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Top Ten Hard Lessons from the Universe

In theory and practice…

Theory and practice are very important in learning. They complement each other and make a lesson memorable. After a theoretical class, some fieldwork will make you understand the application of the new concepts. A student who does not pass in both or maybe attends one and skips the other ends up half-baked. Their competency in what they have learned can be questioned. For example, how can one graduate to become an engineer if they have never been in any plant and neither have they ever seen (or even tried) to practice their skills?

Similarly, the universe wants us to be excellent students. We should excel in both theory and practice. The theory part is not even half of what is in the practical class.

Ask yourself this question and try to be as honest as possible – are you willing to be a good student?

We don’t have much of a choice, do we?

We can choose to be ready for these life lessons or wait to be taught the hard way. Here are the top ten lessons in our lifetime:

  1.  You do not have to win.

I know it goes against what most people have been taught while growing up. We were brought up with a winning mentality and we equally raise our children along the same lines. But as you grow up, you come to realize that there are many ways of winning without actually winning.

Losing hurts because it means that we have not met our expectations. Again, disappointments hurt yet it is for our good most of the time it happens.

Consider losing as gaining. Each time you lose, you win by knowing how not to do something.

  1.  Not everyone is your friend.

You can know many people. Hundreds of them or even thousands and yet have a handful of friends. You can take this to the bank – not everyone is your friend. Only a few people truly wish the best for you and want to see you smash the records you have set. This era of social media has brainwashed people into thinking that having many friends translates to them loving you.

People can know you and not be your friend. To them, you are just another guy on the street minding his business.

Never assume friendships with people unless it is clear beyond any reasonable doubt. After all, they owe you nothing.

  1.  Your spirituality controls your mortality.

Make no mistake, a large percentage of your mortal life is determined by your spirituality and how well connected or not you are with the universe. You could be struggling with work-related issues, your studies, business, or social life. All these challenges stem from one source and can be fixed from there – your spirituality.

Losing your spiritual connection spells doom to a lot of things in your life. When you experience all these challenges, the universe could be whipping you to order.

Fix a problem from its roots. Fix your spirituality and everything will fall in its rightful place.

  1.  Pain is a great motivator.

We will do anything to heal us from any kind of pain. That is how much we hate pain. Everybody does. It is immoral to wish any kind of discomfort on anyone yet many times we find ourselves in the same spot.


What is nature telling us?

Pain is the universe’s way of telling you to either turn away from what you are doing or to do better than you currently are. Stop complaining and act on the message that is being passed to you.


  1.  No news is good news.

There are times when everything goes silent. Nothing seems to answer us back even when we push too hard to get a response. Anxiety builds within us when we are in some sort of incommunicado.

Hear these words whisper in your ears – No news is good news. Do not think of the worst.

Hold onto the hope that everything will be fine. The virtue of patience is being instilled in you. Sometimes, the universe does it the hard way.

  1.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

If you do not learn this in a theory class, the universe will make you learn it the hard way. Your enemies are very important in taking you to the next level. They can equally bring you down faster than your friends can lift you. Keep your cards closer to your chest as you make new friends.

Most people will want to be away from their enemies. But having them closer will enable you to know their plans (if any) against you.

It is risky to have someone you consider an enemy close to you yet the universe wants to teach you that a man’s enemies are those of his house.

Do not live in a fortress in fear of your enemies. Mingle with everybody for the sake of your survival.

  1.  The rich also cry.

Many people have the illusion that everything is smooth for the rich. They could seemingly have an abundance of material things but are seriously lacking in other aspects. Don’t get me wrong, money is good. We should all have it. However, don’t be disillusioned to think that your problems will go away once you are wealthy.

You will reach there (be wealthy) and realize that it is vanity.

Instead, seek peace with the universe and you will achieve everlasting happiness.

  1.  No condition is permanent.

Probably the reason why the world is spherical is also an indication that things inside here rotate too. A flourishing flower in the garden today is no more by tomorrow. Things move so fast and you can never be truly sure of the next minute.

Let this sink in – no condition is permanent. Do not be proud or feel inferior because your status is not guaranteed. Things could change so fast. The eggs of a caterpillar hatch in about 4 days! On the fifth day, it is a larva then a pupa, and finally an adult.

Embrace the phases of life as they happen and live each one gracefully. This attitude will make you soar higher.

  1.  Expectations hurt.

By now, I guess your expectations have already hurt you (at least once). If not, I hope you take this lesson before you learn the hard way. Too many expectations will hurt you when they are not met. You probably set the bar too high and you have to deal with the consequences.

Have hope. Make plans. Set targets. But not too much that you are completely broken when they are not met. Set limits in everything you do.

There’s a caveat here! It is not a guarantee that you won’t be hurt. But at least it won’t be as much as when you had blind expectations.

  1.  Loyalty, not hard work is rewarded.

I remember my days in school when we would be taught that hard work pays. I carried this with me throughout my life (as many people have done). Indeed, hard work pays. It is never rewarded. Pay is something that you deserve because of your effort. However, what is rewarded is something that you did without expecting anything in return, and boom! You receive much more than you truly deserve.

The principle of the universe is that loyalty is ever rewarded. You only have to choose to be on the right side. Be loyal to your calling and the rest will follow.

Under no circumstance does the universe encourage laziness. It promotes loyalty because it is a selfless virtue.

There is a lot to learn from the universe because it has been there for the longest time ever before either of us came into being. You only have to be keen on the silent message being passed across by it. You are up to the task.

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