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Understanding Spiritual Human Anatomy


Human anatomy is one of the strongest pillars of modern medicine. The entire knowledge of human medicine rests on it. It is not limited to the physical only. It extends to the spiritual realm. There are principles on which this knowledge is anchored upon. They include but are not limited to the study of the structure of the human body, the functions of the different body organs, the interdependence, and communication between these body organs, and general body responses.  

Spiritual human anatomy is an eye-opener to how your spirit responds to good or bad news. It sheds light on how your spirit conceives desire and the mechanism to action it. Nature wants to reveal how you can make your spirit conceive this and finally achieve everything on your bucket list. 

Anatomy 101. 

Anatomy primarily involves the dissection of the specimen of interest – you. It is carried out in a regulated facility by a qualified medical doctor (a surgeon) with approved surgical tools. A life is at stake and there is no room for error. 

Anatomy 101

Every surgical procedure is conducted objectively and in the best interest of the patient. Procedures like the caesarian section, heart surgery, or kidney transplant are lifesaving and will completely heal you. Everything that you undergo in the theatre will eventually pay off handsomely. 

Medical surgery gives an insight into the spiritual human anatomy. Like your body, your spirit could be sick and require surgery from the best surgeon in town – nature. He will perform surgery to uproot all the causes of discomfort to your spirit. 

Is selfishness, anger, jealousy, or procrastination leading you astray? Your surgeon understands human anatomy and will cure all of it. They will be replaced by generosity, joy, kindness, and timely response to stimuli. Spiritual human anatomy will make you understand the causes of all your vices and the appropriate curative procedures needed to replace the old undesirable lifestyle.

Medicine or surgical procedures are as effective as the problem they are treating. Nature is offering the right diagnosis to your spirit. Have you visited his clinic? 


Your consultation with nature begins the moment you realize there is a reason you are in your current environment. The family you were born and raised in, the schools you attended, the work you do, the partner you married, and the friends you keep form part of your environment. Nature is your anatomist and wants you to search within yourself for what could be ailing you. 

Your success or (sadly) failure is heavily contributed by your immediate environment. If the bad exceeds the good, then there is a crisis and you need urgent attention. The duty to maintain a delicate balance between the within and without environments is where most people trip. This is how your consultation with the universe’s chief anatomist comes to your rescue. Fancy some tests? 

Laboratory tests. 

The laboratory technician does tests as per the doctor’s instructions – blood tests, urinalysis, blood glucose test, blood culture, pregnancy test, pap smear, or any other to ascertain what is ailing the patient. The results are taken back to the doctor. 

Experience is nature’s laboratory. This is where all manner of tests is done on your spirit. The universe will take you through any of them that is necessary to diagnose you correctly. Your experience with pain, loss, or strain is part of nature’s tests on you. Each experience strengthens and increases your threshold to survive all the realities coming your way. 

nature’s laboratory


Your doctor will look at the results from the laboratory to determine the next course of action. The diagnosis of what you are suffering from is accurately determined by the lab tests. Again, not every layman can interpret these results. The next step after a professional diagnosis is running to treat and cure the sickness.  

Spiritual diagnosis is determined by how you manage your experiences. Your anatomist points out your wins and losses and this is the starting point of your treatment with nature. Conditions like childhood trauma, insecurity, and betrayal directly affect your life experiences. The best part of it is that nature (your chief anatomist) has a treatment plan for you.    


The doctor puts you on a treatment plan after a solid diagnosis. The objective of treatment is for you to recover and resume your normal life. He writes down notes on his computer and forwards the same to the pharmacy. The pharmacist waits to guide you on your dosage as per the doctor’s prescription and you should follow it strictly. 

The spiritual pharmacy has a lot of treatment plans as prescribed by nature to you. On top of this list is self-realization. Nature wants you to find your spiritual identity. You can open a new chapter in your life and overcome all your past traumas. They belong in your past and have no space in your future. The spiritual pharmacy is offering you affirmations, meditations, and faith. Stick to your doctor’s treatment plan and you will soon be on the recovery path. 


If you stick to the treatment plan, then you are on your way to recovery. You exhibit signs of recovery and the symptoms of sickness begin leaving your body. The headache stops, you slowly regain your strength, your tummy no longer hurts, you crave food and eat (for the first time in a while), and you slowly crawl back to your healthy life. Despite this improvement, you have to continue your medication until you finish it. 

Spiritual recovery means getting back to your feet. Your spiritual identity is complete and you are confident about it. You are no longer intimidated by other people for whatever reason they may have. Nature wants you to guard your space in the universe and remain true to your calling. Listen to the still small voice in your spirit whispering in your ear.  

Spiritual human anatomy unearths the root causes of your problems and addresses them one by one. At the recovery stage, you have conquered all challenges. Bravo, champion! 

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