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The Secret Lying Beyond the Horizon

beauty of horizon

The horizon is the farthest place you can see. At a glance, it looks like a junction where the earth and sky meet. It is thousands of miles from the Earth and it looks beautiful, especially during sunrise and sunset. If it were up to us, we would want to look at the horizon for a long time before it disappears. The glory of the horizon is in its uniqueness and its ability to show up every sunrise and sunset. This kind of consistency is rare to find.

The horizon beautifies the universe. I am sure you would want this beauty at your home or office. Some of the most beautiful photos are taken during sunset or sunrise because we want to capture this moment of glory. This picture gives us hope that we can see the horizon one more time to bask in its glory. Is it possible to trap this beauty in and have it in our lives forever? Even if it were, it is more prudent to see what lies beyond the horizon.

The river and the source.

A river is as good as its source. A permanent river is reliable because it runs throughout the year. It is a solution to water crises. It is reassuring that you can find water at the river any time of the year. Similarly, having someone or something to count on is a consolation.

There is only so much we know about the horizon. It appears and disappears at will and there is nothing we can do about it. It is about time we went beyond the horizon to find out what is the source of the glory of the horizon.


Growing up, I wondered why the sun or the moon was not directly overhead when walking during the day or night. Somehow, it was either behind us or ahead of me. Another common mystery is why we cannot reach the end of the world. I expected to see a signpost somewhere written in bold, you have reached the end of the world. No way through.

As a child, this was too much to understand. To some, it is probably still a mystery to date. There is a secret of the universe that lies beyond the horizon. It would take extra effort to finally go beyond the horizon to unravel this secret.

Astronomy is a great exploration of space and the horizon. It reveals the secret lying beyond the horizon. This is the source of the glory we see every sunrise and sunset on the horizon.

  1. The world does not end at the horizon.

There are several theories explaining whether the world has an end. Is the geography of the world infinite? From the rising of the sun to the setting of the same, the world’s geography is a marvel. There is more to explore in the world that you may not even finish in your lifetime.

The universe is dynamic. Nature wants you to push your limits because you are yet to reach half of it. You are gifted with enormous potential within you. Nature wants to tap into it and make you more effective and productive. Do not be discouraged by challenges that may come your way. Believe in your infinite ability to create and recreate yourself. The secret lying beyond the horizon is its infinity.

  1. You cannot see beyond the horizon because you are far away from it.

It is discouraging that the horizon looks very far away yet you want to see what is the secret behind this glory. Every time you try to go closer to it, it kind of moves further from you. A ship appears to be climbing a hill when it is approaching the port. It is as if it is coming from another world into ours. Science points out the fact that the world is spherical. You cannot see the beginning or end of the circumference of a sphere. Can you?

The universe wants you to get as close as possible to the tipping point of your limits. You will discover a new potential within you when you are on the verge of giving up. You can only see beyond the horizon when you are close to it. There is always something on the other side.

  1. There is gravity beyond the horizon.

The force of gravity is everywhere on Earth. There is nowhere you can hide from it. It brings you down each time to remind you that you are on Earth. We are used to it by now. Gravity has become normal and you have stopped fighting it. There is news for you – there is gravity too beyond the horizon.

What opposition could you face beyond the horizon? The universe is whispering a secret to your ear – there is gravity even past the horizon. Since you have managed to accommodate gravity in your life, you can manage just fine when you eventually reach the horizon. The challenges that come your way are the gravity that nature is preparing you for even when you go beyond the horizon. You are a champion!

  1. The sun can still be seen beyond the horizon.

The sun is the center of the solar system. All planets go around the sun and it is the primary natural source of light to all of them. Rest assured that the sun can still be seen even beyond the horizon. The universe guarantees your vision beyond the horizon.

Universe's horizon

Sunlight is important to every living creature; plants and animals alike. It leads you to make informed decisions because you can see what is right in front of you. You must have put a lot of effort to reach beyond the horizon. Nature guarantees you sunlight in the form of divine knowledge to guide you. Embrace it because it is useful when your limits are pushed to the wall.

Many secrets lie beyond the horizon that you can use to be ahead of your competitors. Nature is offering to mentor you to discover them one by one. How far can your eyes see?

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