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The Universe is Prepping you for Greatness

Universe is prepping you

The state of greatness.

I am in the US. I am in France. I am in South Africa. I am in Singapore.

We have an answer when asked where we are. You could be anywhere in the world. Can you boldly say that you are in a state of greatness? Contrary to the common belief that greatness is a feeling, life has constantly proven us wrong. Greatness is a state. It could as well be a location. So, friend, where are you located?

Feelings are temporary. They come and go based on the different circumstances. If greatness were a feeling, the universe would have a difficult time getting us ready for it. But this is not the case. The universe has the responsibility of taking us to the state of greatness. A location that will prepare you for a greater life beyond your limited plans.

However, it only owes this duty to those who submit to it. Like a blacksmith who is perfect at his work, a good student pays attention to this apprenticeship form of learning.

Are you ready for a life of greatness? If you want to go against the tide of negative energy, be patient as the universe preps you for this kind of life.

The goodies of greatness.

  1.     A promotion at your workplace.
  2.     Meeting your business targets.
  3.     Good health.
  4.     A beautiful family.
  5.     A kind heart.

The above are only found after entering the land of greatness that the universe has prepared for you. If we want all the good things that the universe has to offer, we should equally be ready to let her prepare us for them. Preparation is as important as the process itself, however difficult or unpleasant it may be.

Let us look at some of the ways that the universe preps us for greatness.

  1.  Deep darkness.

They say that it is darkest before dawn. Nothing could be further from the truth. When night falls, we use artificial light to see what we are doing. We cannot compare them to natural sources like the sun. Be it electricity, lamps, or candles, they are still unreliable. We know that we will not need these lights anymore when the sun comes up.

We have different sources of hope before we enter the land of greatness. We believe in our abilities, friends, or anything that inspires us to get past darkness. We hope that it will soon be dawn and that the sun will light our world. The universe does not want you to believe in artificial solutions. It is preparing a permanent solution – greatness – that will make your life lively once more.

Before you become great, you will grapple in the dark as you look for your way around. When it is almost dawn, there is deep darkness that will almost make you give up. Hold on there. Do not despair. The universe is teaching you to appreciate light more through this deep darkness.

The tough experiences that you go through are temporary moments of darkness. When you become great and successful, you will know what it means to be at your lowest.

  1.  The test of fire.

One of the old ways of refining gold was passing it through the fire. After gold is mined, it is covered in dirt and has impurities. To determine real gold, it was passed through fire. The dirt and impurities will melt and leave pure gold glowing. You smile at yourself because you know that you have hit the jackpot.

You are the gold. You are precious and unique. The universe wants to distinguish you (real gold) from the fake (impurities) shining stones. The only true way is passing you through the fire. No impurities can withstand the kind of fire that purifies gold. In the end, real gold stands out and its value is appreciated more. It is not just an ordinary stone, but a precious one.

When the universe is preparing you for greatness ahead, it has mechanisms that will purify you like gold. Sometimes the heat can be too much but hold on there. The universe will crown your endurance at the end with divine greatness. Success shall be your first name.

  1.  Baptism by water.

You have seen this in religion – baptism. It has its meaning and believers believe that it marks a transition in their spiritual lives. Religion borrowed this practice from the universe. You need to know how to swim to cross from one side to the other. Without this skill, you will otherwise drown.

When the universe wants you to cross to the land of greatness, she will baptize you first. The water represents challenges that you have to overcome before you cross to that other side. You will miss this prize – greatness – if you are not baptized with water and you know how to swim. It is like a welcoming rite.

The deep water represents unanswered prayers. It could be that the universe has not answered them and you are on the brink of giving up. Your swimming skills are being put to the test by the universe. Will you be able to cross safely to the shores of greatness?

Trust the universe and put effort not to drown. The deep waters you are swimming across are an indication that there is something good on the other side – greatness. You will bask in the glory of success from nature when you are safely on the other side.

  1.  Unplanned incidences.

Truth is that we cannot always account for everything. These ‘surprise’ incidences are the ones that could stop you from being great. The universe knows this too well and is training you on what to watch out for.

Live your life as if you are in a driving class where you are taught to watch out for road signs, check your side mirrors, and also focus ahead not to cause any accidents. A good driver is mindful of the welfare of other road users. It becomes his/her business too.

Treat other people as you would want them to treat you. This is a test of humanity by the universe. When you pass this test, you are closer to greatness. Nature can be sure that you will be your brother’s keeper.

When you take lessons from the universe about greatness seriously, you will finally be ready for it. No tide can capsize your boat in life. If this is your dream, actualize it by paying attention to lessons from nature.

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