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The Wisdom of Nursing Nature’s Gifts

It takes a lot of care to expertise to nurse an infant. They are delicate, innocent, and naïve young human beings whom the universe has given you the privilege of being a parent to. This is what makes mothers special – the ability to take care of infants, understand their feelings and needs and nurture them to become responsible adults. Nature gives women the gift of carrying a young life in their wombs and later the honor of nurturing the infant to become the next Albert Einstein, president of the United States or the prime minister of Canada. After all, we never truly know the destiny of a child except the universe reveals it to us.

Nursing an infant in the current world requires a lot of wisdom because the challenges that parents face today are different from what their peers face some years back. The world has evolved and so has parenting. Under or ill-prepared parenting risks nurturing an infant incorrectly and not only ruining the life of this particular child but also that of those around him. To those whom Nature has given much, much will be demanded from them. The universe wants all parents to take the responsibility of parenting seriously and nurture their infants with as great wisdom as possible because the world’s future rests on their shoulders. 

Similarly, the universe wants you to treat nurturing nature’s gifts with as much care and wisdom as possible. When you nurture nature’s gifts correctly, they grow to be more useful to you (and later on to the world) and increase in their scope of usefulness multiple times because the universe is now assured of your nurturing expertise.  

The gifts of nature are delicately fragile and you should not mishandle them. They are equally useful in a million ways beyond your imagination. Some of these gifts hold the keys to unlocking answers to your prayers and raising your importance in strategic places for the good of everyone. This is only possible if you learn to nurture them with wisdom.  

1. Embrace your gift and own it. 

Every parent has a plan to gift his/her children. Sometimes, he/she could get different gifts for his children. A wise child will accept that gift with love without questioning why it is different from his other siblings. The universe is counting on you to be this wise child. Accept nature’s gift unconditionally because that is where your joy lies. Your acceptance of nature’s gift is significant because the universe appreciates it the most. Nature is our ever-caring mother who wants to make all her children happy. There are new things you will discover about your potential when you embrace nature’s gifts. You will no longer complain about what you do not have but find a way to use what nature has already gifted you. There is a hidden silver lining in it that shall completely turn around your life.  

2. Do not compare gifts. 

It is unwise to compare what nature has gifted you with what it has given your friends. You will lose your joy in life because you are focusing on that of other people instead of yours. The one giving gifts should be encouraged by your reaction so that he can consider gifting you again next time. There is always a solid reason why someone will choose to gift you a specific item. You either don’t have it in your collection and they think it’s a good idea if you had it or they know that you need it but don’t have the means yet to own it.

The common denominator is their generosity in word and thought by remembering to put a smile on your face. Gifts are to be cherished unconditionally because it is the thought that counts. An appreciated person who gifts is most likely to gift you once more. The same is true with nature – it will gift you again if you value the first gift and stop comparing it with that of other people. The motivation to stop gift comparison is that their value is not in the price tag but rather in how perfectly they fit in your life. A dress costing $15 is not useful to someone in need of shoes, even if they cost $5. The gift of shoes will suit them comfortably.  

3. Use your gift as a springboard.

Gifts carry a special mandate, especially from nature. They are well thought out and customized for you. They are a guiding light that leads you to understand your destiny in nature. This will inform every decision that you make as you work on becoming the best future version of yourself. A child destined to become a pilot will be bought gifts like toy airplanes and aeronautical gadgets by his parents to play with. They have to first investigate the interests of their child before they settle on buying those types of toys.

Similarly, the gifts nature gives you are a light to your destiny. If you choose to focus on them, they will be your springboard to quickly achieving everything on your bucket list. The wisdom in receiving gifts is understanding that they were not chosen randomly but with you in mind. When nature gifts you with a sweet tongue, your destiny is to form beautiful relationships from which you will create your empire. It could make you a guru marketing products and services or lead you to form meaningful relationships only (since your people skills are 100%). There is no need to start looking elsewhere in unrelated fields because that is not where your destiny is. The gift that nature gave you is your springboard. You can make more progress in 1 year than your peers can make in 5 years simply because they are on the wrong lane. 

Everyone needs to have the wisdom of nursing nature’s gifts. They are instruments to transform your life from one level to the next. Stick to these three basic rules and your life shall permanently change.

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