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The Universe’s Free Gift of 365 Free Chances

The value of a gift has been at an all-time high. We love it when people gift us. Gifting is an awesome moment. It feels like nothing can ever go wrong at the moment. It is never about the price of the gift but the value attached to it. It could be a rose flower, a new dress, good shoes, jewelry, a car, a house, or a fully paid vacation. Whatever it could be, cost aside, has great value from the one gifting you. They did take the initiative to express their love through gifting and they hope to touch your heart through it.

The culture of gifting has never died and is not about to because it was initiated by the universe itself. It is a firmly grounded culture that has been passed all along from one generation to another. You should never reject gifts because apart from coming across as impolite, it could also close the gates of future gifts. Furthermore, do not limit gifting to only family and friends but extend it to strangers and your neighbors. You never know whom you could be gifting – it could be an Angel on earth and that could mark the turning point of your life.

The love language of gifting.

Gifting is one of the five love languages. Others are acts of service, words of affirmation, spending quality time, and physical touch. Gifting not only happens at weddings, birthdays, engagements, and anniversaries but also in low-key encounters.

For the same reason we gift, so does the universe gift us free 365 chances. Each day is a gift from above that we should not take for granted. There is no ordinary gift. It costs a lot of time and effort before it landed in our space. Nature is very generous to us – even in gifting. It has reserved the best for you because you are his favorite child. These are the gifts from above:

  1.  The gift of life.

hands showing heart on sky

The gift of life is very sacred. It is the highest form of gift that anyone could gift you. Whether it is someone laying down their life for your sake or gifting you a new life to start over on a clean page, the gift of life is a big treasure. Waking up each day healthy and alive should not be taken for granted. It is not automatic that you should be blessed to see the dawn of a new day. It remains the prerogative of the universe to give you this gift. For the past X years of your life (read as your current age), the universe has gifted you 365 chances to be alive.

It does not matter how unqualified or undeserving of it you are but the universe still chose to give it to you. The universe loves you and you remain in its thoughts all day and night. This is the reason you woke up today even if you were unsure about it last night. By grace, you shall also see the light of day tomorrow and the days after. Embrace the gift of life and count it as your first blessing.

  1.  The gift of family.

family watching waves by the beach

You can choose your friends but you can never choose your family. Nature chose to use them as the path through which you should come to the world. This is your second gift from the universe. For 365 days a year, your family will always be there for you. You are a son/daughter, brother/sister, or father/mother in your family. This is a position you do not choose. It will remain a tag in your life and a crown that shall forever remain on your head. No family is perfect. Regardless of the existing flaws, embrace your family for who they are. You learn to love and reciprocate love in the family unit before extending it to your friends and associates.

The universe gifts everyone a family from the beginning but sometimes life deals us a blow and we, unfortunately, separate (through death). Were it up to the bereaved to choose whether or not to remain with their family forever, they will of course choose to live with them forever. Do not take the blessing of a family lightly. It comes once in a lifetime.

  1.  The gift of sanity.

Sanity is the ability to think rationally and make independent decisions. Nature gifted you with a sane mind to be an independent thinker. Over time, your mind matures and your quality of thoughts improves. Formal education which is an invention of man is a measure of the growth of your mind. You are trained to interpret problems and come up with viable solutions that will improve the quality of life. All this would not be possible were it not for the universe’s gift of sanity to you.

Many people would pay any price for them or their loved ones to have your place. You are not well-schooled and civilized by accident. It is all part of the universe’s grand plan for humanity – that you may have a role to play in improving the lives of other people. Accept the universe’s gift of sanity with uttermost humility and think differently 365 days.

  1.  The gift of talent.

watercolor painting

A talent is a special ability to do something useful. You could be talented in sports, arts, music, science, mathematics, or multiple fields. It is not in your ability, effort, or genius mind that you can what you do best. It is the universe’s talent that has made it possible. Nature understands the competition for survival in the world. Your talent is the grease that will make life easier. Talents are different from one person to another – what you do best is not necessarily what I do best.

We can all be successful without throwing shade on others. Our diversity in abilities makes us stronger families and communities. There is wisdom in developing talents. Consider the gift of talent as a tool of trade. Whoever gifts you such wants to see you succeed. Here is a challenge – have you discovered your talent?

There are infinite gifts from the universe. Embrace and leverage all of them. 365 free chances are up for grabs all year round!

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