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Tightening your Bond with Money

Universe and money

The sticking glue.

Glue sticks where it is applied and to the extent that it is difficult to separate two items put together.  It is very useful and has now become part of the necessary stationery required in offices and schools. The universe has blessed everyone with diverse lifestyles for them to shape their lives as they wish. There are things you wish could stick to your life to the extent you become inseparable from them. We just love them too much to let go. The list of what you would want to stick to your life as glue does is a lengthy one.

Money, riches, fame, long life, and good health are the desires of most people. You and I want to bond with our fulfilled desires and enjoy its glory. We want a tighter bond even after we are finally at the top of the pyramid. May the Universe grant you your wishes today.

A living example.

The universe has set a good example for us as we consider bonding with our desires – money topping the list. Consider a mother-child bond. Their connection started way back before either of them saw the other. This connection develops during pregnancy and grows tenfold as childbirth draws nearer. The bonding between mother and infant is one of the greatest mysteries of nature we are yet to understand. Although we may not fully understand it, this bonding eventually proves worth the investment after childbirth. A beautiful family continues to develop out of a bond that started in a very small way.

Your bond with money and everything else that you desire can be developed and nurtured like the one of a mother and her infant. A tight bond with money is an eye-opener to how your future life looks like, with or without it.

The relevance of bonding.

Bonding with someone or something you love is very important. You choose to establish this bond because you have an interest in it even before you finally have it. In relationships, the bonding phase is the dating stage. It is a time to interact with the other person and get to know them closer.

This is a make-or-break phase. If you skip the bonding stage with money, your relationship with it may be short-lived because you have not had time to know each other well. This can happen in any relationship.

  1. It marks the beginning of a new understanding.

“The first time you meet someone is enough to know them. What remains thereafter is knowing about them.”

This statement is very true especially if you want to start a new bond or tighten an already existing one. Your dating stage with money is the foundation of your future relationship with it. For this reason, nature observes from a distance how you move on from there. You may win yourself a life partner or miss out on her. Allow yourself to understand money differently from how you did previously. There is a whole lifetime ahead of you both.

  1. You act from a point of knowledge.

Bonding gives you the chance to make informed decisions about something because you now know it better than you did before. As you bond with money, there are myths and misinformation which you can now correct and unlearn. All the decisions that follow will now be based on facts about money that you have personally established. This is growth.

  1. Your relationship grows stronger.

Creating bonding time with money will improve your relationship with it. You now know the do’s and don’ts if you want to continue your relationship. It is easier to break a relationship when the parties involved are yet to bond enough. Partners who have bonded sufficiently can stand up for each other and trust each other more to decide on a long-term relationship together.

What are the right buttons to push?

  1. Cultivate.

“Feed your focus and starve your fears. Whatever you feed, grows and whatever you starve, dies.”

This is the first button you have to push if you are seeking to tighten your bond with money. A good relationship with money is not automatic. You have to work for it. You do this by spending your money on the right things. Nature denies you the right to misuse money just because you own it. You have only been given the honor of having it at this time. Things can change in the next minute.

  1. Give only the best.

Money is a reward for solving an existing problem. What do you do to get it? The universe wants you to give only the best to its people. Put your best foot forward as if you are not trading with men but Angels. Offer your services in the market with the best intentions without any hidden motive. This transparency and honesty of heart are rare in most people. The universe picks up on it and widens your scope to reach more people. This is good karma working for you. The fame of your best services will precede you wherever you go and gates of more revenue open for you.

  1. Be the master and lord over money.

There is a risk of money ruling you with an iron fist if you are not careful. The history of dictators who ruled their countries with force may repeat itself in your relationship with money if it is not checked. The right button to push if you want to tighten your bond with money is staying on top of things. Your money should serve you and your primary goals. Failing to do this will loosen your bond with it. Direct your money to finance your plans not anything for short-term gain.

The bumpy ride.

Tightening your bond with money is not a walk in the park. It is a rough ride that is worth every effort you make. It is not impossible to meet the goals that most people have failed to in a very long time. What makes the whole difference is that you have finally unlocked the mystery key of money – the bonding effect. 

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