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The Significance of the New Year to Your Spirit in the Universe

The New Year is an important time in both the spiritual and physical calendars. Everybody looks forward to staying vigil on the last night of the year and catching the first day of the New Year uniquely. Many people believe that it is significant for the New Year to catch them awake and prepare for it instead of sleeping as if it were an ordinary day. Different cultures across the world perform different rituals to welcome the New Year hoping that it will be one of abundance and carry a new hope for everyone in the community. Some throw fireworks in the sky, others pray in sacred places, while others stay with their families as a symbol of new beginnings. Indeed, the New Year is very significant in many ways to a lot of people.

Your spirit takes the New Year seriously because it marks the start of new beginnings. It is also the beginning of a new revolution of planet Earth around the sun. You need solid plans to realize the goals that you have set and to overcome the tides of challenges that come your way. Starting on the wrong footstep is expensive in this New Year. This is its significance to your spirit in the universe:

1. It has a new breath from the creator.

After the creation of the first man, the creator breathed life into his nostrils and he became a living person. This is the beginning of the first human life. Every New Year has the divine breath of the creator that inspires life. It can resurrect your failed past projects and resurrect dysfunctional relationships. The universe wants you to walk confidently into the New Year like a child of the Kingdom. Let nothing put down your spirit because you have a new spirit with a new breath from the creator. It is always the discouragement to start an already condemned project that keeps away most people from making bold steps. In light of this, the universe has granted everyone a New Year with a fresh new breath from the creator. This is your time to make new bold moves.

2. It has no baggage.

The New Year is like a Newborn child. It is innocent and free of any guilt of its parents or the adults taking care of it. A newborn child has no strings attached from any experience. It is starting a new page in life with nothing to pull it down. Its pure mind, free spirit, and friendly attitude do not attract any enemies. This is how the universe wants you to view the New Year at hand. It has never existed since the beginning of the world. Like everyone else in the world, you are experiencing a historic moment in humanity. You have zero debts to pay anyone for this New Year. There is no baggage from the Universe on you. Your shoulders are lighter to fly to wherever you will choose to. The universe is giving you the freedom to choose the baggage you want to carry but it is not mandatory. Baggage in the universe is in the form of new responsibilities that you are ready to take on while expecting to rise in the spiritual hierarchy because of your contribution to nature. Anything you had in the past years weighing you down is now in the past. This makes the New Year your time to charter into new territories.

3. You have the approval to make new commitments.

You have permission to make decisions this New Year because you are actively involved in it and impacted by the results. The universe is no longer letting anyone else make decisions on your behalf while you are capable of doing it yourself. This is your new year to commit to plans that have your best interest. Join that welfare club, library, Sacco, sports team, or gym that you have always wished for. You have the blessings of the universe to follow your heart. It is like when a parent watches as his child makes career decisions that involve his/her future and are in his/her best interest. It means that the parent appreciates the freedom of choice of the child. In this case, the universe is our parent and we are the children. You have the approval to make new commitments concerning your life and at the same time retain the right to consult your parent (the Universe).

4. It does not judge.

Public judgment condemns most people to inaction. It holds them back from deciding on important matters because of the fear of how other people will think about them. The universe is a great advocate of spiritual liberty. It is granting you a clean slate this New Year. There is no pre-judgment whatsoever in the universe for choices and commitments you choose to tie your life to. The Universe only operates along the wavelengths of actions and consequences. It is not judgment but a more liberal approach to life issues. This New Year is significant to your spirit because it gives you space to live life and exploit all the possible options at your disposal. The true character of a person is when they have the power and freedom to be themselves without any supervision. The ‘No judgment’ attitude of the universe allows your spirit to be liberal and reveal your true character. This is significant in assuring your spiritual growth.

5. It gives a new perspective.

The New Year, like with most new things, gives a new perspective and a break from the bad and ugly. You take this New Year seriously so that you may get a new perspective on different matters. It allows you to change your mind, if fully convinced. The New Year gives a second chance for a new perspective to everyone who seeks it. This is the love that we always crave and the universe is giving us all of it without holding anything back.

The significance of the New Year to your spirit in the Universe is too great to ignore. The universe wants you to embrace it and watch this one become your greatest year in your adulthood.

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