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Understanding the Mystery of Time Travel

Time travel is traveling through time into the past or future. There are a billion things that you can do if you could time travel. You could rectify your mistakes, fix your present, and shape your future into how you want. Time travel is a mystery that should become part of NASA’s biggest research because it opens doors to limitless possibilities. 

Everyone has 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year. You have to plan for your time well and wrap up all your tasks for the day within it. Time is the ceiling for most people around the world but time travel breaks it. Understanding it is a step forward in learning more about the universe as well as how to apply it in your life. 

The application of time travel is like the discovery of medicine to treat chronic diseases. Time travel heals broken relationships, bad health, anger, poverty, and bad choices, just to mention a few. The magic of time travel can not only reach your past but also your future. It puts you in the right place at the right time, sets up meetings with the high and mighty, insures you against the risk of running into losses, and becomes your best friend. Time travel is the future and the future is in time travel.  

Benchmarking from the universe. 

1. Fertilization and reproduction

Reproduction is one of the oldest sciences. It involves mating of the male and female reproductive gametes to produce offspring. Conception after fertilization in human reproduction is the first time where time travel happened. The universe foresaw your birth and the type of person you would become. It chose a specific sperm out of millions to fertilize an ova and you to be conceived. Your conception would not have happened if another sperm had fertilized the ova.

Every birth and death in the universe is controlled by the universe because it is the custodian of all souls. This is how it assigns everyone a unique purpose to fulfill. Your birth to your parents happened through the help of the universe’s time travel to see the type of person you would become. You are not a mistake. You are part of the universe’s plan because of time travel. 

2. Age and maturity. 

Maturity is an increase in mental development that directly impacts your life and relationship with other people. What is the link between time travel and maturity? Maturity affects time travel. The older you get, the deeper you understand about time travel. This should be one of the reasons why you should be looking forward to your birthdays because the knowledge of time travel increases your spirit with maturity.

Nature shows the relationship between maturity and time travel through processes like fermentation. It is a chemical change in animal and vegetable products caused by bacteria. Examples of uses of fermentation are the souring of milk, rising bread dough, and production of modern medicine under controlled conditions. Fermentation works through time travel.

In the souring of milk, bacteria and microscopic yeast trigger fermentation by making the milk expire as though its shelf life is over. It quickens the process of it going bad so that it can get an alternative use different from being used as fresh milk. The longer the life of milk, the more likely it is to expire. Fermentation travels through time to make the milk go bad today instead of waiting for three weeks from now. You can also use fermentation to turn the results of events into what you would like them to be. This is possible when you are mature. How mature are you? 

3. Health and fitness. 

Fitness is the quality of being suitable for a particular role. Your health is at the center of your fitness. Any threat of diseases will make you unfit for the role that you want. The relationship between fitness and time travel is in how time travel happens. You could have earned a spot in the future through time travel in reproduction or made your way there courtesy of time travel through maturity but it is your health and fitness that will maintain you on your divine assignment.

Nature wants you to explore this option so that you can be flexible to travel through time and fulfill your assignment. Your health and fitness is for both your body and spirit. Spiritual fitness is in your discipline to be flexible while on duty. The universe wants you to take advantage of time travel and be fit enough to deliver on your mandate. Nature will cut you off for being unfit but embrace you for being healthier and fit.  

4. Change and evolution. 

Evolution is a gradual process of change over a long time. While change happens within a shorter time, evolution takes longer and is permanent. The link between evolution and time travel is in how they accommodate each other. You cannot do time travel for a long time without being open to evolution. Certain things like your spirituality and mindfulness will have to change to facilitate time travel. What is your perception of time travel? You will not be able to sustain time travel if you see it as interruptive and unnecessary. This is a red flag to the universe concerning your suitability to deliver on your divine assignment. Your spirit is like software that should be regularly updated for it to work efficiently.

Time travel will push you quickly up the ladder of your social and economic life but unless your spirit has evolved to accommodate its requirements, it will not. The mystery of time travel is chained to ‘small’ things that you can overlook. In the eyes of the universe, they are not that small. 

The mystery of time travel is relevant to your life today more than it was yesterday. Understanding how to practice and maintain it makes it possible to quickly manifest anything you want. Time travel is like a blank cheque. It is time to cash it out.

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