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Understanding the Coordination of the Body, Mind, and Spirit


The body, mind, and spirit make up the soul. They are the DNA of your soul from the day you were born to the world. This DNA reflects your personality and the type of person you are. Your soul cannot reflect the character of another person’s spirit except yours. The universe knows your soul and sees through it. Your body, mind, and spirit are on the microscope slide of the universe for examination daily. You cannot hide your true nature from the universe. Your generosity, selfishness kindness, cruelty, love, and hate are all bare before the universe.

Nature has the keys to the gates of your blessings. The gates are only opened for people who have proven themselves worthy of them. The universe that judges everybody and sees through their souls shall command that the gates be forever opened for the chosen ones. Are you worthy to receive this eternal honor? There is something you can do to attract this prize of eternal honor from the universe. It is by understanding the coordination of the body, mind, and spirit.

The DNA of your soul.

One body, one mind, one heart, and one spirit are put in one soul. This is the ratio of creation since the world began. Your soul is the end product of the mixture of all these ingredients. Nobody has an excess of any of the ingredients of the DNA of the soul. The difference in the speed of people being successful arises from the knowledge of how to coordinate the body, mind, and spirit. They have distinct roles that do not overlap each other. The universe has created an enabling environment for the body, mind, and spirit to play their roles and bring glory to the soul. This is the source of eternal success. Further, this is the contribution of each one of them:

the body and mind

1. The body.

It is the vessel that houses the heart, mind, and spirit. People around you can touch or hug you with bodies. The body determines your gender and physical fitness. You are either male or female, physically abled or challenged, strong or weak, tall or short. This is how your body determines your identity. Further, your body also owes nature the duty of care. Nurture the environment that you live in because this is part of your broader assignment. Co-exist peacefully with natural resources like water sources by not polluting them or blocking their path as it flows from one point to another.

Your body is a tool of work to bring honor to the soul. It is an employee of the spirit that is owned by the soul. A productive employee is rewarded or promoted while an unproductive one is punished. The promotion of your body is physical fitness and its equal punishment for non-performance is sickness. Lead your body to work hard for the glory of the spirit and soul.

2. The mind.

This is the think tank of the body. It is responsible for decision-making and is expected to lead the body in the right way. The mind takes credit for all the good decisions and the blame for all the bad ones. Nature is looking up to the leadership of your mind to control other creations. You are superior to the birds of the air, fish of the sea, or animals (both wild and domestic).

As a leader, you must nurture creation. You can discharge this responsibility by being a peacemaker. The world needs peace for prosperity to happen. Be an ambassador of peace by thinking of ways to resolve conflicts and reconcile opposite parties. The success or failure of being a peace ambassador is the marking scheme of the role of the mind to the spirit and soul. Can nature be proud of you that you brought order within it? Shape your life to fit in this role and both your spirit and soul shall be successful.

3. The spirit.

This is the breath of life to the body and mind. The spirit is the employer of both of them and rewards them with salaries commensurate to the level of their work. It is also the manager of the company (soul) and is responsible for providing a conducive work environment to the body and mind. The universe acknowledges the work of the spirit and crowns it with divine honor. The results can only be seen if the company employees’ work is equally felt. The universe has given you the power to use your spirit to promote a healthy work culture for the body and mind.

The first one is to maximize the power of meditation. Your spirit can lead the mind to meditate about life and unwind. This is a moment to take a break from the mind’s busy routine of thinking and worrying about what will happen in the next minute.

mind and spirit

The second thing that your spirit can do to create a healthy work culture is to rest. Your body needs enough rest to recover the energy used. Give your body the freedom to rest periodically so that you do not break down.

Your spirit being the breath of life to both the mind and body also must be creative and come up with new ways of earning profit for the company (soul). Your soul heavily depends on how the spirit manages the body and mind. A crown of honor awaits your soul in the afterlife after running a successful race in the world. Death does not limit the success of your spirit. Instead, it promotes you to a new glory.

Treatment of shareholders in the company.

Your company (the soul) has other shareholders who are also interested in your success. The coordination of the body, mind, and spirit should be uninterrupted because the major shareholder – nature – counts on you the most. Nature needs your success almost as much as your spirit does because of your contribution to it.

Do not forget to care for the rest of the creation after you are crowned with honor. This is the stepping stone that you should always remember. You successfully managed the coordination of the body, mind, and spirit because nature gave you the platform to nurture its creation. Your current and future success is also measured by your ability to coordinate them well. Can you?

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