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The Universe’s Rules of Origin

The Universe’s rules of origin

There is a thin line between original and counterfeit. For various reasons, it is increasingly becoming difficult to get the original. People have lost their original identities and lifestyles and it becomes almost impossible for them to retrace their steps to originality. It is difficult to maintain originality without guidance from the universe. You will be tempted to walk away from your precious original nature that the universe gifted you in the beginning.

The good news is that the universe is sending divine help your way. Are you ready for it?

The savior is here!

The universe loves you. She has always loved you. Whoever loves you unconditionally will find a way to rescue you, even when you are stuck. She is reaching out to you out of her deep love. You will finally retrace your steps back to originality and live your true lifestyle. Everything shall lay bare before you and you can make informed decisions. There are rules to guide you back to finding your originality and becoming the best you could ever be – the best worker in your company, business person, student, group member, or wherever you could be.

  1. Listen to your inner voice.

Do not ignore the still small voice speaking within you. It is your spirit communicating directly with the universe. Your inner voice is always right. It guides and advises you when everyone else abandons you. It is mostly overlooked because it is less persuasive compared to worldly temptations. The universe speaks to our spirits through conscience. It is the conviction of right and wrong. You will feel guilty when you knowingly stray from the right original path to follow your selfish desires. Stay in the lane of originality by listening to your inner voice.


  1. Do not be afraid to be different.

Well, the original is different. Ten people maintaining their originality are all different from each other. It is not true to assume that you will be like every ordinary Tom, Dick, and Harry when you remain original. Originality is not uniformity. Nature is not uniform and so is originality. There are hills, mountains, valleys, plains, and plateaus. They all have different features and climates yet they are all part of nature.

This is how beautiful it is when you decide to be different. Do not be afraid to do things differently. Different is beautiful.

Look at the different climates worldwide. The winter in Canada, the hot climate in North Africa, the Mediterranean climate of western Europe, and the tropical climate of Australia, sometimes all happening at the same time make the science of nature very unique. It can accommodate diversity gracefully. The beauty of being different makes you original in your right.

  1. Be ready for a small beginning.

Everything major once had a small beginning. Originality starts with baby steps but eventually grows to leave elephant footprints. Nothing genuine grows big overnight. It takes some time to grow it into something reputable.

Otherwise, the modern world is offering success readily served on a platter. It looks attractive but it’s not long-lasting. Grow your original idea through all the stages of growth. Work on your business, no matter how small it may be, and the universe promises you expansion.

The best teacher is how rain is formed. A small cloud is blown by the wind across the sky and it grows over time (depending on the prevailing weather). The same cloud then gets pregnant with rain and it pours heavily.

We hardly appreciate how the rain was formed and assume it was brought by the big dark clouds that we saw in the sky. The small fist-like cloud eventually grew bigger and brought the blessing of rain.

Your small beginning on an original idea will eventually grow into something bigger and better.

  1. Be like the wind.

Do you love the wind? I not only love it but also admire this beautiful act of nature. The wind is mysterious in a good way. You can neither see nor touch it. You can only feel it and tap into its goodness. There is a valuable lesson that nature is teaching us – that what is original can be felt. It cannot be ignored. Your choice to stay on the original path shall be felt by everyone in your orbit.

There is nothing wrong with being mysterious like the wind. Whatever your original design or plan in life is, adopt the wind approach. Put in all the hard work and you shall have direction – just like the wind – blowing to the right or the left. On your original path, your success can be measured and it is undisputed. The strength of the wind is measured by a windsock – wind filling the sock-like bag indicates how strong the wind is blowing. This important measurement influences decisions in aviation.

Your progress on the path of originality equally influences a lot of things in your life. This is the path that the universe has chosen for you.

  1. The original is consistent.

The sun and the solar system are part of the universe in space. The silent rule governing originality is consistency. Follow up on your idea and be consistent in making it work. This gives you a lifeline even when challenges arise to cut you off. You can avoid accidents when you are consistent.

“Accidents” like the solar and lunar eclipses in space are caused by a lack of consistency of the sun and moon to remain in their orbits. But most of the time all year round when planets in the solar system remain in their orbits, everything runs smoothly with zero inconveniences. Choose to stay consistent in your orbit and your life will not be chaotic. You shall be an example to be emulated all through. This is the Universe’s plan for you.

The Universe’s rules of originality will guarantee your success this new year. It does not matter if you failed before, here is a second chance to retrace your steps to your origin.  

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