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The Universe’s Guide to Breaking the Ceiling

A ceiling is a horizontal surface of a roof inside a room. It is used to conceal the downside of a roof, control the sound in a room, or beautify a house. It also limits you from seeing beyond it. A ceiling is a limitation that looks beautiful and innocent when this is not the whole story. It blinds you from seeing it as a limitation but a decorator. This limits you from taking steps towards breaking it. You will innocently think that the world starts from the floor, ends at the ceiling, and there is nothing that exists outside of it. This is untrue. There is a lot outside there for you to see and the universe wants you to discover and explore all of them. 

The ceiling in the universe. 

Yes, the universe has a ceiling. It is the sky. It is the farthest that our eyes can see. It holds the sun, moon, and stars the way a house ceiling holds the lights. Despite the ceiling, the universe has succeeded in going beyond it and into space and it has discovered a lot of things. There are other planets, stars, galaxies, and asteroids in space. The results of space exploration have been useful in satellite technology and maps. All this would not be possible if the universe did not break the ceiling.  

Your life also has a ceiling which is more of a limitation than a decoration. It could be any of a thousand things – fear, anxiety, stress, or guilt. You can overcome them just as the universe did. You will discover a pool of your talents beyond it, a new purpose, and spiritual gifts. Breaking the ceiling is not an ordinary mission. You need to learn from the universe about its success so that you can duplicate the same in your life. At the same time, you should not repeat its mistakes so that they do not slow you down.  

This is the universe’s guide to breaking the ceiling: 

1. “No” means try harder. 

There are different reasons for getting a negative answer but the bottom line in all of them is that you should try harder. Even the driest places on Earth receive rainfall once a year. Sometimes you may feel discouraged to try harder because someone gave you a negative answer. This should not be the case. You can use your spiritual gift to try harder and you will be successful this time because you will be working under the universe’s anointing. The supernatural can defeat the natural any day any time. Trying harder is not limited to effort alone. Pull out the “I am a child of the Kingdom” card and before you know it, you will be dominating on top of the ceiling.  

2. Boundaries are subjective. 

Nature acknowledges the importance of boundaries through its creations. The ocean water never crosses its boundary to come to dry land. Neither does the sun shine both day and night. The boundaries in creation do not mean that you should not breach the ceiling. It only reminds you who the boss is. The boss is the ceiling because it is the boundary between the roof and you. What if there was a way to remove it so that you could see the roof and even touch it if you wish?

You can learn from the universe how boundaries are subjective from how it removed its boundary from being the sky to make the world a ceiling-less room. You can remove the ceiling once you can see past it. The things beyond the ceiling will increase your wealth. The experience of living beyond the ceiling is satisfying. Go get it.  

3. Read the mood in the room. 

This is how nature communicates to us whenever it is about to break the ceiling in its weather and climate. Animals seek shade at the onset of summer heat, mosquitoes are aggressive before it rains, birds gather in large groups before a storm, insects increase in numbers when it is about to rain after a long period of drought, and birds delay their reproduction during dry seasons.

Nature declares its intentions to break the ceiling through its creation. They create the mood to break the ceiling in the room. You should also declare your intentions by setting the right mood in the room. It announces your intentions to those in the room. These intentions matched with the right energy will lead you to break the ceiling. It happens every time in nature and it works. It will not be any different with you. Reading the mood in the room gives you a head start on where to start working from. 

4. Outdo yourself. 

A ceiling is supposed to be high. You are not supposed to touch or interfere with it in any way. It is there to give you space to do your things comfortably. The room becomes smaller when you grow bigger. You can touch the ceiling and maybe not even fit through the door. This is only possible if you push yourself to achieve your maximum potential and you increase in size. You will break the ceiling and overcome your limitations.

A fig tree starts very small. A few years from the time it was planted, it matures and produces fruits. It is unimaginable that the sweet figs you eat could have come from a tree that was only a few centimeters tall about two years ago. You can grow bigger like a fig tree. You will overcome the limitations that stop people of your age, height, or gender from making certain achievements. The universe wants you to outdo yourself. Just as the sky is no longer the limit for the universe, so shall the ceiling no longer be the limit to you.  

Breaking the ceiling in your life begins by seeing through it, then touching it, and eventually breaking it. There are many examples in nature proving it is possible to go beyond. It is possible for you too.

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