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Understanding the Significance of Numbers in your Life

deep spiritual meaning

Numbers have a deep spiritual meaning. They have a mathematical, scientific, and spiritual significance in your life. Your blessings in the universe are numbered as they line up waiting for their appointed time to enter your life. 

Each event in your life has a special numbered entry in the universe’s register. The numbers are a prophecy of things to come or an affirmation of things that have already happened. The spiritual realm is the genesis of any event in your life. You can control the physical if you understand the spiritual part. Your spirit connects to the universe to manifest the significance of numbers in your life. It is prudent to align your life with it so that you are in harmony with nature’s divine will for you. 

Number 1. 

It symbolizes unity and leadership. It also reflects on the possibility of people coming together for a common agenda. God is found within this unity. Dreams and visions about number 1 are news about the beginning of something good in your life. You are about to find the source of your blessings never to lose it again. Take this new beginning positively and pray for divine guidance as you start this new journey. 

Number 2. 

Two is a pair. It is the universe’s way of passing a message of partnership to you. You will no longer be lonely because the universe has appointed a divine companion for you. This is your sign if you have been praying for a spouse or business partner – coincidences of similar thoughts and actions with your partner. Both of you will be thinking about the same thing even when you have never discussed that matter before. The universe has connected your spirits.  

Number 3. 

It symbolizes completeness and the Holy Trinity in Christianity. God in the Trinity created the world and everything in it. This is a powerful message attached to creation – the Holy Trinity is involved in creating something new in your life. You are a special part of the universe that attracts the whole attention of the supernatural. This sets you apart for greater roles in the universe. 


Number 4. 

It is also referred to as two pairs. It is a sign of stability in the way all stable objects have four stands of support. Vehicles have four wheels; a chair has four legs and so does a table. This is the structure of all stable objects. There is security in the number four and it is mostly related to spiritual logic. Seeing this special number when you make reasonable judgments or innovations means that the universe has given you the green light.  

Number 5. 

Five is the number of fingers on each hand. They have different sizes with different abilities and uses. Number five represents freedom and diversity. The universe emphasizes the beauty of being different. Your beauty is in your uniqueness and this puts you in a special place in the universe. Fingers and toes, each being five on the hands and legs respectively, are important body parts in movement. Dreams and visions of number five most probably indicate that you will travel to a new place.  

Number 6. 

Six represents the beauty of creation. Everything in the world was created in five days and man in the sixth. He later started a family with the woman created for him. This is the genesis of love and family in the world. Six became a special number in the universe after creation. It further suggests the responsibility you have to your family as the people whom the universe chose for you when you were born. Six is a reminder of the duty you owe your family. The universe is waiting for you to fulfill it. 

Number 7. 

It represents rest and meditation. This is the day that God rested after finishing creation. Seven is a spiritual number believed to be holy because God rested on this day. The universe wants you to learn about rest from the supernatural. Take a break to unwind and meditate to relax your spirit. There is only so much that you can do and you have all the six days for that. Just as you take your car for service regularly so should you honor the day of rest for your spirit. You will increase in wisdom as you plan on how to resume your routine the following day. There is honor in resting. 

Number 8. 

If the number four symbolizes stability and logic, eight (two-fours) is the extreme of four. It represents success, achievements (beyond just being stable), and authority. The universe has a record of all your achievements, your highs and lows, and influence in all areas. When you write eight on paper and observe closely as you do so, it resembles a full sack tied at the top. This is its hidden meaning – there is a lot of potential within you if you pay attention and explore it. The universe is calling you out to explore your limits.  

fulfillment and a happy ending

Number 9. 

Nine is the number of fulfillment and a happy ending. It is the greatest single number in the place value of ones. This signifies your greatest transformation that has already been achieved or is yet to come. It is a reminder that there is always one more achievement to fulfill. The universe can accommodate all your achievements in any form because it is proud of your new version after transformation. The number nine also symbolizes a peaceful closure for you. It is a lead to your appointed destiny. Dreams and visions about number nine point to your destiny. It is time to align your purpose with your destiny to maximize your potential. 

There are other combinations of numbers in the universe with various meanings. The quality of life depends on your spiritual direction influenced by the mathematics of numbers. You will achieve a lot when you understand their significance. Numbers are not just digits but your spiritual DNA. Like a vault, choose a secure combination of numbers as your password and manifest the power of your spirituality.  

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