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The Universe’s Choice of your Coach and How you Can Learn from Him

A coach is a person who tutors others about his specialty. He is competent and knowledgeable in his field. This qualifies him/her to teach others how they can be the people they want to become. It is a silent rule that you need to find the best coach in the art you are training for. Your learning speed of the skills you are training for depends on how best your coach teaches as well as your effort in understanding what he teaches. You can do without the coach but it is much better with him. He is an icon of leadership having been in your position himself one day. He understands the struggles that trainees undergo and the pressure they face to be perfect. The icing on the cake is that he knows what to do (like he did) so that they can be perfect in the skill they are training for. 

Just as you have a coach for your body to train in sports, music, or personal development, so does your spirit need a coach. It needs a coach to train for the same reasons the body needs one. Spiritual needs can only be comprehensively handled by a spiritual coach. The universe recommends its best choice to be your coach. It is nature.  

Your coach has seen it all – the rainy and sunny days, the windy and calm seasons, and the famine and flood years. Nature is best placed to teach your spirit about the ways of the universe. Call your spirit to order and learn from the coach. 

Teaching and learning aids. 

They are items that a coach uses to demonstrate relevant examples to the mentees. They help you to understand further the practicability of what a coach teaches. A classroom teacher uses charts and drawings, sometimes even taking pupils outside the classroom for a practical lesson. 

Nature also uses teaching aids to coach your spirit. They help you to understand the message deeper than you would inside a classroom. The teaching aids that it uses are pain and reward, action and reaction, and effort and prize. 

1. Pain and reward. 

Nature uses pain – physical, mental, and emotional – to teach its mentees endurance. Most people would quit when they are pained beyond the threshold they can endure. They would think of giving up and leaving never to return. However, this should not be the case. Consider the way nature conditions the hunting of prey by predators in the wild. Hunting is painful and with a lot of struggles. Yet despite it being that way, predators have embraced it as their way of life. There is a reward at the end – a full meal of its choice. The pain of hunting is eventually rewarded. 

Your coach wants you to know that there is a reward waiting for you when your spirit experiences pain. The pain of loss or disappointment is a learning phase that your coach is using as a teaching aid to prepare you for the reward that you rightfully deserve. Just as it is darkest before dawn, so is the reward at hand when it is most painful. Your spirit will get a break from the series of disappointments you have had. Trust your coach to end your pain by leading you to victory. You will forget everything when you lift the trophy. 

2. Action and reaction 

It is a law in physics that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. A coach uses this as a training law. Every input to teach and learn is a positive action. It results in the opposite reaction to understanding and perfecting a skill. The work that a coach puts in his work can be seen in the performance of his mentees. It happens in sports, academics, and workplaces. Consider how your coach, nature, uses this teaching aid to date. Climate change is a result of human actions. Industrialization and the use of carbon fuels have a negative influence on the climate. For this action, there is an opposite and equal reaction – failed rains and drought.

Similarly, positive human actions are a recipe for a good climate. The use of renewable sources of energy and afforestation will improve the climate and make the world more habitable. This is how your coach, nature, uses action and reaction as a teaching tool.  

The coach also uses this tool on your spirit. There is a cause for all the experiences in your spirit. Just like climate change, your health is a reaction to your spiritual actions. The coach wants you to turn to green energy and abandon carbon fuels. In the spiritual realm, this renewable energy is in the form of actions that can be done to you in an equal and proportionate measure. If you have a problem with this, it indicates that you need to turn to a new leaf. A coach’s advice is like a doctor’s – it has the intention and power to heal your spirit.  

3. Effort and prize. 

The reason why a trophy is displayed before and during the match is to show everyone what is at stake. It is also motivation that with the right effort, you can win the trophy. The job of a coach is to lead the team to victory. He knows what needs to be done and how it should be done to take the trophy home. The team must apply the coach’s teachings to win.  

Nature, your spiritual coach, is on the sidelines of the pitch reminding you of the effort you have to put in to win the prize that is set before you. You have the potential and ability to win your spiritual battles and conquer. The coach has done his best as is his duty to train and sharpen your spirit to win.  

The Universe’s choice of your coach is nature and there is a lot you can learn from him. The universe chose him for you because he is the best and his teaching and learning aids are very relevant to your spiritual life. Are you teachable?

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