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Trading in The Universe’s Securities Market

The securities market is a financial market where individuals and organizations trade their stocks, bonds, and derivatives. It is a method of raising capital for the expansion of business operations. This trade is regulated by policies that prevent exploitation and misuse of the platform. In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) maintains standards for fair and efficient markets. There are various players in the market and regulation is important to curb unethical practices and underhand dealings. Trading securities is not only important to raise additional capital but also to put a company in the limelight. Publicity can work in favor of the company and bring in more business to the firm. 

Some of the famous stock exchanges around the world are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), the London Stock Exchange (LSE), the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. These markets have improved business in their host countries and made them attractive business destinations in the world. Trading securities is a lucrative business for investors all over the world. 

There is a similar stock exchange in the Universe where spiritual securities are traded. For the same reasons that world businesses establish securities markets, the Universe had set its market thousands of years ago. The only downside is that it was hardly known. However, this is your time to learn about the hardly-ever-spoken spiritual securities market. It will expose you to the nature of spiritual trade and how you can maximize your share as a child of the Kingdom. 

Characteristics of spiritual securities and how you can trade with them. 

1. High liquidity – easily redeemable.

A high liquidity investment can quickly be converted to cash. This is the nature of spiritual securities in the universe. The three motives for holding money – speculative, precautionary, and transactional motives – also apply to your spirit. The perfect example of spiritual securities that are easily redeemable is divine favor. You can easily call it in any time and those who owe you are obligated to give in to your request.

Spiritual favor makes you attractive and people will have faith in you and your principles. The universe is ready to grant your spirit divine favor if you choose to trade in its securities market. You are governed by its rules and tied to honor your spiritual obligations. It includes upholding ethical business practices by being an honest business person. Do not exploit the people whom the universe has brought into your fold. Their joy to be with you is a stamp of approval in the Universe.  

2. Derivatives – manage risks. 

Derivatives are used to hedge risks by making future purchases at the present rates. You can get favorable terms and your returns are guaranteed. Some traders take debt to trade in derivatives because they are sure that their investment will pay off. Spiritual securities traded as derivatives are prophecies. The universe has spoken a prophecy over your life the day you were spiritually born again.

The Universe’s prophecies, if followed closely, eliminate the risk of any type of failure in the future. This is how you trade in the universe’s securities market – fulfill the conditions of the prophecy given to you. Trading in the universe’s securities market, like in any other market, involves buying and selling. The universe will fulfill its prophecy of long life, good health, and abundance in your life if you also uphold its conditions – to be an honest trader. 

3. Equity securities – ownership entitlement.

Equity shares are proof of part ownership. Shareholders in companies are partly its owners. They are invited to meetings and depending on the ownership structure, can vote on company issues. The voice of a shareholder is valid and heard by the management. In the Universe’s securities market, company equity securities are equated to kindness. Kindness is automatic in a place where you have ownership rights because you want to preserve business continuity. The universe emphasizes that you practice kindness because it secures your position as a part owner in nature. Kindness attracts more kindness because people feel safer transacting with you. Even business people will tell you about the magic of kindness. It attracts more customers because they feel safer to spend their money in your business.   

4. Debt instruments – attract investment. 

Bonds are an example of debt instruments. The bondholder earns interest throughout the bond duration until it matures. Holding government bonds and treasury bills is one of the many ways of investing. You are guaranteed that you will receive your principal back together with accrued interest. The universe wants you to open your spiritual eyes to trading in debt instruments because it will attract investment in addition to earning your principal some interest. Debt instruments in the Universe’s securities market are like a good character.

Despite the difficulties of maintaining good spiritual character, it pays off by attracting the answers to your prayers (investment). If you are feeling stuck or helpless, the universe is guiding you to display your good character in nature and you will attract solutions to your dilemma. Good character is an everlasting good investment. This is what the universe is looking for and you are blessed for having it. 

Taking up your role as a player in the Universe’s securities market. 

There are many players in this trade. Companies and individuals selling their shares, brokers who are intermediaries between buyers and sellers, and the regulating authority. Your role in the universe’s market should be clear for your spirit to get maximum trade opportunities. You are yet to reach the maximum of your potential because your role in the market remains unclear. 

The Universe is guiding you to be an active buyer of stocks in the spiritual realm. You need to seize every opportunity of shareholding so that the evidence of your profitability can be seen in your physical life. It will manifest in the quality of friends you have and in the light of your decisions. This is how to trade in the Universe’s securities market.

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