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Understanding The Hierarchy In The Universe And Your Place In It


Hierarchy is a system that ranks or classifies people according to their power, status, and authority. A hierarchical system is as old as the foundations of the world. Members of the society were ranked according to their status. There were and still are (albeit subtly) lords and commoners. The world is like an animal farm – some animals are more equal than others. Some are privileged to be born with a silver spoon while others have to work their way up. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they may toil, they may not be good enough to sit at the same table with royalty. The good news is that the universe can work a miracle for you to dine with the high and mighty.  

Nature is the perfect space to understand hierarchy. There is a noticeable difference in the social interaction among animals in the wild to their feeding habits. Some are lower than others and each of them has the grace to adapt to survive at their pace. Consider the animals, insects, birds, and sea animals in the ecosystem. Their feeding pattern can be summarized in a food chain and later develop into a food web. This is an example of a food chain: 

Nectar from Flowers—> Flies—>   Frog —> Snake Eagle. 

There is a hierarchy in the food chain above. The arrow points to the eater. Each of them has a respectable space in the hierarchy and does its best to survive in it. It’s game over when the predator catches the prey.  

Life works on a twin system with nature. The universe has put us in a hierarchy based on our spiritual life. The stronger your spiritual connection, the higher your rank and you enjoy all the privileges that come with it. 

What is your place in the hierarchy of the universe?  

Your place in nature is determined by your responsibilities. The bigger they are, the higher you rank in the hierarchy. This does not end with a list of your responsibilities but extends to how effectively you discharge them. 

Do you honor your word? Are you dependable? 


This determines whether you will be a lord or a commoner. Nature will provide a conducive environment for your survival in the universe’s hierarchy. The duty to move from your current rank to a higher one rests on your shoulders. 

Promotion in the hierarchy

Order in the universe is like in the military where a promotion is earned. Nature is giving you a chance to earn a promotion and move to a higher rank. This is what you have to do: 

Positively identify your current rank and place in the hierarchy. 

You will be ready for higher responsibility if you know your current place in the chain. Are you a dependent, consumer, supplier, or owner of resources? Do not confuse one for the other so that you can identify the next level you would want to go to. None of the ranks is less important by being lower than the other. Their significance is what maintains the ecosystem as we know it. In another light, this is a sign of self-awareness. You come out as a dedicated officer of mother nature who understands their present roles even as they get ready for the ones ahead of them. 

Live up to the expectations of your rank. 

Every rank in the hierarchy of the universe has responsibilities that the one bearing them should discharge. You should be competent in your current rank before you can be entrusted with any higher responsibilities. If nature can trust you with half a cup, then it shall be filled to the brim. The little things you do in your position add to your basket of redeemable points. You can finally stand before the judge (destiny) to account for the time you have served nature and justify why you would need to be promoted.  

Earn your promotion justly. 

The universe does not condone shortcuts. Your life should be an open book if you want to be promoted to a higher rank in the hierarchy. There is the right way of doing things and the other way. The difference between nature and the world is that in the world, the end justifies the means but in nature, this principle does not hold. You need to put all your cards on the table to qualify for a promotion. Make a profit in business justly without shortchanging unsuspecting customers and earn the love of other people unconditionally.  

Managing competition. 

Do not worry about competition from any quarter. You are competing against yourself. No one will speak ill of you to your superiors or soil your name. The universe does not need the testimony of one person against the other because he is a primary witness to the progress of your life. 

Nature appreciates this and you do not need to fake anything before him. This is what matters to him: your relationship with nature (plants and animals), empathy for the needy, faith in the future, and effort in improving the quality of life. This is what makes a five-star general. 

Life and hope

The making of a general. 

The general is the person at the apex of the hierarchy. This is where you should be focused at. He is at the end of the food chain (as the owner of resources) and is only answerable to the commander-in-chief (the universe). Did you know that the general was once a recruit (an ordinary dependent) in the food chain? It is the dedication to the force and meaningful contribution that boosts your chances to be appointed by nature as the next general. 

Your place in the hierarchy of the universe is sacred. It is sacred because you are special in your right. Nobody has the right to look down on you because you are lower in the hierarchy. Nature equally expects you to respect the others whom you serve with. You have the chance to become the general you have always dreamt of. 

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