sets of needs. You acquire ‘people skills’ through trade and this exposes you to a world you never knew existed.

The universe introduced trade to intentionally benefit us. The current market supposed to create a fertile environment for trade to flourish is increasingly becoming polluted because the rules of trade are not being adhered to.

What are the rules of trade and for whom were they meant?

  1.     You are the product.

This is not meant to reduce your value as a human being. In the universe’s market, you are the product to be traded. People will buy your presentation of the service you are offering or the product you are selling before they buy it. You have the power to either attract more clients or to put off even the few ones who have shown interest. The universe has reduced the rush for money and wealth to a challenge on who presents themselves better in the market. Nature’s Forbes magazine classifies your net worth on your presentation of yourself as a product in the market. Money and wealth will follow you when you eventually manage to be the best product in the market. Are you up to the task?

rules of trade

  1. Define your target market.

There is always a target audience for every product or service in the market. Nature is a like a mother who has many children in different age groups. Their needs vary depending on the age group they are in. While younger kids would naturally want to play with toys, the older ones would be interested in the science of technology (sometimes seeking to operationalize the toys they played with). Similarly, the product or service you are offering to the market should target a specific audience. People would pay a fortune for customized services or products because they feel that you had their needs in mind. Here is an opportunity to capture the neediness of your target market and become the biggest shareholder of nature.

  1.     There is market regulation.

Trading in the universe is not a free-for-all business. Karma regulates trade in the universe. All rogue merchants get back exactly what they deserve, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. The street name is a dose of their medicine. Every service or product you offer in the market should be in uttermost good faith. Nature arrests ill-intended actions towards others and subject the doers of such to public ridicule. Every secret plan designed to sink another person’s ship shall be exposed by Karma. This regulation is nature’s way of weeding out evil. Consider the prevailing regulation of financial institutions – central banks regulate commercial banks and the International monetary fund (IMF) advises central banks globally. Embracing the Universe’s trade regulations earns you a compliance certificate to trade!

  1.     Answer an existing problem.

The aim of trading, according to nature, is to solve an existing or potential problem. Therefore, as a principle, products and services should be problem-solving in nature, and not create more problems. Whatever does not conform to this rule dies a natural death. The universe suffocates it from thriving because it does not abide by trading principles. Money and wealth follow the person who manages to make life easier and more enjoyable. People will willingly pay for a solution that will directly benefit them. Even nature itself is interested in startups that consider its welfare. For example, renewable sources of energy will always have the blessings of the universe because it answers the problem of the need for energy production and at the same time do not create other mini problems like pollution. There are a lot of unexplored areas that the universe also has an interest in. This is where money and wealth lie in. Is there any business idea ringing a bell in your head?

The rules of trading in the universe are not discriminatory against anyone. It has no social or economic status exemption. Abide by these rules of trading in the universe and watch yourself step into the shoes of money and wealth.

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