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Trust The Universe With Your Life


The burden of trust.

Where does the burden of trust lie?

Some trust in friends and others in their abilities. Each of them has had their fair share of experiences. Trust is earned and thereafter comes the responsibility of guarding it. You could be forced to watch the trust you have built for over 10 years come down in front of your eyes within days or even hours. What is more painful is how helpless you are when all your effort is undone.

The good news is that there is someone whom we can trust with everything that we have. We can even put our lives in its hands and nothing will go wrong. On the contrary, things might improve for the best.

The value of your life.

You cannot put a price tag on the value of your life. You will always trust yourself to take care of your interests before considering someone else to do it for you. Not even your closest friend has your best interests at heart compared to yourself.


However, there is someone else you can trust to take care of things for you. This person is all you have got. You can even entrust your life to her and go for a vacation. When you come back, it will be just as you have left it. It’s laughable, right? This is just how much this one friend is trustworthy. She is the Universe.

The trustworthiness of the universe.

  1.  Trust the universe to provide for you.

You can have issues with a ‘provider’ who provides nothing. The term provider will mean nothing. A reliable provider never fails even when things get tough. The thought that you are dependent on him will keep him on his toes.

Consider the example of how birds take care of their chicks. After they hatch, they remain in the nest, and the mother bird will fly to wherever she has to go to look for food for her young ones. She will only return to the nest when she has some food. After feeding her chicks, she will remain with them in the nest and warm them. Her role as a mother is very diverse yet she does it faithfully.

If this is how birds of nature take care of their young ones, how much so about nature herself? The air you inhale comes from trees that give it willingly to you. The food you eat comes from the farm or animals. Both of them are sustained by the universe to ensure that you do not go hungry. The rain from the clouds irrigates the farms to give you food and animals’ pasture.

You can trust the universe to sustain you. Be willing to till your farm or your computer for that matter. The plate at your table shall forever be full.

  1.  Put your faith in the hands of the universe.

Not once, not twice. You have at one point in your life felt like giving up on everything. You probably wanted to go to another world away from the tribulations that you are undergoing. Running away from problems has never worked. But also, you cannot sit around and plan to save the world

It is physically, emotionally, and spiritually draining to pursue perfection. You could end up making more mistakes and undoing the progress that you had made. Put your faith in the universe and she shall do you justice. Just as she takes care of you in matters beyond your understanding, so shall she take care of what you have trusted her to do.

Cast all your worries to the universe and doubt nothing. You shall manifest divine perfection. All you have to do is trust.

  1.  The universe has honest intentions.

It is a relief to finally meet someone with honest intentions. The world is full of imposters – people pretending to be who they are not. They do this for personal gain or whatever reasons they may have up their sleeves. However, things change when you come face to face with the universe in all her glory.

Nobody has control over the unknown. We cannot predict what will happen next even if we badly want this superpower. The single custodian of this superpower is the universe.

Take the example of how you watch a movie. You know the hidden intentions of one character (because the director lets you see it) but the fellow characters in the play do not know it. In this case, the universe watches our lives and everything that goes on. She can see what is happening on the other side that you are blind to. It is unknown to you but laid bare before her. Don’t you think she should be your best friend?

Believe in the universe and her intentions more than you do anything else. If you pay attention to her communication, you will be the happiest person ever.

  1.  The universe is all-knowing.

Knowledge is power. No matter how good your intentions are, it really does not help much when you are unknowledgeable. The one deserving your trust is the one who knows their way in and out. The universe has been there for all eternity. She has seen people before you who faced the exact trouble you currently have.

Depending on whether or not they relied on nature for answers, she was still there when they solved that dilemma. This is the knowledge you want from someone you trust.

Consider the example of people who apply for formal jobs. One comes to you with a promise to be up to the task and another comes with years of experience from a similar role. Who do you think will be hired?

Similarly, the rich experience from the universe is enough to earn your trust. When you trust her, she will walk with you through the valleys of life and its hills. You will emerge victorious at the other end. You can trust the universe to help you not commit mistakes and warn you of impending danger. This is the advantage of having someone by your side who knows it all.

The time you make this life-changing decision of trusting the universe with your life, doors you never knew about will open for you. It is like the feeling of being chauffeured by an experienced driver. Watch this space.

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