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The Secret of a Bride’s Veil

A veil is a piece of thin material worn to protect or hide the face or head. It is a ceremonial cloth with great significance across different cultures. A veil is commonly worn by a bride during her wedding ceremony. At the instruction of the priest, her groom awaits to unveil her and behold her beauty. The whole congregation looks curiously at the bride perfectly adorned in her veil. Their eyes follow her everywhere she goes as they seek to find out the gem hidden beneath the veil. The secret of the beauty of the bride is perfectly hidden by the veil she wears. This is how similar the beauty of your spirit is covered by the universe’s veil. In due time, nature shall unveil you and the whole world will be in awe of your beauty. It is paramount to wear your veil as soon as possible to reduce familiarity and leverage the power of your beauty to get what you want.  This is the secret of the bride’s veil and why the universe wants you to wear it.

To experience the power of the universe’s veil in your life, you first have to wear it. The only path that the universe has given for you to wear your veil is by maintaining spiritual chastity. Being faithful to the universe and your beloved faith to uphold all its teachings will help you keep wearing the veil for as long as possible. The bride’s veil is not just a piece of cloth that covers the lady. It carries spiritual power given to it by the bride of the day.

1. It is a mark of modesty.

A veil is a simple cloth that anyone can wear. However, it is the humility of a bride to wear it that counts. She is not showing off her rich collection of designer scarfs but rather deliberately chooses a veil to cover her face. She understands that she is the center of attention in the ceremony and still wears a veil to cover her face. It is an achievement for the most decorated person at the wedding to cover her face and not show off to everybody. The universe wants you to wear your veil throughout as a mark of modesty. Despite the blessings in your life, do not show off or look down upon other people because of it. Teach your spirit to be humble in all situations and you shall be the universe’s favorite.

 2. It symbolizes hidden knowledge.

A veil can be worn to hide something. It could be to hide gold jewelry or a bruise on the face. The bride’s veil could hide childhood scars and at the same time the glowing beauty of the bride from other people until the groom unveils her. The groom will be the first person to see the beauty of his bride then other people will follow. The universe wants you to wear your spiritual veil as a symbol of hidden knowledge about spirituality. Nature is your groom and you are destined to showcase all your beauty to him first. Practice the universe’s teachings on spirituality within the space that nature has gifted you first before practicing it elsewhere. The space that nature has gifted you is among your family. It was destined that you grow up among them and give you their unconditional love. You do not choose your family, the universe does it for you. This builds your spiritual maturity away from the eyes of people who can harm you but closer to people who genuinely love you.

3. It demonstrates secrecy.

A veil can also demonstrate secrecy. The whole congregation knows the name of the bride but cannot confirm her identity because her face is covered. The veil is trusted to guard this secret until the groom lifts the lid of the secret when the priest asks him to confirm the identity of the bride. There are things that the universe wants you to keep a secret in your life. You can maintain these secrets by wearing a veil. These spiritual secrets include the identity of your spirit. “Who is John*?” (Read with your name in it). The whole world will be amazed at the new John* when the universe finally reveals his identity. The universe wants you to give it this chance of unveiling you in front of the whole world.

4. It is intended to protect the bride.

Ironically, a veil can be used as protection, given its outward appearance. It is light and often looks like a net. However, this same veil protects the bride from the thousands of eyes preying on her. The universe wants you to veil your abilities and gifts while at the same time staying in the limelight. Dedicating your life to serve other people while veiling your “powers” will lead those benefiting from it to see the glory of the universe, not yours. It will protect you from the sin of pride and looking down upon other people. The universe insists that you wear your veil throughout to guarantee you spiritual protection. You will stay longer in the limelight when you wear the veil because people will give glory to the universe for your goodness. This is exactly in the grand plan of the universe. 

5. It signifies the submission of the bride.

A bride walking down the aisle in her beautiful white dress and perfectly veiled arrives ready for her groom to confirm to the world that she is his choice. Similarly, the veil that the universe wants you to wear signifies your submission to him – your groom. A groom values his bride so much because she is his choice. You are the universe’s first choice and his trust is in you. Wear the veil of submission understanding that it is not that your will should be done but that of nature through you. This is the secret of the bride’s veil and why the universe wants you to wear it.

Unlimited opportunities will show up for you when you understand your place in the universe. Wearing your veil will make you a precious bride.

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