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Turning on the Light in your Family

A family is the basic social unit in the society. It is the first decision that the universe makes for you. The universe has given your family the responsibility to nurture you. They are your first bundle of blessings. Keep them close because they are the door to your blessings on Earth. There is no way you can swap your family for another. Embrace it and together you can work on how to uplift your status.

Family fortunes.

They are the blessings that the universe had already given to your family before your birth. You are a product of the love your parents share and still do. Your birth created an everlasting bond between them and you became the biggest fortune to that young family.

Despite the different financial abilities of families, a young family can move heavens and earth for the sake of their new blessing. Although it may not be much, they will spend their last coin on you. There is no price tag for the genuine love that they have for you. You are a God-sent fortune in their life. You are the light in your family. The universe wants you to shine brightly.

Your family is a room that needs enough lighting throughout. The light of the universe reveals to them the many places they are yet to explore. As their God-sent fortune, you have the responsibility of turning on the lights of the universe for them. This is what the light you turn on does for them:

  1. It makes the room brighter.

Light makes a room brighter than before. It allows light into the body so that you may see what is in front of you. When there is too much light, the pupil contracts to reduce the light entering the eye. On the contrary, it expands to allow light to enter when it is darker. Your body and spirit appreciate enough light to make them attractive just as bright light makes a room attractive. This is the benefit that your family gets when you turn on the lights for them.

  1. It reveals new things.

Light opens your eyes to things you did not see before. There is a dark side to your life because the lights have not been turned on. Your family is missing out on the best things in life because you are yet to turn the lights on. You will begin to notice things that you never did before because your perspective has been changed by the light. Your family can now see and explore new talents. A financial breakthrough is knocking at your door. You remind your family of the fortune you bring when you turn the light on.

  1. It leads to self-discovery.

There are things about yourself that you are yet to explore because there was no light. Your family is not any different. They will be amazed at the beautiful personalities they have the moment you turn on the lights. They have solutions to the same problems that they have been facing but were invisible because of the darkness. The spark of creativity will also come back to your family because they can see clearly.

As the family fortune, the universe has tasked you with the responsibility of turning on the lights for them. Share the blessing that you have received to create room for more in your life. May your name be mentioned in your absence for the goodness you have shown to those of your bloodline and beyond. Your family is the first recipient of the lights that you turn on. The rest of the universe lives in the comfort that you shall do the same for them.

How to turn on the lights.

You turn on the lights in the lives of people through an exemplary lifestyle. Each day in your life is an opportunity to flip the switch and let people in the room experience the glory of light. These are some of the ways:

  1. Looking up to a role model.

There have been people before you who have walked in your shoes. They are fortunes to their families and communities. They faced similar challenges to yours and managed to overcome them. These are the people whom you should look up to for inspiration. Role models are anointed people brought into your life by the universe so that you may learn from their ways. Just as they turned on the lights for their families, so shall you turn on the lights in yours.

  1. Giving back to the community.

You are the Angel sent to your family and community. The universe has blessed you to share this gift with other people. A wealthy person living in a low-income area feels unsafe because the lights are off in the homes of the families in his neighborhood. There is security when there is light in every home and on the streets. Remember to give back to the community that you come from. Acts of service like paying tuition fees for children from families who cannot afford and buying food for needy families are light to these homes. Soon, the universe will bless them with fortunes that will keep the lights in their homes on.

  1. Inspiring those behind you.

There is no limit to what an inspired generation can do. They can turn around the fortunes of their communities because they have seen the light and are the light itself. You were inspired by role models who were ahead of you and it is now your turn to inspire others too. The universe is giving you a chance to write your legacy through the spirits of other people. An inspired spirit empowers the mind and body to put the inspiration into action.

The universe will remember you when you turn on the light in your family and community. Do not discriminate against anyone when carrying out this noble duty. It means a lot when you light up the world of those still in darkness. When the universe counts the righteous, you shall be in its fold.

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