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The Trick of Balancing the Scales in Your Life


A weighing scale is a very important commercial tool. It is used widely to serve business interests and reconcile the needs of the buyer and the seller. A buyer will only pay the price of a unit of measurement of what he intends to buy from the seller and nothing more or less. On the other hand, the seller will sell to the buyer the specific unit of measurement that he intends to pay for. Both of them trust the weighing scale to be impartial and just as it reconciles their business needs.

The weighing scale as the impartial judge.

The continuity of business hangs on the honesty of the weighing scale not to deceive either of the parties of the trade. Business is compromised when the weighing balance becomes faulty or either of them loses faith in its efficiency. This is why there is a routine inspection of commercial weighing scales either randomly or scheduled. The vendors will always want to have an accurate weighing scale so that they are not on the wrong side of the law. Customers will also be looking out for an honest vendor with an efficient scale so that they can trade with him/her.

balancing act

The balancing act.

Our lives are also subjected to nature’s weighing scale from time to time. The universe wants you to balance the spiritual and physical aspects of life. None should outweigh the other. If the flesh outweighs the spirit, you shall be driven to sin by the desires of the body. On the other hand, if the spirit outweighs the body, you are most likely to lose touch with reality. This is why you must work to strike a delicate balance between the two.

Nature is the weighing scale and there is no way to cheat it. It will always show a true reflection of your weight. Where do you lie?

The only way to beat the scales of nature is to be compliant. Nature continuously guides you to balance the scales in your life and eventually have it all. This is the ultimate goal.

  1. Pay attention to the requirements of the weighing scale.

Nature wants you to pay attention to both your physical and spiritual lives. It is easier to keep up with your physical life because you can see it and relate better. However, nature wants you to also pay attention to your spiritual life. You will be non-compliant and thereafter obsolete if you do not conform to its requirements.

Paying attention to your spiritual life is living healthily. You can achieve a healthy spiritual life when you feed on the spiritual wisdom of your spiritual authority. They are experienced and more knowledgeable on spiritual issues. Your spiritual authority is a shadow under which you can rest from the scorching sun of challenges. All these spiritual matters are requirements of the weighing scale.

The ability to pay attention to all the requirements of the weighing scale will make you balance the scales in your life.

  1. Request and appreciate feedback.

Nature appreciates feedback a lot. Natural feedback has many forms. It mostly takes the form of natural events and divine coincidences. When nature is upset, it gives feedback through earthquakes, drought, tsunamis, tornadoes, and other unfortunate events. When the universe is happy, it gives the optimal weather for farming and other commercial activities. There will be an abundant harvest that season and favorable coincidences toward your work.

Feedback from the universe guides you to change your ways or continue with the good work you are doing. It is an indicator of your ability to balance the scales in your life. The universe wants you to take correction gracefully so that you do not succumb to pride. Your spiritual antennae should be on high alert to read the signals of the universe’s feedback before it is too late.

Every successful person or business takes feedback seriously. A business that fails to consider the feedback of its customers eventually closes up shop. Another business that fills all the gaps they left in the market will swiftly replace them. Similarly, a business that is serious about its customers’ feedback will expand infinitely. Customers can always be assured that their concerns will be taken care of.


Listen to what nature is asking of you and you will successfully balance the scales.

  1. Stay updated about the requirements of the scale.

It is very important to be updated and stay in the loop. The knowledge of what is happening around you or in your industry is useful. You will continue to remain relevant as long as you are acquainted with these developments. Consider how smart devices ask for an update from time to time. It gives you the choice to either accept the update immediately or postpone it for later. These updates come with improved security features and enhance the efficiency of the device. This is why it is advised that you constantly have the latest version of a software update. The same is true for nature’s scale.

There are always emerging trends about the scales of life. It could emerge that there is a new method to do something while you are still stuck in the past. Nature wants you to stay updated about what is happening in the universe. Have you discovered a new way of thanksgiving, praying, showing generosity, or mindfulness? The emergence of different trends and the ability to keep up with them is what nature is looking for in you. Can you keep up?

Familiarity with nature’s scale.

In most junior and senior secondary schools, learners are not only taught the requirements of the syllabus but are also exposed to many examinations. This is to familiarize them with the examiner’s techniques and how they can apply the knowledge taught correctly.

The same applies to nature. You need to familiarize yourself with nature’s scale to successfully balance your life. You will discover the trick to achieve a delicate balance that lies within you.

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