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Identifying The Time to Refill your Fountain Pen

A fountain pen is one of the oldest types of pens to be used since the invention of writing. The fountain pen’s nib is supplied with ink from a container inside it. You can write with it as long as there is ink inside the pen. A fountain pen would start to write faintly when the ink levels dropped and eventually stop when it was not refilled. It was common for students to borrow ink from each other as long as it was the same color that their pens used.  

Refilling a fountain pen is not a walk in the park. You need to be cautious and know how to do it or else you will spill ink all over your clothes. It is terrible when you think about this accident happening to you when you are neatly dressed at school or work. At that time, there was that expert in class at ink refilling whom you would run to for his/her help in refilling your fountain pen’s ink. In return, you would do them another favor until you are even. This is how school relationships worked at the time, thanks to fountain pens that brought people together.  

Fast forward to today, what type of pen do you use? Fountain pens have become rare but they are still available. There is a lot that you are missing out on if you have never used one and you don’t have one currently. The universe has a special teaching on the use of fountain pen, both on paper and in your spirit.  

The ink of your spirit. 

Did you know that your spirit has a special ink from the universe? Like with ordinary ink, you cannot use black ink in a blue pen or vice-versa. You need to have the correct ink color for your pen for it to be useful. Concerning your spirit, you equally need to have its correct ink color for you to refill your spirit when the ink level drops. The other thing is the skill to refill the ink. Carelessness could make you spill the precious spirit’s ink and who knows when you will get another one?  

The ink of your spirit is your passion. It is innate in everyone except that it sometimes goes low and you have the responsibility of raising it back. Your pen will write fluently for as long as it has ink. Similarly, your spirit will work excellently for as long as your passion level is 100%.  

It is not uncommon for you to feel bored, sad, and completely uninterested in your daily routine. This is a sign that your spirit’s ink level is dropping and you need to refill it before the ink completely runs out. A good person knows how to refill his/her spirit’s ink but the best person knows the right time to do it. 

This is the right time to refill: 

1. Immediately you wake up. 

The universe identifies the power of morning time. Sleep returns to you the energy (both mental and physical) that you used the previous day. The waking-up feeling is magical because you feel stronger again as you were the previous day. This is the time to check your passion for your work. Are you looking forward to doing what you do best or are you feeling wasted when you think about it? If the latter is true, the universe wants you to learn that this is the right time to refill your spirit’s ink. 

The best time to confirm your commitment to your life’s mission was the day you were born. The other best time is when you wake up. Question any feeling of laxity or resentment towards your work. It is possible that your spirit’s ink level is dropping fast and you need to refill it. 

2. After every win. 

Most people end up being soaked in the spirit of victory and forget about everything else when they win. It is good to celebrate victory but do not let it overshadow everything else. Your opponent could be strategizing on how they will come back at you stronger than before and snatch the prize from your hands. A prolonged victory celebration is a sign that your spirit’s ink level is dropping because it is hooked onto only one moment in your life and does not want to move past it. The reason for not moving on could be that your spirit’s ink level is too low and cannot write any more until you refill it. 

Re-affirm your passion for your life’s mission after every victory you have. Your life does not revolve around a single victory but rather around everything else that gives it meaning. Remind yourself to look at the bigger picture aside from your current victory. This will refill your spirit’s ink of passion. 

3. Before you start something new. 

The beginning of something is very significant in setting the tone for the rest of the project. The universe encourages powerful beginnings and it is possible when your spirit’s ink level is full. You and many other people have a lot of New Year resolutions that you want to meet. It could be to start a new project, revive an old one, or work heavily on yourself. Whatever it is, the universe is insisting on the importance of a powerful beginning. It greatly determines the continuance and end of whatever you have started.  

Students who used fountain pens can remember how they planned to avoid the ‘embarrassment’ of empty pens. It was routine to refill the pen’s ink before you start a week or term so that you can be assured that it will last a little bit longer. 

It is paramount to ensure that your spirit’s ink level is full throughout the year. Passion and commitment levels drop when we are discouraged, or experience loss, or pain. However, restoring them to a full-time high is important. Follow the universe’s guide and you shall be successful.

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