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Understanding Nature’s Handbook on Right and Wrong

Right and wrong are subjective. It means what is right by you could be wrong by someone else. This is the reason there are many conflicts among us. Everybody thinks that their way is the right one to do things and can hardly accommodate divergent opinions. This causes intolerance in society and if caution is not taken, it can do more harm than good. We can restore sanity in the judgment of right and wrong if we give nature its rightful place as the supreme judge. Further, we need to understand who the initiator of right and wrong actions is. If the judge and defendant can stand on one side, we can as well have the verdict as soon as yesterday.  

Your spirit is the initiator of right and wrong. It carries all the guilt for past mistakes and the praise for the best decisions. It owes nature an explanation for all its actions. The supreme judge, nature, uses its handbook on right and wrong to weigh the merits and demerits of the case against your spirit. Your spirit is fighting for a chance to be on the right side of the case. It can only do so if it abides by the rules of right and wrong in Nature’s handbook. 

The universe plays a big role in helping your spirit to be compliant with nature’s rules on right and wrong. It is glorious when you are blameless and live uprightly. This is possible if you accept the universe’s guidance to make you compliant. Here are a few things in Nature’s handbook of right and wrong: 

1. Conscience. 

The universe has gifted everyone a conscience to help them make healthy decisions. However, some people deliberately choose to turn off their conscience. This exposes them to make morally wrong choices. Nature does not want you to walk down this path. Instead, you should use your conscience to decide between right and wrong. Avoid doing things that make your spirit feel guilty and do those that bring you peace. Guilt and peace are communication tools that the universe uses to tell you whether your actions are right or wrong. Sometimes you may be ignorant of what you do but the universe will put it in your spirit to understand the difference between right and wrong. The universe wants you to comply with your conscience because it is how you can understand nature’s handbook of right and wrong. 

2. Historical events. 

History plays a bigger role in your future. Past mistakes may repeat in the future and it is a pity if you repeat them. Nature judges right and wrong based on the precedence set. Has something like this happened before? Was it right or wrong? It is a perfect example of case law. Wrong and right behavior or actions will remain so in Nature’s handbook. This should help you avoid falling into traps that endanger your reputation. Reflect on historical events and be the judge of right and wrong in the different situations that you find yourself in. Nature will decide the same thing.

The universe has seen many generations before you and will see many more after you. There is nothing new in life that has never been done before. Stick to the lane of moral uprightness and Nature’s judgment shall be in your favor. In Nature’s handbook of right and wrong, it does not matter who has done something, historical events set the pace.  

3. The greater good. 

Nature is selfless. It cares for all of its creation indiscriminately. Despite diversities, nature covers everyone with its love. This is also the foundation of right and wrong. Injustice and oppression are wrong because they are not for the greater good. The greater good is the guide to right and wrong in Nature’s handbook. The universe wants you to anchor all your actions on the greater good theory. Anything that is for the benefit of the masses is right. Nature is a good parent who considers the welfare of all her children. She cannot rejoice when one of them is hurting. One of the ways to please a mother is through her children. Always weigh your actions on the scale of benefit and harm to the greater good and you will be on the right side of Nature’s handbook. 

4. Love is always right. 

Love is the greatest emotion in the universe and Nature values it a lot. It is a powerful driver to do the right thing. It does not seek selfish interests nor justify wrongdoing. It will guide you into doing the right thing because this is where Nature’s handbook is anchored. A lot of things could be happening around you and you are stranded on the way forward. Sometimes you could be overwhelmed by the challenges coming your way and you do not know where to turn to.

Nature is confidently telling you to always look at love as your true north. It will inspire you to be fair and do the right thing without expecting anything in return. One major lesson you can learn from love is that you do not have to get anything in return to be satisfied. Actions and intentions coated with love are always correct. All other factors are secondary. 

5. It is not what you say but do that matters. 

Your actions count a lot more than your words do. If you say one thing and do another, Nature will judge you based on what you did. Actions are proof of which side of the divide you lie. Do not allow your actions to be clouded by emotions because you may act hastily and be on the wrong side of Nature’s handbook. The weight of your actions is on your shoulders. Be ready to be praised or condemned in equal measure for their consequences. 

Understanding Nature’s handbook on right and wrong is the first of many steps towards winning the spiritual battle to do the right thing. The universe is counting on you to make the right choice.

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