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The Universe’s Bank of Happiness


What is your happiness?

What will your answer be when a random person asks you what is your happiness? Some things define your happiness and you would give up anything in exchange for them. You may think that when you finally get them then your happiness would be complete. But this is not always the truth. There is always something more we are chasing after.

Most people can go to any extent to be happy. There is a lot of struggle to reach there. You dream and plan tirelessly for it but to some extent, something is still not adding up. Only one thing can complete the missing piece of this puzzle – the universe. Have you ever wished to know what are the plans of the universe for you?

Material things could define your happiness, or maybe it could be the peace of mind that completes your joy. When the universe finally grants your wish for happiness, what is next for you? The good thing is that the universe has a bank of happiness and the best part is that you already have an account in this bank. Like any other bank, you can transact and get value for your money. Here are some of the ways you can transact:

  1. Deposit a lot of goodwill.

Of course, goodwill is immeasurable. You cannot quantify it. But the universe is supernatural – it can quantify it! In the universe’s bank of happiness, you can deposit goodwill and you should rightly do so. Deposit a lot of it. Goodwill is demonstrated in your pure intentions toward people. Have a clear conscience with no secret card to put on the table.

Goodwill acts as an insurance policy. It keeps bad karma away because of something good that you did to someone else some time back. The more you deposit, the more you can withdraw. If you are unhappy, it means that you have a smaller deposit. Your balance in the universe’s bank is insufficient to withdraw as much happiness as you need. Do justice to your bank account.

  1. Make a standing order.

standing orders

We give standing orders to our banks to execute specific repetitive instructions. This is to ensure timely payment of bills and also make us enjoy uninterrupted services from our providers. Standing orders never fail as long as you have sufficient balance. If this is how the financial system works, so efficiently and timely, how much so about the perfect universe?

You need to make a standing order on your account in the universe’s bank of happiness. This bank shall respect your instructions and execute your order. Go out for treats, picnics, and road trips as often and regularly as possible. All this is on your account in the bank of the universe. There is no special occasion for you to treat yourself. Each day is a day to be happy. This is the will of the universe for you. All you need to do is to make plans.

  1. Be ready for transaction costs.

transaction costs

Every transaction has a cost. The bank of the universe of happiness operates more or less the same as other banks do. The operation of your bank account in the universe will attract some premiums to be deducted from your account. It is the small price you have to pay for your happiness. As usual, the cost is lower than the principal amount in your transaction. You can withdraw a lot at a very small fee.

There is a cost to being happy. It is a commitment fee that you are ready to pay for your happiness. The decision to be happy throughout your life is only yours to take. The cost to be incurred is losing a few friends and breaking away from your tiresome routine. This is surely something that you can manage if it will assure you eternal happiness.

  1. Share the news of customer satisfaction.

customer satisfaction

In your busy schedule and rush to check off every item on your bucket list, you should always give back to the source of your happiness – the universe. It is the bank that stores all everything for you. You can surely manage to do some marketing for it pro bono (free of charge). It is not that difficult. Start by telling your friends about the source of your newly found happiness. Let them know that karma is out there and they need insurance (goodwill) against bad karma if they want to maintain their happiness.

The universe rewards you with good karma when you help someone find their path to happiness. Good things start following you. Doors that were previously closed for you open wide when you approach, your name gets mentioned in a room full of opportunities, and the favor of the universe locates you. If your worldly bank rewards you for loyalty with points redeemable for shopping, how much will your bank in the universe do for you?

  1. Withdraw your rewards.


Go ahead and withdraw happiness in large amounts from your account. Your account is full of it because of your cumulative good deeds. Just like a normal bank where you are entitled to withdraw any amount from your balance, so does the universe allow you to withdraw any level of happiness within your account balance. You need this withdrawal to neutralize any bad blood that could have been there.

Withdrawing your rewards is claiming what is rightfully yours. You have no apologies to make for the same. Chase your dreams to the last one and leave no stone unturned to fulfill everything you have ever desired. The universe has everything and it shall give you because you have rightfully earned it.

Your final decision.

What is your final decision to bank with the universe? It is the best decision you will ever make because your returns are guaranteed and your happiness is secure. The universe’s bank of happiness is a dream come true for everyone who is yet to be happy in life.

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