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The Secret of Holding Hands


Holding hands is a way of showing affection to your loved one. It is also a way of shouting to the world that you love the person you are holding hands with. A lot is unspoken when you hold hands. A father holds his child’s hand when crossing the road or when they are walking together. It is to reassure them, “I am here. I will protect you.” It is a little gesture but speaks volumes as to the kind of relationship you have.

When couples hold hands in public, they are telling everyone, “I want all of you to know that I love this person.” It is one of the many ways of public display of affection. Holding hands is also a reminder that someone is right there with you to support you. You will not face the challenges alone because there is an extra pair of hands to support you. Isn’t it beautiful?  

The chemistry of holding hands is an ancient science that never expires. No matter how anxious you may feel, it disappears the moment your loved one holds your hand (and maybe presses it a little bit). This is one of the many ways that our spirits communicate with each other through the language of love of physical touch. We want the people we love to love us back in return. It is satisfying when our love is reciprocated. It brings a sense of belonging to the world. This is what the universe is offering to you today if you accept his eternal friendship.

The genesis of an everlasting friendship.

You are about to make the biggest decision of your life that will have a long-lasting effect. It is having a friendship with the universe. Allow him into your circle of friends and let him hold your hand through the valleys, poorly lit paths, and on the highways.

everlasting friendship

Life has a way of taking you down valleys – a very low point in your life where you question the goodwill of God and your spirituality. It then takes you through poorly lit paths – situations of uncertainty where you guess your way around. Finally, life allows you to walk on busy highways – where everything moves so fast and you have to make life-changing decisions within a split second. You need a true friend when life takes you through all these places. This friend will hold your hand throughout and remind you that you are not alone.

You will never walk alone.

Child, you will never walk alone. The universe is holding your hand. Feel his warmth and his fingers pressing yours. He has been looking out for you throughout your life. Staying in the shadows, fighting your wars, and shielding you from the darts of the enemy. He is your best friend with your interests at heart.

This is how you can use the secret of holding hands – building a permanent friendship with the universe.

  1. Agree on principle.

There is wisdom in the saying that two people cannot walk together unless they agree. This extends even to your friendship with the universe. You have to agree on the bare minimum about this new friendship. The big brother is the universe and the responsibility of conforming rests on your shoulders. The principle of the universe is to always serve justice. Be guided by justice wherever you go, public or private.

Your true character is judged by the things you do when no one is watching. You will continue holding hands with the universe longer if you walk in his lane of justice. You can walk together because you have agreed on the principle of justice.

  1. Enjoy each other’s company.

Perfect friendship is not out of duty or obligation but stems from a mutual love for each other. You can hold hands with the universe for a long time because you enjoy each other’s company. There is a lot you can do because this friendship is not imposed on you.

Friendship grows when you are always looking forward to your next meeting or spending more time together. Your understanding deepens and you get a new reason why you should continue holding hands with your invisible friend. You can enjoy the universe’s company by spending time alone and meditating. The universe speaks to your spirit during meditation. This is how you understand and enjoy each other’s company.

  1. Nurture this friendship.

Holding hands is a form of intimacy. Friends who are intimate with each other are more likely to stick together for longer than those who do not. Nurture your friendship with nature and your friendship will blossom.

There are things you do not do when you intentionally nurture a friendship. You try as much as is humanly possible not to offend your friend. You are constantly watching out that you do not step on his/her toes because you do not want to jeopardize what you share. Nature does not like wastefulness. You must promote the optimal use of resources. Do not offend this nature’s principle because he will release your hand and you will be lonely. You will no longer benefit from his guidance, reassurance, and warmth.

Answering the spiritual riddle.

Holding hands holds a dear secret in your spirit. There is a transfer of energy between your spirit and the universe when you hold hands. It is more like recharging your spirit after you spent your energy attending to matters that drained it.

spiritual riddle

Consider the example of a mobile phone. You charge it until the battery is full. Then you unplug it and take it with you wherever you go. You make and receive calls and messages, and you probably use the internet too. At the end of the day, your battery is drained and it needs to be recharged once more. This is exactly what happens with your spirit.

Your spirit is recharged when you hold hands with the universe. This is something you should never lose because your spirit will die. Just as you do not allow your phone or tablet battery to die, do not allow your spirit to die. Get connected to the universe.

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