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Understanding The Time Zone of Your Spirit and Its Significance

A time zone is a geographical area that shows a uniform time and it varies by 1 hour for every 15 degrees difference in longitudes. Time is not uniform across the globe. The Greenwich meridian is the reference line for measuring longitudes. It is at 0 degrees and passes through London, England, and Accra, Ghana. All other locations in longitudes east or west of the Prime meridian have different times from Accra and London.

Time zones came about as a result of the rotation of the Earth that causes day and night. The sun shines on one half of the Earth’s hemisphere while it is dark on the other half. This causes the differences in time zones globally. The science of time not only applies to the Earth but to the Universe as well. Your spirit can travel across different time zones just as you can fly across half the globe to be in another time zone.

Time zones are a blessing to the world. It makes people focus on different things all over the world. While it is nighttime for people in the American continent, it is daytime for those in the Asian continent. One-half of the world rests while the other half works. In one day, you could have breakfast in New York, lunch in Paris, and Dinner in Johannesburg. It would not have been possible were it not for the different time zones.

What is your spiritual time?

Time dictates whether or not it is appropriate to do some activities. For example, students go to school during the day and return to their homes in the evening. While schools are open in one time zone, they could be closed in another zone. This makes it more important that you align your life with your regional time zone. The universe wants you to also align your spirit with the correct time zone so that you are not left behind schedule as others continue with their lives.

Your spiritual time is very significant in the following ways:

1. It improves your communication with the Universe.

Your communication with the universe is at the center of your life progress. Except it is streamlined, you will not achieve much. Communication is an agreement to speak and listen to someone and then implement the agreement. Knowing your spiritual time zone gives you the insight to know when and how to speak to the universe. It is like a chance to speak to the president. What would you tell the president of your country if he/she gave you an audience? You would make a significant request from the presidency to lift a burden from your shoulders. This is similar to the power that knowing your spiritual time zone gives you – the ability to communicate effectively with the universe. What a privilege! Just as you would know when to call a friend in the Caribbean when you are in Europe to find them awake, your spiritual time zone allows you to select the right time to speak to the Universe.

2. It improves your productivity.

Your productivity can increase when you know the time you are most active. You take advantage of it and execute your important duties at such a time. Schools use this tactic to place strategic lessons in the early morning in the timetables. Mathematics and sciences are taught in the morning when the students’ minds are alert. This does not make the other subjects less important. It is only leverage that education experts use to improve the productivity of students in subjects that are traditionally considered difficult.

This is how understanding your spiritual time zone improves your productivity – by allowing you to get your priorities straight when your time aligns with the Universe’s. This is a leap of a thousand steps and a privilege that those who do not know their spiritual time zone do not have. The activities that people in the Pacific Time Zone can do is different from that of those in the Atlantic Time Zone or East African Time Zone. Your spiritual time zone improves your productivity without comparing yourself with others.

3. It expands your network.

Networking is an advantage that those who travel a lot have. They meet new people from different parts of the world, cultures, and time zones. It is an opportunity to learn a lot from them and vice versa. That special friend in Singapore, Australia, Spain, Canada, Kenya, South Africa, or Mexico has experiences that you lack because they are in a different time zone.  Being in the same time zone with them would make all of you similar and there would be nothing to learn from each other.

Understanding your spiritual time zone opens you to know other people in different zones and spiritual levels. Those ahead of you can mentor you about spiritual mysteries and the path they took to achieve their current status just as you can exchange cultural experiences. Spiritual networking is an important encouragement point that everyone needs to strengthen their faith. However, it can only be possible when you choose friends from different time zones.

4. It lets you do the right thing at the right time.

What makes a difference between you and the person ahead of you is the time that you execute your plans. Awareness about time zones teaches you to do the right thing at the right time and not because someone else is doing it. While it could be right for someone in London to attend a 9 am court appointment, one in Australia cannot honor his court date at the same time because it is 8 pm in his local time. Spiritual time zones create a difference in the time you execute spiritual duties. Your time to be baptized is someone else’s to marry. The time you receive your first employment appointment is when someone else receives their retirement pension. This variety is the beauty of life. You will not compare yourself with others when you know your spiritual time.

It is important to identify your spiritual time zone because it puts your life in order in a special way without comparing yourself with others. In this light, what is your spiritual time now?

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