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Understanding Spiritual Contracts

A contract is a legally binding agreement. It includes consent from both parties to each hold their end of the bargain. It indicates seriousness and willingness to perform your role in the agreement because there are consequences for breach of contract. Consider contracts like a partnership where each party joins willfully intending to honor it. Corporate businesses, human resources, and trade worldwide are anchored on contracts. The law on contracts actively regulates contracts and courts of law arbitrate any dispute that may arise. There is an operational framework that governs the implementation of contracts. As fast as the world is moving, almost everyone knows a thing or two about contracts. The same cannot be said about awareness of spiritual contracts.

Spiritual contracts are like trade contracts except that they deal with issues that directly affect the spirit. Examples of subjects of spiritual contracts include marriage, vows, initiation, naming ceremonies, and health. Understanding them is key to manifesting abundance, perfection, good health, and successful relationships. Spiritual contracts are as binding as trade contracts if not more. Your future is secured when you enter into a contract with the right party. Again, the elements of a valid contract are the same even in spiritual contracts. As long as your contract ticks all these boxes, the universe shall ensure your spiritual contract is honored.

Elements of a valid spiritual contract and the journey to your spiritual growth.   

1. Offer and acceptance.

This is the first step in making legally binding contracts – one party has to make an offer and the other one accepts it. An offer is the beginning of negotiations and the offeree accepts the terms and conditions of the offer as it is or asks for an adjustment on the same. A marriage proposal is a perfect example of an offer that the man (in most traditions) makes to the lady he wants to marry. When the lady accepts the marriage proposal, a contract is already formed. Unknown to many, the universe also enters into a contract with your spirit. This contract is supposed to bind your spirit to an agreement with the universe and nature on various issues. The universe has an open offer to you in the form of salvation. It wants to rescue you from sin and human limitations. As the offeree, your answer to this offer will either kick-start your spiritual contract or delay it a little bit more until you accept the offer.

2. Consideration.

Consideration is the value offered and accepted by the two contracting parties. In spiritual contracts, the consideration of the offeror (universe) is rescuing you from sin and human limitations while that of the offeree (your spirit) is faithfulness to nature and the universe. The universe is committed to paying its consideration in full by promoting you to a higher level of glory. Other people will be witnesses of your transformation from grass to grace. You should equally be willing to pay your consideration for your spiritual contract to be valid. The universe requires your commitment to the law of nature – the light of love to shine on your path. Let love overflow from your heart for as long as your spiritual contract is valid. Dishonoring your consideration invalidates your spiritual contract and makes you vulnerable to human limitations.   

3. Mutual consent.

Mutual consent in a contract means that both parties have entered into a contract willing to execute it. They are not willing to sabotage its execution. The universe is always willing to execute its part in the contract. All actions in the universe are in good faith and you are the intended beneficiary. Likewise, you should also have a clear mind to fulfill your part of the contract. Do not play hide and seek with your spiritual contract or commit to it in bad faith. This will make it void and leave you vulnerable to bad luck. Nothing can be hidden from the universe, even your intended actions in bad faith. On the contrary, willingness to execute your spiritual contracts attracts favor from the universe. This is the type of relationship that you need with your creator.   

4. Legality.

The subject of the contract must be legal or the contract would otherwise not be binding. The offer and consideration for spiritual contracts should also be legal and acceptable. Anything good that does not intend to cause harm meets the threshold of legality in the universe. This speaks to the lengths that you are willing to go to pay your consideration. Not only is the universe interested in that consideration but also in how you will pay it. Your commitment to the laws of nature should not hurt other people. It is important to strike a balance between doing what is good at all costs and the collateral damage that comes with it. Hurting people’s emotions in the name of spiritual contracts violates the intended goodwill. The universe will however be willing to enter into more contracts with you when you observe this legality clause of spiritual contracts.   

5. Capacity.

This refers to the legal ability of both parties to sign a contract. In business, the law forbids minors, people of unsound mind, and those under the influence of drugs from signing contracts. This is to ensure that both contracting parties are aware of their obligations and have the full capacity to commit to honoring them. The universe can enter into a contract with any willing person. Spiritual contracts made under duress (including promising anything to get the universe’s help) are not binding and the universe can choose not to redeem you from your problems. It is important to enter into spiritual contracts when it is not in your hour of need or the universe will not be obligated to redeem you. If it does, it will be out of mercy as a child of the Kingdom.

Understanding spiritual contracts is an eye-opener to securing your future. You understand what to hold on to and what to give up. Let this light guide you.

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