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The Stepping Stone(s) to Success

A stepping stone is a leverage you need this new year 2023. It is meant to make life easier and offer support to meet your goals. The universe recognizes the importance of stepping stones and is opening your eyes to see them so that you may take advantage. Stepping stones gift you supersonic speed towards achieving your goals. Nature has your work cut out for you. You can complete a one-month task within a week and a year’s task within a few months. The universe appreciates your effort. On top of it, the universe intends to fire you up for success with every blessing your way.

Stepping stones open your eyes to see the diversity of the universe. This divine gift of stepping stones makes you appreciate the grand plan of the universe for your life. Nature is going out of its way to prove its love for you by holding your hand as you pursue your purpose. What greater love! These are the stepping stones to success that the universe has put in your way:

  1.     Faith.

Faith can take you to the future. You can use it to travel through time to the future and see what the universe has in store for you. What does having faith in the universe mean? It means that you have complete trust in it. A man/woman of faith is not worried about failure because they know that their needs shall be taken care of. We get a 100% guarantee of success when we have 100% trust in the universe. Our relationship with the universe is like a child’s with a parent. They completely believe that their parent can do anything for them.

A young girl knows her father as superman and a young boy his mother as a superwoman. Nothing defeats the confidence of a child in the parents. Even though a child cannot reach for something in a higher place, the parent can take it for him. The father can carry his child on his shoulders and he can see what he couldn’t see before while standing on his feet.

As children, we can stand on the shoulders of the universe to reach our success. It makes everything possible. This child-like faith in the universe is a stepping stone to getting closer to success.

  1.     Hope.

The universe wants you to cast your hope on it. Having hope is winning the first round in the fight against failure. The gift of hope is a stepping stone to getting closer to your desired success. Living hope keeps your expectations and dreams alive. It gives you the strength to face a new day. You can achieve your ambitions to be a successful businessperson, skilled worker, or supportive friend if you have hope in the universe.

Consider the example of a doorkeeper. He holds the door wide open for you to enter the building. You do not have to struggle to push the door open or unlock it. Someone else does it for you. Hope is the doorkeeper to let you into the building of the universe.

All your dreams and goals are achievable as long as you have hope. The door shall remain open for you. Hope can be cultivated intentionally. Choose friends who will show you the brighter side of things. Reading, speaking, and listening to news of hope will grow the same inside you. Step on the stone of hope to get closer to your success.

  1.     Confidence.

Confidence works miracles. A confident man understands where he is headed to. He does not guess his way around. Look at the sun that boldly rises in the east and sets in the west daily. It does not fail. Clouds could cover the sky but the sun’s rays will still find their way to earth. The sun’s boldness as part of the solar system has made it rule the earth longer. Even the moon reflects light from it to shine at night!

Confidence is a measure of your commitment to your ambitions. Your confidence will attract potential investors to your business. It makes you trustworthy and your star shines with potential. Everyone wants to be with a confident person because he knows his way around (which is mostly true). A confident salesperson makes more sales, a confident doctor earns the trust of his patients, and a confident leader earns the faith of his followers.

  1.     Knowledge.

Knowledge is a light that can never be put off. This is the main reason why people go to schools, colleges, and universities. They want knowledge to be masters in their fields. Nature does not operate in ignorance. Everything is firmly anchored in knowledge. The climate, science of reproduction, germination of plants, the solar system, and many more are all anchored in knowledge. Nature is systematic and full of knowledge.


If you want to be successful, seek knowledge first – both formal and informal. Knowledge creates opportunities for businesses to thrive. It is a game changer. What should you do to be knowledgeable? Learn skills that will make you useful to serve other people. We become successful when we serve others. The universe then crowns our efforts with success. 

  1.     Family.

Our families are a gift from the universe. We did not apply to be born to any family in whatever part of the world. You found yourself in the Americas, Europe, Asia, or Africa. There is a reason why you were born in that family. Your parents and siblings are the stepping stone to your dreams. They love you unconditionally for who you are. Embrace your relationship with your family without holding back. They will give you the emotional support you need to work round the clock. The family unit is in the original plan of the universe to be your primary support. It is a firm stepping stone that does not slip.

The journey to success is a tiresome one without stepping stones to support you and give you leverage. Your success starts when you identify and put them to use.

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