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The Secret to Winning Life’s Races

races of life

There are many races in life where you will face different competitors. Each of them is interested in bagging a medal for themselves. To them, the end justifies the means. Nothing matters until they stand on the podium. There is mad competition out there and there is a new trick in town every day on how to win the race. Whoever and wherever you choose to learn about these tricks is up to you. The battles of homelessness, broken families, unemployment, and depression weigh heavily in the hearts of many people, including you. What is crystal is that you must win all of them to survive through life.  

There is no one-fit-all approach in life. Your problem could be another person’s solution. Sometimes a solution comes through when you are backed into a corner. It is never too late to learn how to win life’s races. The universe has a trick up its sleeve that will give you a reprieve. It will clear the fog in your eyes that blinds your eyes to compare your progress with that of your peers. These are some of the secrets to winning life’s races: 

1. Hold on to the hope for a better tomorrow. 

The universe is encouraging your spirit to hold on to the hope for a better tomorrow. Tomorrow shall be better than today and today better than yesterday. This is the improvement in quality of life that the universe is promising you. Life’s races can be competitive and sometimes you may feel like you are losing it. Hey! You still have your world together. For what it is worth, you are a worthy competitor. Your peers may overtake you on the highway but at least you are worthy to still be in the race.

Tomorrow the sun will rise again and you will have another shot at life. Today may have been another person’s chance to shine but tomorrow will be yours. When dusk falls and birds return to their nests, they could not have had enough food on that day but they will trust that they will have it tomorrow. They will be the first to sing happily the following morning at the break of dawn as they fly out of their nests. The hope for a better tomorrow fuels their spirit not to give up. This is the secret of persistence to win life’s races. 

2. Live and practice that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. 

It is not rare for people to bet with everything they have because they want to win. Sometimes, over-ambition can cost you even the little that you have. The temptation to stake everything to increase your chances of winning can cost you dearly. This is the story of the hunter. 

One day he went out to hunt as usual. Luckily, a bird was caught in the trap that he had set the previous day. In his excitement, he turned around with the bird to go home. As he left, he saw another flock of birds sitting pretty under the shade of a big tree. He slowly tied the legs of the bird in hand and shot at his new target. Unfortunately, he missed them and the bird that was caught in his trap also managed to escape. The poor hunter was left empty-handed. 

This story is a reminder of the importance of your blessings in life. Your achievements are more worthy than any prize out there. Sometimes you need to give up other things to win life’s races. Take care of your bird in hand because it is your most valuable prize at the moment. Maintaining your status is also a win. 

3. Embrace nature’s discipline. 

Discipline is the art of being obedient to rules and regulations. You need to be disciplined to win life’s races. Nature has rules about how you should compete in its races. You cannot win without abiding by them. Nature’s discipline is about your conduct and attitude toward competition. Life’s races are not a matter of life and death but rather an opportunity to showcase your competence. Do not take competition personally but embrace it as an avenue of giving nature your best. The winner is the one who ranks the best among the best. Not winning is your chance to perfect your skill so that you can give nature your best once more. Nature does not want you to be a sore loser. 

4. Run in your tracks. 

A standard athletic field has running tracks. This is the designated area where athletes are required to run within. There can be about four to eight running tracks in the field, each about one meter wide. They are an important part of the sporting events, especially athletics. They help prevent athletes from colliding with each other during the race. Running tracks also reduce the risk of injury because they have even surfaces that do not hurt the athlete.

Nature wants you to learn from athletes about how to win life’s races. Run in your space and your track. It saves you from having conflicts with other people. Running on your track will keep you focused on winning the race and not on how to avoid colliding with your competitor or how to avoid injuries. There is a higher probability of winning when you have given it all your attention. 

5. Know when to fall back and when to attack. 

Winning often involves knowing when to make a move or retreat. The right timing of your moves is a master plan for winning life’s races. You could have the speed, strength, and good practice but you will lose the race if you slip on planning your strategy. This is the secret to winning life’s races. Consider how predators attack their prey in the jungle. They get their calculations right on their timing to attack or when to lie and wait for the opportune time. Retreat is a winning strategy even in life’s races. It gives you time to think over matters before you step into them with both your feet. 

Nature has the secrets to winning life’s races. You can be a winner if you learn all of them. These are the five basic ones.

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