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The Universe’s Light of Peace

Peace is the ultimate goal in life. It crowns our efforts and successes. It can bring to life anything on its deathbed. Trade prospers and relationships thrive when there is peace. Every prosperous country is peaceful. Children go to school and adults work without worrying about anything. A peaceful life is a must-win jackpot.

The peace magic.

Peace is a miracle worker. It can calm a stormy sea and make the impossible happen. It is the single antidote to stress, worry, and anxiety. Consider peace a magician. He can make things disappear into thin air and amaze you with wonders you had never thought of. Only that this time, peace is a magician who does not play mind games. His magic is real. In a snap of a finger, all your worries disappear into thin air! It is replaced with calmness and serenity. This is the peace magic.

The search for peace has been ongoing for the longest time now. Even our generation is seeking peace! The universe wants to show us the path to eternal peace. It has never failed to work for those who seek it from the universe. There are many counterfeit versions of peace from the world. However, the universe is the sole original supplier of bundles of peace. This is where you get the real deal.

Sources of peace.

  1.  Self-acceptance.

You are your biggest cheerleader and strongest supporter. Other people believe in you because you have given them a reason to. They have no reason to accept you into their lives if you have rejected yourself. You have the power to teach other people how to handle you. Self-acceptance gives the universe authority to establish peace within you. It is like a letter of authority granting someone the power to act in your best interest.

The universe then acts on this letter of authority by setting up a peace center within you. This peace thrives where there is no fault-finding. You are the universe’s perfect creation. A positive attitude of self-acceptance gives you peace of mind and you clear your head from anxiety and stress. The peace from within you is a positive energy that flows to your environment. It goes further to affect your relationships with other people. Listen to the universe’s call of self-acceptance and get this divine peace.

  1.  Environmental therapy.

A natural environment is one outside your control. Office and work environments are controllable and could be poisoned by toxic cultures. The universe is recommending environmental therapy because we cannot entirely avoid some toxic environments. Environmental therapy is changing your environment regularly to maintain your sanity.

nature therapy

Spending some time at the coast or in other natural habitats is some form of detox that attracts peace from the universe. The peace center established within you by the universe gives off peace energy that also spreads to your external environment. Environmental therapy shines the universe’s light of peace on you. This is the beginning of a new lifestyle.

  1.  Godly contentment.

Peace thrives in contentment. Sometimes we wish we could do more. This can rob us of joy and peace if left unchecked. The universe’s torch of peace shines brightly on Godly contentment. Be satisfied with what you have done so far and do not be hard on yourself. Recognize your achievements and give credit to yourself. This level of contentment is a source of peace. You are not at peace because you have done the best but because you have played your part to that level. This contentment comes from within you and nobody else can kill it. This is a gift from the universe.

  1.     Managed ambitions.

What is your ambition? They could be great dreams about things you would wish to have done within a target time of your choice. It is joyous when you hit your target and at the same time stressful when you don’t. You will be troubled if you only manage 3/5 of what you had planned. You will be anxious and stressed over the incomplete 2/5.

The universe is calling you out on this. You deserve peace even with incomplete work. Take the example of a horse. He is a powerful animal used in war to carry soldiers and weapons, as a means to travel, and for sports. In all his goodness, a horse is bridled to control him – to either turn to the right or left, run faster, or slow down. A horse is hardly controllable without the bridle. This is exactly how the universe wants you to manage your ambitions so that they may eventually not suffocate. Your ambitions should not choke peace out of you. They should instead attract it because you at least have a working plan.

Peace reigns supreme over your ambitions. This is how you attract the universe’s peace.

  1.  Acknowledge that nature is perfect.

My friend who is a software developer once told me a joke that has stuck with me for a very long time now. At first, I laughed at it but I later understood the importance of the joke. “If it works, don’t touch it!” Peace is also accepting things as they are. There is no need to re-inventing something that already exists. Do not trouble yourself over what is already in place. The best you can do is think of improving it instead of replacing it. It is working, right? Then do not touch it.

Peace is not disturbance and neither can disturbance bring peace. Everything is connected somehow and touching one element of a working system will disturb the whole of it. You then have to do the whole thing again. It will rob you of your peace of mind and make you worry about making it work again. This principle of discipline in software developers applies to the universe – build, do not destroy.

The universe’s light of peace shines everywhere. It lights up every dark corner of your life. The universe is giving us these nuggets of wisdom for free!   

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