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Understanding The Nutrition Requirements of Your Spirit

Nutrition is the process of obtaining the necessary food for healthy growth. You must eat foods with the right nutrition proportions to be healthy. You need to eat balanced meals and enough water to satisfy the requirements of the body. Good nutrition is at the center of good health. Regular exercise, love, and peace are important but they cannot substitute good nutrition. You cannot hide from the world when you lack it because your body will automatically show that you are unhealthy. You will lose a lot of weight, have weak hair, a changed skin tone, and lack the energy to run your daily chores. It is important to eat good food with the right nutrition requirements because your life depends on it. 

The United States Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that an infant breastfeeds exclusively for six months before being introduced to other foods. Breast milk is very nutritious for a newborn who needs to build its immunity. It is starting a new life in a world that is different from when it depended exclusively on its mother for survival during her pregnancy. The infant’s body needs to adapt to this new environment. The digestive system is not mature enough to digest solid food and yet it needs to feed. The mother’s breast milk is the solution because it contains all the needed nutrients. This is the beginning of the manifestation of the importance of proper nutrition. 

Nutrition guidelines. 

Good nutrition does not stop with children. Adults too need it for various reasons including building a stronger immunity, giving the body energy to work, and assuring a safer pregnancy and childbirth experience. While your body needs proper nutrition, so does your spirit. We often overlook the needs of the spirit most of the time and focus a lot on the body. When you feel hungry or fall sick, remember that the spirit too needs spiritual nourishment and to be nursed back to health respectively.  

There are a lot of nutrition requirements for your spirit. According to the World Health Organization, factors like age, gender, and lifestyle influence the nutrition requirements of a person. The science of proper nutrition starts from the spirit and then to the body. The nutritional requirements of the body and the spirit are alike. Your spirit needs everything your body does. It is only fair that you also pay attention to its nutrition requirements and the universe’s guidelines to it. 

1. Filter what your ears hear. 

Ears are the gatekeepers of information before it reaches your spirit. The spirit is sensitive to the information it receives because it can either pollute or build it. The universe wants you to be selective in choosing what you allow your ears to hear. Do not entertain listening to negative news because it will dampen your spirit. Instead, actively choose to listen to good news that will inspire hope within your spirit. It will build your creativity and you will see solutions to problems compared to always faulting the viability of a solution. The universe always encourages you to see the brighter side of life. Positive news to your spirit is as carbohydrates is to the body. They are both a source of energy that enables you to work comfortably. Have you supplied your spirit with carbohydrates?  

2. Do not engage in baseless arguments. 

Arguments are the genesis of conflicts. The universe is against having unending conflicts within your spirit or with other people. It will deny you divine peace that gives you freedom because you will constantly be on the lookout for your enemies. Instead, actively seek peaceful solutions to misunderstandings. Your spirit should create a peaceful profile in the universe. Peace attracts blessings in your life that nothing else does. There is pride in living peacefully with people. Peace to your spirit is as vitamins is to the body. They both improve your immune system and enable you to survive exposure to a contaminated environment. Have you provided your spirit with vitamins? 

3. Guard your faith with your heart. 

The universe wants you to guard your heart from being poisoned by a toxic environment. Some experiences can make you doubt your faith. It puts you at a crossroads because you think that your faith has been a lie all along. The universe wants your heart to continue being a spring of living water. Nothing should contaminate this beautiful spring. The longer you guard your heart from conforming to worldly standards and lowering the bar for your faith, the healthier your spirit gets. Guarding your heart is like taking antibiotics. It fights bacteria in the body and lets your immune system defend itself. The universe wants you to take your antibiotics daily.  

4. Match your words with actions. 

You must become a man/woman of your word. Matching your words with actions is a godly trait. It makes you reliable and people can trust you. Further, it creates the virtue of honesty in your spirit that attracts approval from the universe. This is the beginning of a divine breakthrough. The more reliable you are in the universe, the more beautiful your reputation becomes. Even if you are not proud of your past, matching your words with actions repairs it and people will know a new version of *John. (*Read your name). Reliability to your spirit is like proteins to your body. It builds and repairs muscles and tissues respectively. Proteins are also useful in the formation of enzymes and hormones in the body. Have you provided your spirit with enough proteins? 

5. Drink plenty of water (consume relevant information). 

Water is an important part of a meal. It complements the main meal. It does not miss from the table. Water makes up a large composition of the human body. This is one more reason why you should consider taking water seriously. The recommended threshold is eight glasses per day. The way your body needs water is how your spirit needs information. The universe encourages you to consume relevant information because it will empower you to make correct choices. There is no limit on the amount of water your body can take just as there is no limit on the amount of knowledge that your spirit can consume. How much does your spirit know?  

Understanding the nutritional requirements of your spirit is important in building your spiritual health. It enables you to meet the minimum requirements of your spirit. It further guarantees you a healthy life. The universe has mandated you to take care of your spiritual health.

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