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Understanding the Technology of the Universe


The introduction of technology is one of the best things that has ever happened to us. It has automated almost everything and we benefit from instant services; something that used to take longer before the introduction of technology. Communication is at the touch of a button, movement from one part of the world to another is very convenient, complex medical tests are possible, and knowledge is within our reach. It is possible to enroll for online learning at an institution on another continent and acquire the necessary skills needed without ever physically stepping into the classroom.

Even with all the advancements in technology, you need to be at par with the latest developments. The usefulness of technology is directly proportionate to your knowledge of understanding it. Knowledge of how to send an email and reply to one, write documents online, and interact with people through social media is important in fully exploring the benefits of technology. You could be having access to a computer but lack computer literacy. You will not be able to enjoy its benefits compared to someone else who has access to one and is computer literate.

The silver cloud in the universe.

The field of technology is constantly growing daily. The same applies to the universe. Technology is advancing and leading to discoveries about the nature of the universe and its operations. The moon, for example, was unexplored and there was little knowledge about it until technology led to exploration into space, and history was made when the first man ever stepped on the moon in July 1969. This was a milestone in space science and there has been no turning back since.

Setting the pace.

Landing on the moon was an eye-opener to the ability of technology in the science of the universe. People now appreciate the universe more because it is proven that it is not fiction anymore. The Earth, sky, moon, other planets, and the sun are real. Eclipses of the sun and the moon are not myths but real occurrences happening in the universe. Our belief in the supernatural is now stronger than before. We can strongly defend our faith in the universe and its power.

moon and clouds

There is world technology that explores the universe and the technology of the universe that controls divinity. These two are distinct from each other. These are some of the insights of the technology in the universe and their relevance in our lives:

  1.     The Earth and other planets revolve around the sun.

The sun is a stationary star. It is possible to easily mistake that the sun is the one that moves from the East (in the morning) to the West (in the evening). On the contrary, it is the Earth that moves around the Sun. Earth is not the only planet that revolves around the sun; the other planets also do.

This is relevant in our lives in the context of what we consider to be the absolute truth. Things are not always as they appear. Take time to interrogate common beliefs instead of accepting everything as the gospel truth. The universe will open your eyes to the truth when you open your mind to other possible explanations.

  1.     Each planet has its moon(s).

There are many moons in the universe. Some planets have moons and others do not. Mercury and Venus are examples of planets that do not have moons. The Earth has 1, Mars has 2, Jupiter has 79, Saturn has 82, Uranus has 27, and Neptune has 14 moons. The moon influences the weather on Earth, the migration cycles of some birds, and time. Research is ongoing about the importance of the moons on other planets.

The universe is open to the number of moons on its planets and their relevance. However, one thing is clear – each planet has a different number of moons or none at all. The blessings of the universe to us vary from one person to another. Despite planets Jupiter and Saturn having the highest number of moons, it is yet to be proven if they support life. The impact of the blessings of the universe in our lives is not the same. We are gifted uniquely so do not envy your friend for his/her gifts but rather appreciate yours.

  1.     Not all planets support life.

There has been talk about aliens on other planets but it is yet to be proven true. The Earth is the only planet that supports life. The largest aquatic mammal (the blue whale) and the largest land mammal (the African elephant) are only found on Earth. This is what makes our planet stand out from the rest in the Solar system.

The universe sometimes allows you to experience what other people do not. It has picked on you because of the special ability within you. You are a source of life that sustains the hardest challenges. Take on challenges gracefully and you will even surprise yourself by how well you will succeed.


  1.     Planets have different shapes and sizes.

Planets have different sizes and shapes. In addition, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune have rings around them but Saturn has the biggest and brightest rings. The different visible features of planets from afar ease their identification.

We also have different visible characteristics that differentiate us from others. It could be your height, physical stamina, or facial features that make you different from other people. Your age and name also differentiate you from other people. Your uniqueness is your identity and strength. The universe wants you to use it to create space for yourself.

Understanding the technology of the universe is the first step towards self-awareness. Technology literacy makes life easier and creates more growth opportunities. There is so much that you can do with it if you understand how to use it. The solar system of the universe perfectly describes how discoveries in space have set humanity on a new path. The more you understand technology, the better life gets for you. What is your technology literacy level?

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