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Understanding the Mystery of the Universe’s Bank Account

Bank accounts are some of the safest places to store money. Since the invention of money, its storage has evolved. It should be stored safely and conveniently at your reach. The sooner you can get your money to transact, the better for you. It builds your confidence wherever you go because of how safe you feel knowing that you can quickly take care of your money needs.  

The storage of money has evolved due to the changing market needs. From the time when barter trade was the thing to the present age of digital money. Entrepreneurs try their best to remain relevant by catching up with the latest trends. This has led to the emergence of mobile money wallets and bank accounts for consumers. The demand for banking services has increased. There are new banking services and products for consumers to choose from. 

Given that mobile money wallets and bank accounts are the latest means of keeping money safe, have things remained the same in the spiritual realm? What is the comparison between how you stored your spiritual wealth before and how you now do it? This is a spiritual mystery. The universe wants you to understand it and align your spiritual life with the latest and most secure way of storing your spiritual riches. There is no danger of losing your financial riches in the universe’s bank account. This is why you should open your account with the Universe’s bank and embrace the new technology: 

1. Opening an account is free. 

The Universe has news for you! Opening an account in its bank is free for everyone. You only have to express interest in holding an account. The Universe is encouraging your spirit to open itself to using this universal bank. There is no discrimination here and it will accept you with open arms. In the Universe’s bank, a customer earned is a soul saved.  

You can open an account with the Universe’s bank by committing yourself to nature’s principles. It is the beginning of a lifetime journey with your bank. It will nurture a good relationship with it and make you eligible for more services. 

2. You are eligible to hold an account. 

You are eligible to hold an account in the Universe’s bank. You can save your riches in your account as an eligible member of the bank and no one will question you. All account holders are treated respectfully and assisted in familiarizing themselves with bank procedures.  

The mystery of the Universe’s bank account is in how it accepts anyone who wishes to join it and at the same time, it is accepted globally. A good relationship with nature (which is how you open your account with the Universe) improves every other aspect of your life. You can achieve a lot of things even when you think you are undeserving. The Universe wants you to know that you are eligible for all the benefits all the account holders receive.  

3. There is no minimum balance. 

Some banks have a policy of the minimum balance your account can have. However, the Universe’s bank is an exception. You can hold as much or as little as you can. Above all, the Universe is encouraging you to save more. It assures you of the safety of your savings and that you do not feel threatened for having little. The more you save, the more you grow. 

The little good acts you do here and there are not in vain. Do not wait to be rich for you to be generous. Neither should you wait to be in need for you to be prayerful. Grow your spirit constantly through spiritual acts and make them your lifestyle. Nothing is too small for you to save into your account. Your spirit needs it and the Universe is patting your back. 

4. You can transact from anywhere without visiting the bank. 

At the introduction of banking services, customers had to physically visit the bank to transact. There were long queues and banks employed more staff to cater to the growing demand for services. This evolved to the use of automatic teller machines (ATMs), debit cards, and credit cards. Customers did not need to enter the banking hall. They could transact from specific places with ATMs or swap their cards at points of sale. It did not stop there, with the rolling out of mobile and internet banking, you can now do all transactions online without ever visiting your bank. Banking is now paperless and digital. You can even open your account remotely provided you have proper documentation. 

The Universe’s bank has also evolved its services and you can transact online from anywhere. You can play your role in nature remotely without waiting for the right time to act. This is the freedom that comes with having an account with the Universe’s bank. The Universe monitors your spirit everywhere and good behavior attracts a good score in your bank records. You become eligible for more services like earning interest and dividends.  

5. You earn interest through your account. 

Financial institutions give annual interests and dividends to their members depending on the types of accounts they hold (savings, fixed deposits, investment accounts, etc.). This will encourage them to maximize the operation of their accounts to earn them more in the next cycle.  

The principle of interest also applies to the Universe’s bank. The Universe will grant your spirit special favors in life as an interest to being a good customer. The reward system of the Universe’s bank is functional and very healthy in encouraging you to continue bonding with nature. In return, you will earn the interest of good health, abundance, and manifestation of your desires. All of them are in the basket of interest to your spirit from the Universe’s bank. 

The Universe is faithful to its promises. This extends to your relationship with it and nature. Everything you have ever wished to achieve is at arm’s length. It starts by opening your spiritual account with the Universe’s bank.

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