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The Universe’s Blank Cheque is on your Doorstep

A cheque is simply a financial instruction to execute payment to the payee. Not a single day goes without its mention in almost all the major economic sectors. To think that banks could have probably borrowed the idea of cheques from the universe is not further from the truth. It is a genius idea that eliminates the risk of carrying money everywhere. You only need to take a correctly-filled cheque to your bank.

Here is a quick one – several parts of a cheque make it valid. Any sign of tampering automatically makes it null and void.

These are various sections of a cheque and their significance:

  1.       The payee on the cheque is the person or organization who will cash out the cheque. You cannot bank it to an account with a different account name except what is on the cheque.

  2.       The drawer is the person issuing the cheque. Money moves from his account to that of the payee when he authorizes it. He issues the cheque based on his bank account balance. He does not give more than what he has.

  3.       The amount of money to be transacted has its place on the cheque. It is written not once but twice! The amount is first written in figures and also in words. They should match and mean the same thing. The bank will not complete the transaction if this condition is not met.

  4.       The cheque number and bank code are indicated at the bottom of the cheque. The cheque number is unique to every cheque and makes the transaction traceable. You can always go back to follow up on payment made through a specific cheque.

  5.       The bank name and bank branch are also clearly indicated on the cheque. This shows who is facilitating this transaction. It is at the center of the whole transaction. The drawer holds an account with this bank at branch X.

  6.       The most important part of the cheque is the place of signing. A cheque that is not properly signed by the account holder is null and void.

What is a blank cheque?

It is a cheque that has only been signed by the account holder but has no name of the payee or amount of money to be transacted. Anyone with the cheque can write his name and put any amount of money they wish. The transaction will be completed!

There is only one problem – if the account of the drawer has insufficient balance. You will be happy if you knew the drawer’s account has thousands of dollars.

Picture this – the richest man on earth giving you a blank cheque! This is exactly what happens when the universe decides to gift you a blank cheque. His account balance should not worry you he owns everything in the world.

A blank cheque from the universe.

This is what it means when the universe gifts you a blank cheque:

  1.       You are the payee. The universe has written your name on it that is why he has given it to you in the first place. Of all the people in the world, he has chosen to give you a blank cheque because you have obtained divine favor from above. This favor shall open doors of new opportunities and prepare a table to dine with Kings and Queens.

  2.       The universe is the drawer. The amount of money on the cheque (which is currently blank) will move from his account to yours when he authorizes it. The universe is wealthy and has the answer to everything that you could ever wish for.

  3.       The amount of money is not yet written on the cheque. This is a blank cheque from a rich drawer that gives you the freedom to write any amount you want. You can write your desire for good health, true happiness, successful businesses, or a good social life on the blank cheque. Remember that what you write on the cheque is exactly what you will find in your bank account when the cheque clears.

  4.       The cheque number and bank code which are identifiers of a specific cheque is there to keep the “paper trail” of the blank cheques that the universe has given you. This is the more reason you should keep a record of what you fill on the blank cheques. You can easily follow up if the cheque has cleared from your bank. If your wish was good health, has the universe already granted it to you? You can petition the drawer (Universe) for a follow-up.

  5.       Nature represents the bank name and branch. It is the Universe’s chief bank and holds all of its wealth. Nature facilitates all the transactions that involve its chief client – the universe. Without it, no cheque will clear into your account. You have a role to facilitate the quick clearance of cheques – maintaining a good rapport with nature. Clients with a good reputation are often prioritized before others. The bank understands that they are loyal and it will do anything not to lose them.

Here is something else you can do – open an account with the Universe’s bank (nature). You can do this by being mindful of the environment and playing an active role in preserving it. Acts of service like not littering everywhere and planting trees count a lot in building a good rapport with nature. In return, blank cheques from the universe now filled correctly shall be processed quickly and you shall manifest all your desires.

  1.       A signature of approval from the universe on your cheque is your reputation. What do other people in your life say about you? Are they proud of you or do they wish you never appeared in their lives? The signature of your reputation on your cheque will guarantee whether or not the Bank of the Universe shall clear your cheque.

Always continuously strive to leave a permanent impression in the lives of other people. May your life be a testimony of your great personality.

The Universe has put a blank cheque on your doorstep. Fill it in and let your reputation sign it. There is no limit to what you will write on the cheque. The universe has it all.

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